New Video Shows Wes Scantlin Perform in Disturbingly Bad Shape, Apparently on Drugs

Get help...

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A new video shows Puddle of Mudd vocalist Wes Scantlin performing live on stage in disturbingly poor physical condition, apparently under the influence of drugs.

In the clip, Wes looks like he lost weight, seems disoriented, barely moves on the stage, and apparently struggles to stand on his feet.

The video uploader noted: "And yes... this is what a methed-out rocker looks like..."

Back in May, Wes was arrested for skipping a court date for one of his previous arrests. In April, Wes had a stand-off with 30 heavily armed police officers and was ultimately arrested. In March 2016, Wes was left drunk and alone onstage after his whole band walked out on him for his behavior. In February 2016, Wes had an onstage meltdown by attacking a soundman during the band's show, saying that "he hates us." Also in February, Wes had an onstage meltdown. In January 2016, Wes was arrested for trashing the Hollywood Hills house he lost in foreclosure last year. In December 2015, Wes was arrested after he was pulled over by cops for expired car registration, after which the cops found a "controlled substance" in the vehicle. In July 2015, Wes was arrested for drunk driving. In April 2015, Wes was arrested for disorderly  conduct at an airport for the second time. About 10 days before that, Wes had an onstage meltdown. In January 2015, Wes was arrested at an airport for taking a "joyride" at a baggage carousel. In April 2014, Wes had an onstage meltdown. In July 2014, Wes was arrested for vandalizing his neighbor's yard with a buzz-saw and a sledge hammer. In May 2013, Wes was arrested for beating up his wife. In September 2012, Wes was arrested for causing a plane to perform an emergency landing after a drunken fight with a flight attendant. In May 2012, Wes was arrested for cocaine possession. 

Hopefully he gets help soon.

Thanks to Michael Eli Perez for the tip.

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    Vicryl 2.0
    Dead man walking.
    Met a singer, thought he was grand We hung out, started a band Went well for a decade or two Then it all came unglued
    I don't know why, but I sang this to Offspring's "Self Esteem" melody in my head at first. Fits nicely with the lyrics!
    They should either kick him out, make him go to rehab or start a new band without him!
    I love the copy and paste filler of UG's stories about Wes' achievements the last few years on every acticle. Just in case we forget the particulars of the poor guy's massive meltdown.
    He and Marilyn should tour together.
    I don't need to pay money to watch addicts act weird. You get that shit for free in major cities across the globe.
    You might not pay to see the drunk at the bus station, but wouldn't you pay if there where instrumentalists, making synchronous music to accompany the slurs?
    That was beautiful man... Totally true. Just give a hipster some meth and you got your instant grunge.
    Guy has been in a bad way for a LONG time. He needs serious help. We're going to be reading about his death soon if he doesn't get it.
    I think he made all the faces of meth in this video.
    cocaine and bad company is primarily what's doing this to him, as well as his own inability to accept that particular truth.
    Sadly no one will help him and he will continue to spiral out of control. Before the end of 2016 his name will be added to the list of musicians that we have lost. It's just been that kind of year lately...
    but no music fan will miss him, only his family and friends. he never was a real and unique artist,like we lost in the past like Bowie or Lemmy. Wes always was a poor Cobain wannabe.....
    Dude. Agree 100%. Multi platinum for being a mediocre "cover band". Some people just can't get it together and realize what they have. I hope he gets help, but in the mean time, who the fuck keeps booking them?
    The paragraph UG copy/paste for his previous problems is bigger than the article. He needs to get help before it is too late.
    Sad. Puddle of Mudd opening for Korn was my first concert. At least I'll always have fond memories of him playing a great show. the rest of the band sounds tight in this video though.
    Those faces he makes. In all due seriousness I hope he gets some help soon before he kills himself. Drugs friggin' suck.
    Man, I hope he understands he is a talented musician and find some middle ground... It must be horrible having people just document you while you are breaking down... Hopefully he finds something to fill that void rather than filling it with drugs.
    "Blurry" and "Drift and Die" are post-grunge classics I'll never forget, but at this point why are people even on stage with him?
    This is just sad to watch. I couldn't even watch the whole thing. I hope someone close to him gets him the help he needs.
    It's disturbingly disturbing, how ''disturbing'' is the new cumulative adjective for ''funny in one way, sad in another way'' related to people who are either shitfaced drunk or just being a rockstar-dick (while being shitfaced drunk). I'm kinda disturbed by that.
    If this article was about the band Disturbed, your post would of been better.
    See, to make a point like that, you need an agreeable premise. Case in point, the fuck is recent about using 'disturbing' as an adjective?
    The same people that enjoy watching this live or online are the ones that hold up traffic on the streets/highways when there are terrible accidents or a shooting. Get those Darwin Awards quick.
    Sad but true he need some help. what we can do for him? why we can't stop it? kurt, layne, scott,... all in complicated ways. s**t situation.
    Hmmm, its sad to see some like... specially talented people.
    ingridpayne · Aug 04, 2016 12:04 PM
    "Thanks to Michael Eli Perez for the tip." Are we on fucking TMZ here?
    Please God no more dead rockstars.. Sadly though most of them have been killing themselves..
    Oh my god haha I love how UG compiled all that stuff he did into one paragraph. Just insane when you see that all grouped together like that Seriously though - hope the dude doesn't die from all this stuff - cause it looks like it could be imminent.
    Oh man, he needs help. Badly. That video made me sad. He is in a horrible state.
    I honestly don't think I have ever seen someone singing so out of his mind drugged up as this guy. Sure a lot of guys have been piss drink on stage but this just takes the crack.