New Soundcloud Is A Hit

Recent updates to Soundcloud have given many bands a boost in the size of their fanbase and improved music discovery. Is it time you joined?

Ultimate Guitar

Music sharing platform Soundcloud has seen a huge boost in activity since releasing a major update last year.

The so-called Next Soundcoud introduced an improved design and a "repost" function where labels and fans can share music by others on their own stream in the same way Twitter posts "retweets".

Music marketing expert Darren Hemmings noticed the boost in activity while browsing follower stats for electronic artist SBTRKT:

"In a very short space of time, a lot of artists have now picked up a huge number of followers to whom they can directly push new music. At a time when reaching your entire Facebook fanbase requires [money to promote] your post, this is a powerful new means to reach more fans."

Hemmings shared two graphs to demonstrate the unusually high activity seen on Soundcloud lately. The first shows the SBTRKT Soundcloud account gathering as many as 3,600 fans per day, with Facebook and Twitter gaining relatively smaller numbers:

Looking at the total number of fans over the last month, Soundcloud will soon overtake his Facebook following of 200,000 people:

Other artists are seeing their Soundcloud following grow, though not at the same scale. Regardless, it's a sign that the new social features in Soundcloud are having a positive impact on music discovery and marketing.

Do you use Soundcloud? If not, is this the time to join and take part? Let us know what you think of Soundcloud in the comments.

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    I think, Soundcloud is a very good platform for musicians, but, in my opinion, it is still more suitable for electronic and other non-rock musicians - maybe because it's not yet so many famous rock musicians (unlike famous electronic acts) have the account on Soundcloud.
    I think that's mostly due to just the environment of creation for the two genres. Electronic music is created with a computer, collabs are sent back and forth digitally, so uploading to soundcloud always seems like a logical part of the process. And other genres of music that can be done by one person by themselves fits in with that as well. But with rock music, which is band and instrument and album focused, soundcloud never seems like a logical step for most people. Bands may say something like "well let's just do a quick recording and put it on soundcloud to see what people think", but they hardly ever think "Well now we've finished this album let's put it all on soundcloud for free listening." It's also impractical because of the way it compresses the audio. Not good for guitar sounds. Hardly any good for electronic music, but most people won't know that unless they created the song. We all know what a guitar sounds like, but who knows what computers sound like? I think its best use is as a sort of musical blog, with rough drafts of songs every once in a while. I did a series of folk songs using just my cell phone to record and soundcloud was great for that. damn this is a long comment.
    Grizzly Beer
    "It's also impractical because of the way it compresses the audio. Not good for guitar sounds. Hardly any good for electronic music, but most people won't know that unless they created the song. We all know what a guitar sounds like, but who knows what computers sound like?" Thats not true at all, I know several guitarist's who upload to Soundcloud. Adam "Nolly" Getgood, Misha Mansoor, Mark Halcomb and several other metal guitarists all upload to Soundcloud on a regular basis. Hell, Misha made his name by uploading great sounding guitar tracks on to way worse platforms than Soundcloud. Soundcloud is fine for uploading music, its just as good as downloading it from iTunes.
    Their new website layout killed it for me, I liked the old one better, but it's still an awesome tool for sharing. Sucks they dick you on bit rate, though.
    My indie label has used one since the beginning. I've always thought it would eventually spread to every genre and it has definitely gotten more diverse the past year. Appreciate any follows of course, ha.
    Since everyone else is doing it hehe I think it takes a little getting used to but I'm a fan of the new layout. I used to use Mediafire for all my filesharing purposes but since I discovered SC I have been using it to upload samples/rough demos almost exclusively. Cheers everyone!
    I bet the purpose of this article is for everyone one to wh ore out their soundcloud account. I think the new layout sucks tbh. I just noticed the edit button, yay.
    lithium_boy EXPERIMENTAL METAL REPRESENT!!!!! btw the layout is just fine, no problem useing it on my end.
    Maybe it's just an "ID 10 T" error, but I notice now with Soundcloud, if you're listening to a track, you can't rewind it or anything. You have to back out of the page and refresh it to start the song completely over.
    i was using it a lot last year (making 366 tracks, one for each day of the year lol) and the update just made it harder to organize and share things the way i wanted. I'm done with that project now, so i guess i will switch back to the new one and see if i can get used to it..
    That's funny, because everyone I know that uses it doesn't like it much since the revamp. To each their own, I suppose.