New Smashing Pumpkins Possibly Out This Year, Says Billy Corgan

Record potentially coming before schedule, more info inside.

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Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan shared a fresh update regarding the band's new album, announcing that it might be released before schedule, possibly during the current year.

As reported, the band was set to unleash two new efforts, "Monuments to an Elegy" and "Day for Night," sometime during 2015, but it would seem that sessions are heading along quite nicely.

"'Anaise' finished," Corgan kicked off the website announcement. "That makes three. So in tribute we'll put up a pic of 'Anais #1,' the sybaritic coupletess.

"You ask what happened? I don't want to say. So let's just say there was a lot of moaning on about insufficient choruses (the old saw), and whether enough was enough. Imagine: more synths, more melodies, more vocal harmonies; more, more, more. You get the picture. Balancing Rome on the head of a pin. Or is it a camel?

"'Drum and Fife' tomorrow. Have I mentioned I'm looking forward to getting my life back? At least until we start the next album in the fall.

"Oh, and I'd love to brag about how good the stuff sounds, but every band-artist-braggart says that. So know it sounds awful. Everything is auto-tuned, and every chorus sounds like seven car commercials jacked together. Woe is me."

Touching on the release date matter, the frontman added, "We've actually floated out the prospect of putting out the album this year instead of early next; so yes, wheels are spinning to see if that's possible.

"Certainly would help those rumors of all these festivals were supposed to be playing come true. I hear it's summer *there when it's winter *here. But due to climate change, or disruption, or whatever they call it today who knows? As long as the band gets to play on the Sun..."

Billy has previously described the new material as "guitars, guitars and more guitars," adding that there's a definite "'90s vibe" present. As reported, Tommy Lee of Motley Crue took over the drumming duties during recording sessions, as Mike Byrne was fired after spending five years in the SP fold. Stay tuned for more.

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    Does anyone know why they fired Mike?
    It's not entirely clear that he was fired is it? The only thing I read was Billy saying "Mike, like Elvis, has left the building". So maybe he decided to leave for his own reasons. Who knows. Also, any news on whether Nicole is still in the band or not?
    Kinda keen to hear this. Last album was pretty decent but this could be even better
    Oceania was good, but i dont see this band as The Smashing Pumpkins anymore, it's like the Billy Corgan project or something. Anyway, still looking forward to this.
    I view SP the same way I do Megadeth; the brain of the band is still there, it's all you need really.
    Technically. I know a lot of people like bands because of the personalities and dynamics. Sure John and Paul wrote most of the songs, but the Beatles without George and Ringo wouldn't be the Beatles. That said, I don't really care either way.
    I partially agree, of course Corgan is the soul and brain of the Pumpkins, but i dont know... it could have worked with Jimmy, but he isn't in the band anymore... and Iha was a unique element too, as far as D'arcy yeah she was good but not essential
    D'arcy was apparently key to reigning in a lot of the ideas the band had early on, I can't find the interview anymore, but Billy said that D'arcy would say if things were too cheesy or heavy or whatever. Iha definitely wrote one of my favourite tunes by them though, Mayonaise.
    You just echoed exactly what I was about to say, that I partially agree. Jimmy is the other part of "the brain". I found Zeitgeist to be very much more Pumpkins then both Adore and Oceania (both without Jimmy). Although Iha and Darcy add aesthetics to the live band, they aren't at all essential.
    Since Tommy Lee is apparently only drumming for the recording of the album, that probably means that a touring drummer is needed. Fingers crossed for Chamberlin to make a comeback, I do very much like the drumming on Zeitgeist; though the odds of hearing any live stuff from that album are slim.
    This is so true... The same goes for Trent reznor and nine inch nails...smashings pumpkins is still good but billy just can't deliver the same vocal performance like he used to.
    I've said it before and was bombarded with down votes, but I'll say it again... I grew up on this band, loved everything up to Machina, enjoyed Zeitgeist, although anymore I find it harder and harder to get excited about new material, especially now with Tommy Lee. Billy is an amazing song-writer, but Iha, D'arcy and Chamberlain were what was needed to make the magic that was Smashing Pumpkins. I would enjoy Billy's output so much more if he released it under a new name... Right now, I am MUCH more excited for the release of the Machina/Machina II reissue
    who here ever realized that melancholy and the infinite sadness is the ONLY good smashing pumpkins album.
    Two possibilities :1) Because Corgan is an a*****e. 2) Because Corgan is an a*****e.