New Suicide Silence Album Will Contain Mitch Lucker's Final Lyrics

Band confirms use of Lucker's words in new interview.

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Suicide Silence's upcoming album with new vocalist Hernan "Eddie" Hermida will feature lyrics written by late singer Mitch Lucker, Blabbermouth is reporting.

Speaking to Soundwave TV, Hermida noted:

"We have a song on there. Mitch left behind some lyrics, and we actually incorporated it into a song. It's about him being bigger than life, you know what I mean?! It's about finding that true resilience within yourself to keep going, which really means the world to us, 'cause, obviously, that's what we're doing. It came out very beautiful."

In an interview with Music Feeds, guitarist Chris Garza noted that quitting had never crossed the band's mind in the wake of Lucker's death:

"We never talked about continuing and we never talked about quitting, so it was like an unspoken thing, 'cause with some people, a tragic happening, the last thing you want to do is talk about it.

"I think keeping the Suicide Silence brand going and the name going keeps Mitch alive and I think it would be completely disrespectful to Mitch and everything that he worked for if we stopped going or changed the name."

Mitch Lucker died on November 1st, 2012 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash in Huntington Beach.

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    Damn. That's got potential to be a very emotional track. I hope they don't butcher and destroy it by putting them over some three minute blast beat/chug session. Fingers crossed that the new album sounds like Hate by Thy Art Is Murder. k that'll never happen but a man can hope
    I hpoe it will be like no time to bleed, or the cleansing, I really didn't dig the black crown.
    I'm really intrigued by this, though I can't say, in words, what I mean. This is a tribute album to Mitch and there may be parts where the music becomes more emotional, than the heaviness many people are used to. I don't know what to expect, but I'm looking forward to it. If this album doesn't meet many people's expectation, I would say stick around for the second album when the band focus about carrying on and less about Mitch.
    That's wrong IMO. The most respectful thing to do would be to leave Mitch be.
    They are carrying the band on for Mitch's sake. They said that this is for Mitch and his family, especially the daughter. I think it fits that they want to use his last words in the album. This album is pretty much another tribute to Mitch, they kept saying that throughout interviews.
    Mitch Lucker deserved to die. He didn't live the Christian lifestyle necessary. What a waste.
    NO ONE DESERVES TO DIE!!!!! You give Christians a bad name by saying stuff like that. Shame and disgrace on you!!!
    So, now metalheads need to live a Christian lifestyle now? You sir are a waste. Go back to WestBoro douche.
    People should get over Mitch. The dude threw his life away when he made the stupid decision to hop on his bike... plastered. Guess he wasn't thinking of Kenna then, huh?
    Probably not, but that's typical of an addiction. He had a serious problem with alcohol, that he had sought help for in the past. It overcame him in the end, but his one fatal error doesn't make him a bad person. Go look up "Suicide Silence Christmas Charity" on Youtube, it may change your view on him a bit.
    The band's name is "Suicide Silence", and the ...silenced suicide?