Nick Menza: 'Current Megadeth Lineup Lacks Energy'

"They're lacking that over-the-top pump that they used to have," band's former drummer adds.

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Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza recently discussed the band's current lineup, describing it as energy-lacking.

Asked by Metal Wani on whether he still sees the same passion during Megadeth shows, Nick replied: "No, I hate to react those guys and say that they aren't any good, but they're just lacking the energy sense of it. They're lacking that over-the-top pump that they used to have.

"They're good, I mean, I've seen them play a few times in concert and I was just like 'Heh, whatever,'" the drummer continued. "It's kinda weird when you go see a band you've played with in over ten years and then you see somebody else play out there, it's like watching somebody bang your ex-girlfriend, you know, I mean like 'Hey dude, that's not how you do it' [laughs] 'You do it like this, bro.' It's just not happening."

Menza then focused on his brief 2004 stint with the band, addressing Dave Mustaine's statement that he "wasn't ready" to perform. "Yup. That's what he said," Nick explained. "But, you know, who's ready? I'm totally ready. I'm kinda like, for some reason it didn't work out. He told me 'dude you are fired.'

"He came up three days before the first show, Shawn Drover, and they had like three days before the first gig. C'mon, nobody comes up three days before a show. His brother was already the guitar player playing with us at the time, Glen Drover. So they were the two brothers, and you know, whatever. S--t happens. You know, I always say everything happens the way it's supposed to and, it's all good. I don't have any hard feelings towards Dave or the guys. If something came about, in the future, for a reunion - I'm totally down to do something. Just for the fans."

Nick concluded the chat by noting that "anything could happen" as far as his reunion with Megadeth goes. Asked if he's up for it any moment, he added, "[pause] Any moment."

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    >Dave knows fans want reunion. >Nick wants reunion >Meanwhile, Marty doesn't give a single damn.
    Marty's like Ritchie Blackmore. Except thankfully it's not god awful Renaissance folk music.
    And balls. Current Megadeth has HUGE potential (Broderick), but lacks serious balls in their music.
    The thing that set Megadeth apart from Metallica for me back in the day was attitude. Megadeth used to have it in abundance, now they are seriously, seriously lacking. They're like a ****ing Megadeth parody band for ****'s sake.
    You gotta wonder how the rest of the band really feels about their music. There's no way Dave used Broderick to his full potential
    And somehow Chris says he's okay with that. Weird. It's like you're capable of racing in a Formula 1 Ring, yet are completely content with just being the FedEx delivery boy.
    think of it like being paid like an F1 driver for delivery driving.
    Based on comments from some interviews with Borderick I think he is content being able to make a living playing music, something that probably was not the case in Nevermore or doing other small acts. Sure he could probably scrape by doing gigs and giving lessons, but in Megadeth he probably gets a decent salary, gets free gear (some custom), and is able to see the world in moderate style. He can still get personal satisfaction learning and playing more advanced guitar on his own.
    Implying you don't need to be extremely talented to pull off some of those solos
    I'm not implying that. Chris' solos are difficult, but he is capable of FAR greater things. Think hiring Yngwie to play AC/DC.
    As long as it sounds good I don't care what technique or skill he's playing, I listen to it because I want to enjoy it not dissect it.
    I think he's under utilised for sure. I've seen some clinic stuff and whatnot and he is unbelievably amazing. That said, he is in one of the biggest metal bands out there, so I don't imagine he'd be complaining too much lol...
    I'm pretty sure Chris knew what he was getting himself into. He joined in 2010 and by then everyone knew the way Dave handles the band. It's his show. I'd like it if Chris wrote a few riffs and see how that fits with the band.
    Or if he played different solo's, instead of playing Marty's solos. Mustaine swears he came up with those solos, and whistled them to Marty.
    Mustaine can claim all the nonsense he wants. I don't believe for a moment that a guy who had been doodling on the minor pentatonic for ten years would come up with exotic, unorthodox solos with melodic consonant and dissonant phrases that are unique to Marty.
    He's playing alongside Loomis in his other band. Of course, Broderick is required to be unbelievably amazing or he'll get swallowed up by that monster.
    As much as I do love the current Megadeth lineup and know how talented they all are, I can't help but agree with him on this one.
    >"If something came about, in the future, for a reunion - I'm totally down to do something. Just for the fans." >I'm totally down to do something. Just for the fans. >Just for the fans.... Trust me, Nick, I'd love to see that happen, but after your spiel about not being in the band, I can tell you want a reunion more than the fans do.
    mr hedshots
    Megadeth are my absolute #1 favorite band of all time, but the new lineup doesn't even compare to when they had Marty and Nick
    He's right on the money. Broderick plays Friedman's solos well but he lacks gusto, and his own solos are boring scale-shred. Drover plays the parts satisfactorily but he sounds robotic. I miss the way Menza could hang on the back beat better, and he also beat the shit out of the drums.
    The one and only guitarist for Megadeth for me is Marty. Chris is amazing but it doesn't feel like classic Megadeth. The Rust in Piece line up was one of the best metal line ups ever.
    Megadeth still has potential if Dave just gave everyone some breathing room. Endgame was phenomenal but each successive album has gotten more lackluster. Super Collider showed moments of greatness with King Maker though I've yet to listen to the album since it was first released.
    Agree. Broderick's skills are phenomenal, but he somehow doesn't suit the band, he was much better in Nevermore for example. And Drover is just average, too average.
    I disagree with this completely, saw them last year in June and the energy was flowing like mad and it was easily one of the best gigs I've been to.
    I'm not a fan of his nor Drovers drumming. I am a fan of Friedman's showmanship though.
    Haven't seen them live (Thanks AJ for pissing off Dave, and Dave for being an immature twat or I would be in a week!) but going from DVDs and the like I get a feeling like they're just trying to go through the ropes, like playing live is more of a job than a passion for them
    I know what he means about the lacking energy thing. I've seen them three times now. And they've just gotten less and less entertaining each time.Dave's voice has just gotten worse and worse, Drover while yeah he can play the songs just feels unbelievably generic and lifeless. Which leaves Broderick and Ellefson to carry the entire live show which is an impossible task. That's not to say they aren't tight live, they are and the songs sound great, we all know they're good players, especially Broderick, but there's no energy anymore. Megadeth will never have this vibe about them again and that really bums me out.Megadeth Good Mourning / Black Friday live 1990
    The problem with the current Megadeth lineup? The albums with them are overproduced in a thrash metal sense. It's too clean and too safe.
    Why is Kirk Hammet in the picture for the Nick Menza article?
    First megadeth lineup will never be topped. Chris Poland was and still is one of the best metal guitarists of all time.