New Slipknot Album Finished: 'Okay, We're in Uncharted Territory Right Now'

"We knew it was gonna be heavy," Corey Taylor adds as band continues posting disturbing teasers.

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The new Slipknot studio record is officially finished and waiting to be unleashed. Meanwhile, the band is continuing to tease the effort with more unsettling material.

Chatting with Hard Drive, singer Corey Taylor discussed the yet-untitled album, as well as working without two longtime members, late bassist Paul Gray and the band's former drummer Joey Jordison.

"It was interesting," he kicked off. "We knew it was gonna be heavy. We knew it was gonna be one of those things where it's like, 'Okay, we're in uncharted territory right now, so what do we do?'

"And Jim [Root] and Clown [Shawn Crahan] really stepped up, you know. They kind of started leading the charge and really getting stuff together. So by the time we really got into the studio, we had a really great template of music to check out," Taylor added (via Blabbermouth).

As far as fresh teasers are concerned, the group is continuing with the same creepy vibe, this time around sharing a caption saying: "The Cystic/Symbolic/Condition." Check it all out below, more specific details are bound to drop soon.

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    I actually think this will be quite interesting when released, at least just to see what's changed when they've lost two key members.
    I'm kinda wondering if he means it's heavy in relation to the last album, heavy in relation to their past work, or just heavy in general. I'm curious, but I honestly think if they have gone heavier than they ever have, it'll be bland and boring as hell.
    I'm hoping these teasers do justice to the whole "feel" of the music, rather than just become a bunch of cryptic, shock-value "art" that Clown pulled out of his ass for hype factor that doesn't represent the music at all.
    I want details on the replacement/session players filling in for bass and drums. For some reason, that's just something I really want to find out. Wonder if they got Dirk Verbeuren or even Gene Hoglan...
    im with you...i mean who could replace the way joey played? i know theres a ton of great drummers and hoglan could no doubt handle it, but joey had his own style that fit perfect with slipknot
    I would love to have seen a Slipknot album with Chris Adler. I'm positive it didn't happen but would have been so incredible
    Krimh's audition videos were awesome. I wish he would be the replacement (but I have a strong feeling he won't)
    I know Donnie Steele filled in for bass on tour after Paul's passing. Kinda cool to bring back an old member of the band to fill in. It'd be cool if he got to play on the album. But I could see one of the guys doing bass themselves, maybe Mick or Jim. As for drums, no idea.
    It's interesting he'd mention Jim and his push for this album. I think it validates my point that Jim had to pick over Slipknot or Stone Sour, and decided to spend more time with Slipknot, thus causing him to be booted (or leave, whichever you believe) Stone Sour. Regardless, I am beyond excited for this album. For some reason, each Slipknot album that's come out since Vol. 3 has been in completely different points in my life and I can remember each phase because of those albums.
    not to be that guy, but there has only been one album "since" vol. 3, so don't quite know what you meant there. Hahaha
    I was including Vol. 3 so technically it was two. But yes two albums does not seems like much, I understand.
    Well, Root left Stone Sour's tour (not the band) to focus on the Slipknot album, with permission. Only later, we found out he got fired from the band.
    eh? When did this happen?
    Last year, I think in (or near) December. If you type Jim Root and Stone Sour in UG search system, for news, you should find it. Otherwise, you can find it on any other news website.
    pray for a "number of the beast" and expect "st anger".sometimes losing or replacing members works....sometimes bob rock ****s ya
    Joey Jordison is overrated anyways.
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    Uncharted my butt. There has not been anything done in music in the last 15 years that has entered uncharted territory.... these guys are so full of most if not all of the younger generation who continue to regress, not evolve....uncharted?...yea. right.
    i think he meant they were in uncharted territory recording without joey and paul, not the music itself
    Also, when they first wrote the Iowa album, they said it was completely different to what they wanted to write, they were out of their comfort zone. That could also be why they are in 'uncharted territory'. We'll have to see
    It's your one millionth comment talking about "this young generation music so horrible durr" and I'm starting to wonder whether you're a troll or for real.
    Uncle Buck doesn't just make oversized pancakes, he speaks the truth ha ha
    These guys are almost as bad as Tool! Just give us an update when you have set a damn release date already!
    Nah, these guys have actually gone and done the ****ing album.
    Much easier to do when you're not fighting two legal battles. Although, I never did hear why Jordison left...