New Supergroup: Arch Enemy, God Forbid and Nevermore Members Unite

Ghost Ship Octavius will feature a 17-year-old singing prodigy called Adon Fanion - hear him in action here.

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A new supergroup called Ghost Ship Octavius been formed after its founding members struck a chord with one another while touring as Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott's solo backing band.

Nevermore drummer Van Williams and God Forbid guitarist Matt Wicklund joined Amott on his solo tour, and the trio have decided to spin off a new lineup with two extra musicians: bassist Sara Claudius and 17-year-old vocalist Adon Fanion.

Ghost Ship Octavius has now launched a Facebook page to gather fans to show their forthcoming music which they describe as "melodic progressive heavy metal," and while there's no samples available yet, the band assure Metal Sucks that 13 songs have been written and are looking to sign a record deal so they can launch it to the masses.

Meanwhile, you can hear 17-year-old singer Adon Fanion in some this clip from his solo Soundcloud page:

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    Seventeen? Wow...
    It's pretty cool this guy's managed to be part of a freaking super group before he's even hit 'adulthood'. Besides his age, his voice definitely sounds very mature.
    That's a damn cool name. (as this is the internet, I'd like to state that that was genuine and not sarcasm).
    Guys, it's time you know the truth: this is actually Mark Lanegan's lost son
    My balls tingle with excitement, I can't wait to hear more from them!
    link no1
    Your balls tingle with excitement, his balls tingle due to being at the end of puberty.
    wow like the black metal feel. killer riffs and drums. sweet bass, excellent vocals very well done.
    Rufus Shinra
    While I'm interested to hear this I don't think you could call this a "supergroup" - Them Crooked Vultures or Traveling Wilburys yeah the title works.
    Chris Amott and Van Williams is good enough for me for a "supergroup." ...and i'm sure someone likes God Forbid too.
    I saw the title and was hoping that the Nevermore part would be Loomis but arch enemy is cool and Amott is a pretty badass guitarist.
    I thought that too. Remember though that Keith Merrow announced a while ago that he and Jeff Loomis will be doing a new album together. I suppose he will be busy with that.
    Not bad, I guess. Pretty typical late-90s European prog-metal sound though, which is starting to sound pretty tired to me.
    I like it. good sound, guess id have to hear a bit more to make a definite decision...super group!!!!! haha!
    I thought Chris amott wasn't into playing extreme metal anymore. That's the bs he gave when left arch enemy. Anyway can't wait!
    He didn't say that, that statement was made from Arch Enemy. In his personal page he said he leave because he wanted to focus on his solo career and that he wouldn't rule out playing metal.