Nick Mason Discusses Hidden Message in Pink Floyd's 'The Wall:' 'Complete Nonsense'

If you play one of the tracks backwards, you'll hear a hidden message, details inside.

Ultimate Guitar

Did you know that one of the tracks on Pink Floyd's "The Wall" contains a hidden message? Well, it does, and it was even discussed by drummer Nick Mason during a recent Sonic Reality interview.

During the chat, Nick explained that the band got the idea of a secret message from all the public drama at the time about rock songs containing hidden messages about various controversial topics.

"At the time, people were always looking for messages in albums," Mason explained (via Ultimate Classic Rock). "So we thought, 'Oh, well. We better do one.'"

If you thought that the message contains the meaning of life, you were wrong. It's located in the "Empty Spaces" track, all you have to do is play the tune backwards and at one point you'll hear the following words: "Congratulations. You have just discovered the secret message." Charming, isn't it?

Asked on whether the message has a deeper meaning, Nick responded with a chuckle, "It's complete nonsense."

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    There was even no need for secret message on that album. That album said everything that needed to be said on many topics. Absolute masterpiece (well it is time for another listen ).
    All though I've known about this for quite a while, I still think it's hilarious that they did it just to mess with the critics and radio Only The Floyd ...classic..
    The Wall is kinda like the movies you hear so much about, that you have to absolutely see or books you have to absolutely read. It's not the best album ever, Floyd is not the best band ever. "The best" is a dumb concept. Maybe it's the best for YOU...if you've even listened to The Wall, which a lot of people on here who praise it so much probably haven't. On the subject of subliminal messages in songs and listening to them backwards... it sorta freaked me out when I was a teenager, but yeah, it's nonsense.
    It reminds me of Citizen Kane. It gets such a good name, and you're excited for it, and then it's almost disappointing. You forget about it, and then a while later you remember it. You go back to it... and then it makes perfect sense. Then again that could have just been me...
    I think it was just you. The Wall was an absolutely amazing album from the very first time I heard it, which was even before I understood it.
    It's the best album ever. That's a fact. Not an opinion. They say so much more with a note or two than my favorite metal bands say with a flurry of speedy notes whipping up and down the fretboard.
    Man, I hoped I never have to read that "they say so much more with one note.." crap. Next up, people who think Queen is EPIC AWESOME because they wrote Radio Ga Ga and We Are The Champions.
    Well what else are you gonna put in an empty slot for the the song "Empty Spaces?" Nothing? Umm oh ok that's good too.
    Listening to Shine on you Crazy Diamond at the moment, all of that Floyd era was awesome.