Newsted's 'Heavy Metal Music' Cracks US Top 40

"It's all metal all the time. It's not all fast, but it is all heavy," says Jason Newsted on the record.

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"Heavy Metal Music", the debut album from Newsted - the new band featuring former Metallica, Vovoid and Flotsam and Jetsam bassist Jason Newsted and Staind guitarist Mike Mushok - sold nearly 8,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 40 on the Billboard 200 chart, Blabbermouth reports. The CD was made available on August 6 in North America via Chophouse Records/Collective Sounds and August 5 in Europe through Spinefarm Records.

Jason told the 11-song album was very similar to the band's debut EP, "Metal," which opened with around 6,200 units to debut at No. 62. "The EP was always intended to be the primer, a sampler of what was to come on the LP," he said. "It's all metal all the time. It's not all fast, but it is all heavy."

Regarding how the material for Newsted's debut album came together, Jason told Loudwire: "It started out as my seeds for the first eleven songs that I made on my GarageBand thing. I wrote all the tracks - guitars, bass, drums, everything and gave them to Jessie [Farnsworth, guitar] and Jesus [Mendez Jr., drums] and had them go learn it, put their artistry on it and so it was collaborative in that way for the first batch. Like the four songs on the EP came from that initial eleven, so that's how those songs went. Each day as we get deeper into the songs, the collaboration gets deeper as well. I have come a long way from my tunnel vision of 'Only my ideas are good enough' bullshit, and I'm a lot more open to everyone's ideas and the artistry of each person to make it what it is. And three heads is better than one and that kind of thing. So it has become more collaborative as we go.

"I've written ten more since that time in October last year and a few of them have made their way onto this LP now. Once again, they were all my seeds, but now that we have Mike Mushok in the band and I give the music to all three of those guys, now I have three great artists bringing back their responses and their counterpoint playing to my ideas, so it's becoming more and more collaborative every day and on this LP there will be shared writing credits on at least half of the songs with the writing credits now."

"Heavy Metal Music" track listing:

01. Heroic Dose 02. Soldierhead 03. ...As the Crow Flies 04. Ampossible 05. Long Time Dead 06. Above All 07. King of the Underdogs 08. Nocturnus 09. Twisted Tail of the Comet 10. Kindevillusion 11. Futureality

Newsted took part in this year's edition of Gigantour, the critically acclaimed package festival founded in 2005 by Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine. Also appearing on the bill were Black Label Society, Device, Hellyeah and Death Division.

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    Well... it's Jason Fuckin' Newsted! Glad he's doing well these times, after all those years of silence.
    I don't find the album that good at all really. Downvote all you like.
    That's certainly a valid opinion. I happened to like the album a lot, because in today's world of 5 million metal subgenres (including, but not limited to, Post-Melodic-Groovecore-Funk-Fusion), it's comforting to have an album that can only be classified as "heavy metal". I think that was Newsted's whole point in naming it Heavy Metal Music. It wasn't meant to be groundbreaking. In fact, it was probably meant to be the opposite of that: An album that sounds like Black Sabbath or Judas Priest, with no other pretense. Nocturnus definitely sounds like Sabbath, and Soldierhead (my favorite song on the album) sounds like Motorhead (it's got a messy sounding distortion, loud bass, and the repetitive riff is kinda... repetitive.) Rant over. The rant wasn't really aimed at you, btw.
    I felt the same while listening to the album for the first time. No gimmicks, only classic heavy metal sounds, and it's great to get back to the roots sometimes.
    Couldn't have said it better myself. The album is just straight up metal, which is what drew me in instantly.
    I found the riffs boring and lifeless.
    Nothing wrong with your opinion Sam but I swear all you come on this section for is to post 'anti-comments' and argue
    Me too. I really like the lyrics in Above all and the chorus is very cool at first but because there are maybe 3 different riffs in the song which I find all rather boring I wouldn't add it to my playlists because then I'd be skipping the song every time because I'm already kind of bored to it. Good bubblegum album though if a metal album can be that, it's good for a while but then get's boring but when you find it under the sofa after a few months without listening to it, it's great again for a couple of moments.
    number 40? this is news? good god that's not even on the radar of pop music. there are a shit ton of metal releases that chart higher than that each year (when most metal doesn't even really sell) and most of them don't get articles. 'congratulations! you had one of the top 2085-selling albums of the year!!'
    Let us know when your album reaches 39.
    So I have to sell more albums than Newsted to have an opinion?
    No, you don't. But your opinion sucks anyway.
    what about it even sucks? a top 40 album for someone that was in metallica isn't terribly surprising.
    Carl Hungus
    You are right. You do have the right to your own opinion just like everyone else here on UG. What you don't have the right to is that stupid f$%king avatar that never stops f#%kng moving!!!!
    But it's true... Having a Metal album reach 40 on the chart is what you'd expect, hell, the new FFDP album is at 2. Actually, it's not even an opinion, it's just a ****ing fact.
    Because people here learned advance guitar lesson on youtube. Old school Riffs is lifeless from them...
    listened to this whole album on pandora premiere. really liked, good on you mr newkid