New Smashing Pumpkins Lineup Revealed?

artist: The Smashing Pumpkins date: 04/09/2007 category: music news
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New Smashing Pumpkins Lineup Revealed?
According to a posting on, the latest additions to the "reunited" Smashing Pumpkins are bassist Ginger Reyes (ex-Halo Friendlies) and guitarist Jeff Schroeder (ex-The Lassie Foundation). So far there has been no official confirmation of the new members' identities, although original guitarist James Iha did reveal to past week that he is not part of the current Smashing Pumpkins album or tour. "I haven't spoken to Billy [Corgan, Pumpkins mainman] in years," he said. The only confirmed original member besides Corgan is drummer Jimmy Chamberlin. In a February 2007 interview with, Pumpkins manager Paul Geary hinted that the relaunched Smashing Pumpkins would not include original members Iha on guitar and D'Arcy Wretzky on bass. Geary said, "I've been involved with bands whose members can't stand each other, and over time they run out of dough and that's why they [reunite]. But Billy's making a great record, and for the sake of a younger generation that he wants to turn on to the band's music, he is doing it with a band that will more faithfully re-create the old songs than ever before." Corgan often expressed irritation in the past with Iha and Wretzky's playing, and it was rumored that he recorded all of their parts himself on much of the Pumpkins' recorded output. As previously reported, Smashing Pumpkins have announced their first live performance since December 2, 2000 a very special and intimate theatre show to take place May 22 in Paris, France at the historic and elegantly appointed Grand Rex. Tickets will go on sale April 11. Credits for the info to
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