New Stones Shows Won't Feature Satisfaction Or Brown Sugar?

Band sparks speculation after Twitter set list post.

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The Rolling Stones have sparked speculation as to the running order at their recently announced London shows after posting a handwritten set list on Twitter, as NME reports. The set list features a number of Stones classics including "Tumbling Dice", "Honkey Tonk Woman" and "Paint It Black". Interestingly, though, some of the band's biggest hits, including "Satisfaction", "It's Only Rock And Roll" and "Brown Sugar" appear to be absent. Also, "Doom And Gloom" and "One More Shot", the two new songs from the upcoming "Grrr!" compilation are no where to be seen.

The Stones recently announced the first four dates of their 50th anniversary tour, which are taking place in London and New Jersey. As the notes accompanying the tour trailer video state:

"As the crowning glory of their on-going 50th anniversary celebrations, the rock icons will play to thousands of fans at London's O2 Arena on November 25 and 29, and then across the pond to perform at the Prudential Center, Newark, near New York, on December 13 and 15."

Yet, there has been much controversy in the press over the high price of tickets for the shows. Tickets to the two O2 shows start at £109 and those expecting standing room spaces can expect to fork out £406 per pass. The price of the tickets contradicts Keith Richards recent claim of: "I just want to do some shows and I don't want to charge over the bloody top."

The full set list is as follows: 01. Shes So Cold 02. You Got Me Rocking 03. All Down The Line 04. Respectable 05. Tumbling Dice 06. Honky Tonk Woman 07. Beast Of Burden 08. Wild Horses 09. Cant Always Get 10. Its All Over Now 11. Lady Jane 12. Route 66 13. Little Red Rooster 14. Miss You 15. Not Fade Away 16. Shes So Cold 17. Start Me 18. Sweet Virginia 19. Worried About You 20. Paint It Black 21. The Last Time 22. Ruby Tuesday 23. Midnight Rambler

Would you pay £406 to see the Stones and not hear Satisfaction? Let us know in the comments.

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    This article proves that even if you pay "over the bloody top" You still cant get no' satisfaction
    No Sympathy? This list is a rehearsal. They'll certainly play Brown Sugar and Satisfaction. They'll have some interesting stuff in there too, I saw them in Australia in 2003 and got Live With Me AND Monkey Man. Stones don't disappoint.
    I'd give a substantial amount of money for Midnight Rambler as a closing song! But obviously it's a rehearsal.
    Holy shit that's not bad at all. You get Lady Jane, Little Red Rooster, Ruby Tuesday, The Last Time, It's All Over Now, and Route 66! I'd love to hear how they play them now. Except for the ticket prices ha ha.
    I'm not worried about the setlist...I'm worried they won't put out more dates.
    BOOO! 400 quid for decent tickets? You're the Rolling Stones, not the Robbing Stones! BOO THIS BAND!
    No 'Gimme shelter' no 'Sympathy for the devil' no 'Brown sugar' no 'Satisfaction' no 'Jumping Jack Flash'. Fuck it, I ain't paying to go to a show where the only two songs I want to hear are 'Paint it black' and 'Honky tok woman'. Of course, if they covered 'Moves Like Jagger' I'd probably go, just for the laughs alone.