New Soundcloud Is A Hit

artist: Soundcloud date: 01/11/2013 category: music news
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New Soundcloud Is A Hit
Music sharing platform Soundcloud has seen a huge boost in activity since releasing a major update last year. The so-called Next Soundcoud introduced an improved design and a "repost" function where labels and fans can share music by others on their own stream in the same way Twitter posts "retweets". Music marketing expert Darren Hemmings noticed the boost in activity while browsing follower stats for electronic artist SBTRKT: "In a very short space of time, a lot of artists have now picked up a huge number of followers to whom they can directly push new music. At a time when reaching your entire Facebook fanbase requires [money to promote] your post, this is a powerful new means to reach more fans." Hemmings shared two graphs to demonstrate the unusually high activity seen on Soundcloud lately. The first shows the SBTRKT Soundcloud account gathering as many as 3,600 fans per day, with Facebook and Twitter gaining relatively smaller numbers:
Looking at the total number of fans over the last month, Soundcloud will soon overtake his Facebook following of 200,000 people:
Other artists are seeing their Soundcloud following grow, though not at the same scale. Regardless, it's a sign that the new social features in Soundcloud are having a positive impact on music discovery and marketing. Do you use Soundcloud? If not, is this the time to join and take part? Let us know what you think of Soundcloud in the comments.
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