New SOAD Record to Drop by Band's Next LA Performance

"Next time we come back here, we'll have a new f--king album!" said drummer John Dolmayan.

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At the end of this Monday's (July 29) performance at LA's Hollywood Bowl, System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan made a seemingly big announcement, saying that the next time SOAD is back in town will be to promote a new studio record.

As you can see in the video below, right after performing "Sugar" as the last song of the set, Dolmayan took the mic and shouted, "Next time we come back here, we'll have a new f--king album!"

Whether the stickman's prediction was realistic or simply caused by an adrenaline rush from the show yet remains to be seen, but it's definitely certain that the new SOAD album is one of the most anticipated releases in the metal world at the moment.

As previously reported, tensions recently rose among the SOAD ranks after bassist Shavo Odadjian's unexpected online outburst. The bassist blamed singer Serj Tankian for "slowing down" the group, going far enough to even consider hiring a replacement vocalist.

The band subsequently posted an official statement saying that the rest of the four-piece doesn't share Odadjian's views. As for Tankian, the singer simply stated that the new SOAD album is "not something he can do right now."

The latest SOAD studio effort, "Hypnotize," saw its release back in November 2005 via American Recordings as the fifth record in the group's opus. With over 320,000 units shipped in the US within the first week, it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    Of course, this could also mean we won't see them back in the US for awhile. I'm sure Serj is gonna want to do some solo tours for his new music, and it'll still take a few years to do an album after that. Still... I waited for QOTSA, waiting for SOAD couldn't be any harder than that.
    waiting on TOOL for lyfe
    Waiting for next necrophagist
    Waiting on The Beatles. Will come before any of the above.
    Still waiting for that new Beatles record Edit: DAMMIT Mind_Reader7. Damn you and your username :|
    I'm waiting for Deftones to release Eros... AND new Machine '****in' Head.
    So far, these are the only two things that are even remotely plausible in this entire thread.
    pretty sure there was an article posted recently where danny carey confirmed a new album out around early 2014. Hopefully our wait wont be long. and the QOTSA wait was well worth it
    Seems like the rest of the band is kind of bullying Serj towards it as time goes on. They all want to do SOAD and Serj just doesnt seem to. I really hope that isn't what is happening because a forced album doesn't really scream quality.
    Unless it's this album: Yes - Heart Of The Sunrise But on a related note, yeah, I'm getting the same vibe.
    Damn it, my link got ****ed up. Yes - Heart Of The Sunrise EDIT: FML, there's supposed to be a video there. I know the album is not called that.
    "John Dolmayan made a seemingly big announcement, saying that the next time SOAD is back in town " When will they all be back in L.A together though?
    Ok i honestly thought i was dreaming. I wake up and start making coffee. I think "hey while im waiting i decide to check UG" "System of a down new album" Im going back to bed
    Hopefully this means we hear something soon, but how about that new Scars on Broadway album? I would very much like to get my hands on both releases sometime in the near future.
    I hope this doesn't turn into the Slipknotish kind of situation.
    YEAAAAAH. Remenber when I was younger and I was doing their covers and playing them songs on MP3 all day long... Nostalgia boner is back!
    Although that's an awesome photo to see, I imagine its just rehearsals for their upcoming shows
    The "See people? This is all I wanted" makes me think it is writing because of the other comments he's made on facebook about really wanting to do another album
    Serj Tankian did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit today and obviously everyone wanted to know if there was any validity to what Dolmayan said. Serj responded: "No, that is not true. A quick scan of press online will show that we have not yet agreed on a timetable for another record due to its time commitments." So unfortunately it's not looking promising.
    Always hard to bring myself to actually listen to a SOAD album, but when I do, it's usually a good time. can't wait!
    It'll probably be quality. I doubt they could do that badly. Unless they just go through the motions.
    What is love? baby don't hurt me.. don't hurt me... no more Anywayzz going to see them in august fux ye
    it would be FUCKIN amazing T____T I miss that feeling of hearing something new from them
    I don't know after Mesmerized and Hypnotized.... well if that's the direction they are going in, I definitely don't want them to make another album. Lest they end up like Korn.
    Sweet Jazziz! Also, please stop using "opus" to mean "discography".
    I'm sure that by the time that they do go back to LA they'll have a new album because let's be honest, SOAD doesn't tour very often anymore and with a new album they'd have a reason. I think John is just being real with us.