Nick Menza: 'I'd Still Be in Megadeth, I Would Have Never Quit'

Stickman looking to be known as more than just the "drummer of Megadeth."

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Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza recently expressed a desire to be known as more that just the "drummer of Megadeth," also noting his willingness to reunite with the iconic thrash act.

"I'm in the process of having a publishing deal," he told Metal Babe Mayhem blog about his "Megalife" memoir. "It's something that I've been turning away from for the past 13 years. Megadeth this, Megadeth that...

"I don't want to be the 'drummer of Megadeth' anymore. I would still be in the band," Nick added. "I would have never quit. I was fired, obviously. Dave [Mustaine] was kinda like doing a whole thing, like there will never be a reunion and all this sh-t. I'm not saying there could never be a reunion. I put the ball in his court. There is a chapter in the book about Megadeth, of course."

Further discussing what he's been up to these days, Menza noted doing a wide variety of music-related jobs, ranging from performing and recording to production and engineering. He also pointed out that in today's time, "any job you can get in the music business and get paid for is golden."

"I do a lot of music that I hate, for money, because I need to feed my kids. I have a 13-year-old, and a seven-year-old boy. And they're Black Ops leaders. I need to feed them, put clothes on them, and keep them healthy. So I do all kinds of stuff from gospel to hip-hop to metal to jazz, to whatever music I can do. It doesn't matter. Any job... I'll take it. I don't care," the drummer concluded.

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    Jacques Nel
    I recently heard something opened up Nick, wait where's Corey Taylor's number...
    Nick Menza doing music projects he doesn't like for a living,while untalented media offsprings choke on money.Unjust world at its best.
    ehhh to which it's own, I think their's lots of good stuff out their...then again, lotta crap too
    You know the industry is a bellend when people like Nick who previously played in a big name rock/metal band have to play any kind of music they are offered money to play, just to survive. It makes you think, doesn't it? Many of those bands we have accused of selling out perhaps didn't necessarily ever WANT to sell out, but maybe they HAD to, or else they would be left with nothing to give back to their families.
    This article makes Mustaine look bad. Sadly Menza was fired because he had a severe drug addiction and his work ethic was very poor.
    I guess it's all about perspective. He doesn't want to be known as just a guy who was in Megadeth. I would love to be known as a guy who was in Megadeth. Only in my wildest dreams....
    I don't get it, if he wants to be known as "more than the drummer for Megadeth", why would he call his book "Megalife"? :S but respect to him for doing what he's doing just to get by, such a shame.