New Software: This Is What Guitar Pro 7 Looks Like

GP7 set for release this April, "HUGE soundbanks" have been added to the mix.

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New Software: This Is What Guitar Pro 7 Looks Like

Audiofanzine checked in from this year's NAMM convention with a brief demonstration of the brand new Guitar Pro 7.

According to the report, the new software is set for release in April; you can check out some of the new features in the rundown below, make sure to watch the clip for a detailed report.

The developers from Arobas stated via official site: "We have decided to bring Guitar Pro 7 with us to NAMM and get direct feedback from our user community and our partners in the music industry. We've already gone through alpha testing in-house and will now be exposing our pre-release software to a wider range of equipment and real-world uses.

"We are bringing the Beta version to our users so as to bring the optimal final touches to the software. Our goal, as always, is to provide musicians with a new release that they will love because it makes our technology even easier and more enjoyable to use when you compose, play, or share your music."

The release further reads: "Guitar Pro 7 will offer significantly enhanced editing features, including the possibility of using tablature for any other instrument beside the guitar, new types of notation, and improved file-importing and -exporting. We have also redesigned the graphical user interface and sound management to make your using the software simpler, easier, and faster."

"Plug your guitar into your computer and enjoy the Guitar Pro effect presets. You will thus be able to emulate the sounds of your favorite songs, or create your own tone by using an amp and effect emulator that includes 14 guitar & bass amps, 40 effects pedals, and 500 presets. That way, you will be able to play everything you wish without the crazy cost of gear!"

As you may or may not know, Guitar Pro 6 was released way back in April 2010.

GP7 has been in development for several years. Back in June 2016, the developers said they were "working hard" to release the new software by the end of 2016.

New features in Guitar Pro 7

1. New interface, smoother layout, easier navigation
2. New feature: polyphonic tuner
3. New feature: line-in
4. New, "huge" soundbanks
5. Improved bending sounds, improved percussive sonic elements
6. New formats for exporting files, including Mp3

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    Shout out to GP5 users
    Ill try it, but GP6 was WAY too clunky and harder to transpose things. GP5 was always amazing. Been using it for 8 years and without it I dont think I would be able to go back and look at all the shitty riffs I thought would be useful at some point.
    Once you pirate GP5 you really don't want to use anything else.
    Just an online gpx 2 gp5 converter ... any ideas?
    Tuxguitar is free, and theres an add on thing called tuxguitar-fork which allows it to open GPX files. It can export as gp5
    upvote for tuxguitar. its great to see another linux user here. i just wish the rest of the industry would release software/hardware for our platform. i highly recommend tuxguitar if you're poor/too cheap/a pirate.
    Exactly what I use. It's extra nice because tux is both free and lightweight. Makes things simple.
    Yep, guitar Pro 6 does that. Open the GPX file with GP6, then export GP5 file. Something like that.
    I still use midi sounds in Guitar Pro, because they're much more clear and make things easier to learn.
    one thing that really bothered me about GP6 was the drum notation. I know its "proper and correct" but coming from GP5, I'm so used to tabbing numbers rather than using the score to the point where I just went back to GP5. Here's hoping there's an option for that in 7!
    Right there with you buddy! I hate the tdrum tabbing on GP6. It takes so long. On GP5 I know all the numbers off by heart and can very quickly bash out a bunch of 46's, 36's and 38's to fill the bars. I hope they bring that back too, cos at the moment I have to tab all my drum tracks in GP5 and then import them to GP6 to do the rest and it is just long.
    Respectfully disagree, having 'tab' for drums was obviously just a work around to save extra programming and I don't really think they should bring it back just because veteran users got used to it. I too still remember all the numbers off by heart, but I stuck with GP6 and now I'm just as fast if not faster at notating them properly, with the added benefit of now being able to read and write real drum notation. And there's really nothing more difficult about remembering "kick drum is the first line" as opposed to "kick drum is 36"
    you're more than likely right and I'm sure if I took the time to learn it, drum notation would be just as easy, but it would be nice if they could at least include the option, or something similar to the Keyboard and Fretboard view they had in GP5 but for drums
    They do have something similar, though. The "instrument view" panel gives you all the notation and which keys to press for different drums on each line.
    GP7 has midi notation for drums track for non musicians for real drummers, standard notation is really quicker way to do a tab and to read it in real time (this is the goal of a tab).
    "Respectfully disagree, having 'tab' for drums was obviously just a work around to save extra programming and I don't really think they should bring it back just because veteran users got used to it." Wouldn't that be pretty much the only legitimate reason to include it in the first place? I get what you're saying, but ease of accessibility and personal preference make it easy, if one prefers, to jump right in with the old style if they so prefer. They absolutely should bring it back as option. It burdens absolutely no one, and benefits a specific group of people. What's the issue? It's giving people the option to use the software as they please, so it can't in any way hamper your own experience.
    Yeah as someone who started on guitar but now plays drums, you're spot on. If a drummer actually wants to transcribe some drums, its pretty easy to use notation rather than learning a new language of arbitrary numbers
    It takes time to get used to, but it's worth of doing that. GP6 is far better than GP5. I've been using it for 4 years now.
    So much this! Also to hide notation by default, I almost never use notation on guitar tabs and it's really annoying having to turn it off for every track in the file.
    While you're definitely right in regards to the people who grew up with it and use it frequently, I've actually found using the proper drum notation to be super-easy and quite intuitive. As long as you know which drum goes on which line and which combination of numbers 1-4 make which sound (in most cases, you've only got the 1 key), you're golden. I'm hoping that they still keep the standard notation for those of us who find it easier, but add the drum tabbing as an option.
    I will be impressed when technology will go that far, that it could create tabs automatically by listening to the songs
    There's a similar software that does exactly that but creates midis instead of tabs, which can just easily be imported into Guitar Pro The program has a lot of mistakes tho and I can't remember what it was called
    The one feature I've been hoping for is a multi-track tab view where you can get rid of any empty staves. The design feature in GP6 is great, but it seems that no matter what, if I want to export a PDF of my stuff, I always have trouble with empty staves cluttering up the tab, especially if it's a staff that has an important guitar part that doesn't fit on one of the other tracks, but is only a couple of bars in the song. And, I mean, Power Tab Editor can do it (any section can have anywhere from one to three staves) so I can't imagine it'd be too hard for Guitar Pro. Either way, Guitar Pro 6 has become the most indispensable tool in my writing arsenal, so I'm definitely buying 7 when it comes out.
    Just bought GP6 about two months ago, damn. Never thought they'd be releasing a new version. I'm hoping they have the option for a really cheap upgrade.
    I absolutely loved GP6 and consider it an improvement on GP5, despite what the general audience thought. Excited for GP7, cant believe its been 7 years already.
    Gotta say a few things, first of all, design looks nice, don't care too much for design anyway but it looks functional overall. second, the tuner sounds like complete BS, tuning all the strings at the same time? right. w/e. An other thing is I'm not affected by line in function but it is a cool feature, i'm just not judging by this function since im used to logging on to Guitar Rig simultaniously to Guitar Pro and its all good. I have big expectations for the sound banks though, looks really hot. also the automation and multiple sounds for one instrument, looks neat. generally really excited and looking forward to it. really cool/ p.s. wouldve been better if he demonstrated the sounds a bit.
    polyphonic tuners have been around for quite a while now. I can't vouch for their usefulness but even so.
    I've had a few different models of the TC polytune and they've all worked just fine. I still use the "normal" tuning mode, but polyphonic doesn't seem to have any issues.
    agree with everything you said haha not really seeing a true reason of why I should leave gp6 yet
    I wonder what it will cost with all the sounds? Love GP6 for arranging ideas!
    I hope they will improve soundbanks in GP7. They're pretty solid in GP6, but there's still room for improvement. Line-in is a huge deal!
    I'm disappointed not to find any VST instrument features.
    It's not a DAW, this is the shit that doesn't need to be in GP.
    I'd prefer VST's over their shitty soundbanks. They'd fulfil much the same function, but offer much much more flexibility. And it would bring the program more into line with professional notation software like Sibelius.
    Another tab software called Progression 3 enables the use of VST.
    at 2:16 When I do my backing tracks, I have to tab in GP then export as Midi, import Midi in my DAW, configure my VST and export to wav. So it makes sense to me. I'm not asking for DAW recording features, just good sound output.
    I still use GP5 it's much easier to tab specially drums , hope this one is better
    My biggest issue is playing a new song I don't know well and (for example) the first page ends, so I'm lost as to the beginning of the next page and usually mess up. It would be nice if the next page would always show the first sections of it so it would be a seamless change. If there is already a way in GP6 to do this then I hope someone will let me know.
    In the view menu turn off page screen view. Try vertical or horizontal screen mode.
    Maybe there's away to do this and I just don't see it, but there's one feature I'd love to see- the ability to change the pitch without it transposing to the new tuning like tab pro can.
    Bought Guitar Pro 6, realised they ruined it, went back to 5. Hopefully they'll fix things for 7 - I think most people are more bothered about the quality of the interface than the quality of the soundbanks. Exporting as mp3 is an excellent idea though.
    Let's just hope that the wind and string instruments no longer sound like an elementary school band on the first day of class.
    Uhh this sounds weird. Who needs sound banks and amp simulators? You have DAWs for that or just standalone guitarrig. The new design does look cool.
    Line in? Does that mean you can play something and have the program attempt to tab it out for you? If so that's pretty awesome- even if it is a bit rough and you need to edit it a bit afterwards.
    As posted on their blog, Arobas will drop support for Linux with Guitar Pro 7. It is a pity, but that’s their business decision and up to them to take the consequences. Those disappointed please take note that the free, cross-platform MuseScore composition and notation software by now has good guitar tablature functionality and can read all Guitar Pro files. Missing functionality will be added quickly with increasing numbers of Linux users driven away from Guitar Pro. The engraving functionality of MuseScore is already now way beyond the ability of GuitarPro.
    i hope you can connect the drumms to EZdrummer, you'd literally get realistic sounds, that would be awesome
    Will GP7 have Linux compatibility? I liked being able to use GP6 on my Ubuntu partition and would love to be able to retain that feature in GP7!
    Aryan Death Man
    This is one software that has had a huge effect on me and actually made me understand about guitar and effects.Looking forward to this,the 'line in' feature looks nice
    What about 48KHz and + compatibility. Pain in the ass for my own usage and working // with recording DAW. Zoom/trackpad support is awesome ! dont care the tuner myself. What about the upgrading cost ? Will buy it anyway to support some top-notch FR dev team ! Only hope the Product owner did his priorisations right !!
    Let's hope it is as good as it seems from this. I don't really have any other problem with gp6 than it sounds bad, so hopefully they've done something more than just add a huge amount of sounds.
    Guitar pro 6 is so clunky and is hard to write music for if you want to write other instruments besides guitar and bass. Guitar Pro 7 has a lot to make up for if they want me to move on from 5.
    I bought GP5 in 2008, then GP6 in 2010, and I still use them now (I use GP6 more, though). They're amazing programs for composing the music that I want to make, and the people that make their own compositions are awesome, too. Most likely, I'll buy GP7.
    Nice. Definitely wasn't expecting a new GP. I was wary of GP6 at first, but ended up buying it for the 8-string support. Now I use it exclusively. You can coax some passable sounds out of it with some tweaking. It really helps me envision what a song can sound like. I'll probably end up upgrading to GP7.
    I'd used GP5 from 2008 - 2010, then bought GP6 and have been using it since 2010. For me, the drum notation is a lot easier to use in GP6 (even though, the way that it was done in GP5 should be included as an option for the people that preferred it), the sound banks are better than in GP5 (and you can even make your own), importing a tab from GP5 to GP6 is pretty easy, but unfortunately, yes, you do have to modify it, so that it'll work with GP6, and after importing it, you have to modify it more, so that it sounds like the GP5 version - especially when fixing the bended notes, but even that was easy to do, yet could just be a little tedious. Yes, it'll be a lot better with GP7, and they should fix what people had complained about with GP6 (some were valid, while others were for personal preference), but for me, at least, GP6 wasn't as bad as people made it sound.