New Queensryche Singer Todd La Torre: 'Geoff Tate Wasn't Pleasing Our Fans'

New Queensryche singer Todd La Torre says Geoff Tate wasn't making music the band's fans wanted to hear and he's talking as a fan.

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New Queensryche singer Todd La Torre says Geoff Tate wasn't making music the band's fans wanted to hear and he's talking as a fan.

The Crimson Glory frontman was confirmed as Tate's replacement earlier this year in a messy split which has resulted in legal action and the sacked singer forming his own version of Queensryche.

But La Torre is focusing on the task in hand: leading his outfit in a direction he believes the fans want it to go. And he's falling back on the experience of replacing former Crimson Glory singer Midnight.

He tells Mayhem Magazine: "Some would arguably say Geoff Tate is irreplaceable. I am, in fact, filling those shoes, so 'replace' is probably a fair term.

To be compared, to even be in the same breath as the biggest influence in the genre is surreal but I feel I've already been down this road with Crimson Glory because Midnight was a highly-revered singer, and I've been kind of held to the fire on that.

I'm not worried about the naysayers who are like, 'F--k this guy Queensryche will never be Queensryche without Geoff Tate'. I respect that. I'm a fan too, so I won't criticise someone for that opinion."

But from his position as a fan, La Torre believes Tate's musical interests were becoming increasingly distant from what the followers wanted.

He says: "I don't know this from the other members but it's fairly evident that Tate is moving in a different direction. The music was not what the fans are really wanting, in my opinion."

That gives rise to the conundrum he has to deal with in singing old material and helping write new songs. "If I sound too much like him I'm labelled as a clone. But if I sound nothing like him they say, 'This guy sounds nothing like what it should sound like'. I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't.

So I say, I do the best I can. Yes, my phrasing is very similar to him it's going to be. If I was a guitar player that grew up on Yngwie Malmsteen and Paul Gilbert, it's going to be reflected in that playing. If you like Steve Vai, it's going to be on your sleeve."

But he adds: "People expect too much. Even out of Geoff Tate they expected too much. 'Oh, he doesn't have the range'. Dude, the guy's voice, in my opinion, is still f--king awesome. The problem is when you build your sound around a range that he's known for, then you don't deliver like a record. Queensryche is some of the hardest material in the world to sing."

Thanks to Classicrockmagazine for the report.

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    In response to the photo comment. That photo was done out of repeated requests from the female fans.... we spent countless hours shooting several "themed" photos for the "Crimson Glory" militia and each one was done to represent songs from Crimson Glory's first two records. Crimson Glory has a mystique and cult following that revolves around powers beyond this Earth musically... hence some of the over the top images which their fans loved. Hope you understand. You can see them on my Facebook. Don't hate, lol... Todd single handed has launched my graphic design / photo career into the spotlight of Progressive metal. He's a great guy and takes care of his friends and his fans. He's the guy that will be pumping his fist in the air next to you at concerts. He is just a metal head excited about being a part of Queensryche bringing back their old self for all of you. He has no disrespect for Geoff. Geoff was probably his largest influence and told him so after meeting him last year in Florida. He is just a huge fan first and knows he has to deliver for all of you. Queensryche images will be more metal for the masses. Images of a working man's metal. Hence the logo I created incorporating a skull to signify a departure from that shit Tate was putting out. (sorry, I'm also a fan) Favorite band: Crimson Glory, Second favorite band: Queensryche. Any images I help with for either band, and I'm not the only one, will be created by me as a fan first. Hopefully that will resonate to the other fans of each band. The EPK is ****ing hilarious by the way. And further, if Todd ever says he wants do a shoot in a leather vest and wants to shave his head and wear goggles... I'm through! Just sayin... Hope you all enjoy the new record. If you are fans of everything Empire and older... it will be Christmas no matter when it drops. - JHelm Photography.
    I agree with todd. tate lost touch. He thought he could ride the Queensryche train and put out music that HE likes but the fans don't. He refused music written by the other members, and ruled like a tyrant. Glad he's gone. glad he recorded some amazing albums though.
    even with three founding members behind him, this version comes off like a tribute act. this guy's posing and mugging for the camera makes it even worse. even if Tate is a tough guy to get along with, he's the face and distinctiveness of Queensryche. Both of them should put the name to rest and continue as something else. I loved this band and it's just sad to watch this...
    That picture's funny, I haven't laughed so hard since I watched Geoff Tate's EPK