Newsted Added To Gigantour Lineup

The ex-Metallica bassist has also said he forgives Metallica for mixing his bass parts low in the mix for their album "...And Justice For All."

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Ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted has been confirmed for Megadeth's summer 2013 Gigantour.

The Newsted band will join Device, Hellyeah, and Death Division on the tour at around the same time they release their debut full-length album, which follows their recent "Metal" EP.

The new tour addition helps explain Dave Mustaine's curious hints last month, when he said: "I think [fans] are gonna be pretty stoked, because each one of the other bands on there, they're new bands comprised of a person who was a major celebrity from a really large band that went on to do something new."

Confirming their role on the Gigantour on Facebook, Newsted said: "Hey Newsted Metalheads!!! I am so excited to announce that Newsted will be joining Megadeth this summer on Gigantour 2013!!! More details coming later this week. Can't wait to crush it this summer!!! [sic]"

Meanwhile, Jason has said in a new interview that he forgives Metallica for famously placing his bass parts low in the mix for their 1988 album "... And Justice for All," saying: "There are so many years of water under the bridge with that and I can now see it for what it is," he told Metal Exiles (via Blabbermouth).

The real reason the bass is low is apparently because he was used to writing bass parts that follow the guitar, but that meant both instruments were fighting for the same space in the mix - and of course, the guitar had to win. "If I had of known then what I know now, it would have been different, but it became a classic album for what it was," he said. "I used to be pissed about it back then, but that was a long time ago."

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    love the ep.. just want him to hit ireland...metallica are lost without him. no backing voice. kirk and rob cant sing for shit. jason helped them so much live and his bass parts were amazing... glad to see he fell back in to his metal roots with this look forward to seeing and hearing more
    What a surprise! a comment about Metallica. We've heard enough about Jason's relation to Metallica.
    Even this sounds better than Kirk's singing.
    I can't believe that, in 30 years, Kirk hasn't learned to sing good backup vocals. THIRTY YEARS.
    Why haven't they rereleased ...and justice for all, with the bass parts mixed properly?
    For the reason above, too many instruments fighting for the same frequency. Only way they could is rerecord with different eqs. Considering how Ozzy has done that for bass and drums... It probably won't be that hard.
    I like it how people still manage to get his last name wrong, after 14 years of Metallica and 7 right spellings of his name on the top half of the page.
    A big reason the bass is non existent in that mix is the tone of the guitars. The bass and highs are cranked with little to no mids. If Jason had the mids on his bass tone scooped as well it may have contributed to the problem. Both instruments are battling for the same frequencies.
    Makes you wonder why they didn't high pass the guitars then to give the bass some space...
    Stop crying about the bass volume, they are remastering all albums anyways so just wait and listen to that.
    I'm going to see Megadeth in Manchester in June and I'll see Hellyeah and Newsted at download, that's pretty much the Gigantour lineup already. And the bass was low because he was the new guy and it's been said a million times they used to haze him to hell. It's old news so why would anyone even ask about that anymore?
    Had nothing to do with hazing. I can't believe there are people out there that believe that and keep spreading that around.
    So what did it have to do with, then? I'm sorry, but there are a million albums where the bass follows the guitar, and yet, you can magically still hear it!
    Why do James and Lars say they did then in every single Metallica documentary?
    "The real reason the bass is low is apparently because he was used to writing bass parts that follow the guitar" Then why the bass lines in his previous band Flotsam and Jetsam were NOT just following the guitar? I don't believe in that reason.
    Gee Halen
    Backstage at first Gigantour show. Jason: "Hi Dave!" Dave: "Hey, Jason!" Jason: "How are you?" Dave: "Good, good... and you?" Jason: "Yeah, cool." ... Dave and Jason at the same time: "Great sound, by the way!" (tense laughter) Jason: "So..." Dave: "...yep!" Jason: "...and also..." Dave: "Uh-huh... And you...?" Jason: "Yeah!" Dave: "...but I didn't mean..." Jason: "Nah, that's okay..." Dave: "Okay, see you then!" Jason: "Righto!"
    No idea who Death Division are, but Newstead is the only performance I want to see on that stage.
    It's NewSTED. Not Newstead.
    Your sentence really should of used a comma, and a full stop. Forgive my spelling error, master.
    He used a full stop but missed the comma so there's an error with your correction. Omit the first full stop and replace it with comma which would force the use of a lowercase the subsequent word. Read your posts before you submit them to avoid further embarrassment. Have a great day. Blode.
    I encourage people to read the part in Rex Brown's book where he talks about the whole ...And Justice For All bass debate. It's very interesting to hear it from someone who actually heard them (meaning James and Lars) talk about it.
    Haven't checked out Newsted's new band yet, but a reliable friend told me they kick.
    He is being too humble about the Bass parts on AFJA, jsut say that James and Lars used(?) to be douches back then.
    The reason given for the Bass parts being low due to following the Guitar is a crock of shit. His Bass parts followed the Guitar on the black album and that album has a ton of bass all around. Incompetent mixing and guitarist ego are the real reason.
    Yes, and his bass is clearly audible on the Garage Days Re-revisited EP, and all he did on those songs was follow the guitar lines.