'New Tattoo' Prevents Slayer Member From Joining Big 4 Jam

artist: Dave Lombardo date: 07/06/2011 category: music news
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'New Tattoo' Prevents Slayer Member From Joining Big 4 Jam
As the Big 4 tour has rolled on through Europe and North America, fans have come to expect the mega-jam of "Am I Evil?" between thrash metal's pioneers at the closing of Metallica's set. While Anthrax, Megadeth and Metallica have been all too keen to participate in the encore performance, one band's membership has been notably thin on the ground. At the Big 4 show in Gothenburg on July 3rd, neither Kerry King nor Dave Lombardo from Slayer made appearances at the show's end. According to Blabbermouth.com, both members have now given their reasons why. Guitarist Kerry King had the following to say when questioned about his absence by Sweeden's Aftonbladet newspaper: "I was supposed to be there, but they changed the song at the very last minute... We were gonna play the Anti-Nowhere League's ''So What', so I had rehearsed that song. When they changed it to 'Am I Evil?', I decided not to do it. I haven't thought about that song for two months since we played it in California [at the only U.S. 'Big Four' show so far]." Dave Lombardo, however, had very different reasons for not taking part in the jam. Posting on his official facebook page after the show, Dave revealed the reason for his absence with a photo of him getting a new tattoo. You can view it here. Previously in an interview with MusikUniverse.net, Dave Lombardo has explained his bandmates' aversion to appearing onstage for the penultimate number; "I'm the only one who knows how to jam and have a good time! The other guys, they don't do that kind of thing. They just know their music when it's written and that's it - they don't know how to go up and improvise and enjoy themselves. Jeff [Hanneman; guitar] does a little bit, but not the other guys [bassist/vocalist Tom Araya and guitarist Kerry King]." Big 4 shows are set for Europe throughout July.
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