New Slash Album Is 'Very Rocking, Killer Stuff,' Myles Kennedy Explains

Singer notes that album will be more up-tempo than Apocalyptic Love.

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Myles Kennedy has been talking with VH1 Radio Network (via Blabbermouth) about the upcoming Slash record. The singer notes that it will be a more up-tempo effort than Slash's last album, "Apocalyptic Love:"

"It's good! It's very rock. It's very rocking. I think it's more up-tempo than the last record was, and [Slash has] got some really great riffs on this record. Killer stuff."

While Slash is currently in the studio with backing band the Conspirators, Myles is currently on tour with Alter Bridge. However, the singer notes that Slash is texting him with daily updates of the album's progress.

Writing on his blog, bassist Todd Kerns revealed that there is no set release date for the new record, and that it will "be done when it's done."

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    I'm hoping for longer, more complicated songs like Coma and Locomotive, Anastasia proves he can do it if he puts the effort in.
    sounds good, but some of the tracks on his solo stuff was not very interesting. he seemed to be going for "a riff" rather than a great riff. Anastasia was fantastic, as well as the Snakepit albums. he has the edge, he just needs to push himself more.
    I thought Apocalyptic Love was ok/good. Wanna hear some rawer tunes on the next record, though. ..bring Slash's Snakepit back! Just my opinion.
    On apocalyptic love, does anyone knows why slash never overdub his guitar solo parts? All of his previous record he does overdub the solo part, which is great. That why im a little bit dissapointed on the sound of the album
    I think he mentioned in some video that he was trying to go for a "live" sound and feel.
    I'm still listening to Apocolyptic Love and still enjoying it. If they want to go more uptempo, bring it on