Nickelback: 'We Just Laugh At All The Criticism'

artist: Nickelback date: 06/18/2012 category: music news

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Nickelback: 'We Just Laugh At All The Criticism'
Chad Kroeger has revealed how he and his Nickelback deal with critics of the band, claiming they rival each other to come up with the wittiest response. The band have been the source of much mockery during their career, not least by rival rockers The Black Keys, but Kroeger admits he is aware how the public perceives the band and the band enjoy fending off the criticism. "We're just laughing while we do it," Kroeger said in an interview with the Edmonton Journal. "I mean, it's just like when you got guys all sitting around together, you know, we'll hear about something and, you know, we laugh. You know, whoever comes up with the most comedic thing, it's like, 'Oh, that's good. We have to tweet that.'" He also added that he doesn't believe the band will ever receive any awards for their music, adding: "We may be dead by then but I think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will probably show up the same time as our first Grammy." Thanks for the report to
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