Nickelback's Kroeger Rips Corey Taylor, Calls Stone Sour 'Nickelback Lite,' Slipknot a 'Gimmick'

"He talks about how easy it is to write a hit song. Well, show me."

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Nickelback's Kroeger Rips Corey Taylor, Calls Stone Sour 'Nickelback Lite,' Slipknot a 'Gimmick'

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger threw some shade at Corey Taylor, telling Metal Covenant (via Blabbermouth):

"I can't think of another band that's as diverse as we are. I can't.

"And I don't think that's me talking from pride or ego. I mean, you're sitting across the table. You [the journalist] know what you're talking about."

After asking the journalist to name another diverse act and the journalist replying with Stone Sour, Chad said:

"Stone Sour?... Yeah, 'cause they're trying to be Nickelback. *takes a swig of beer* Corey Taylor has said some really nasty things about me before in the press.

"He talks about how easy it is to write a hit song. Well, show me. Show me. Write one. I have yet to hear one.

"They're okay. But they're not as good as Nickelback. They sound like Nickelback Lite.

"[Slipknot and Nickelback] were signed to the same label.

"They had to put on masks and jump around. How good can your music be if you've gotta beat each other up on stage, throw up in your own masks every night...

"Music shouldn't come with a gimmick; music should just be music. None of my favorite music comes with a gimmick.

"And he got tired of sitting behind a mask - he wanted people to know what he looks like - so he started Stone Sour."

Once again, the world is eagerly awaiting for what Corey Taylor has to say. Stay tuned.

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    So, in all seriousness then...What does Corey Taylor think about this?
    Since Corey Taylor seem like he bury the hatchet with Chester from Linkin Park, I may check under the bed twice for some furious fists on Kroegers place.
    "None of my favorite music comes with a gimmick." Isn't KISS one of Chad's favourite bands, though?
    Next Wednesday question: Most Diverse Band? Make it happen UG.
    Nickelback is as diverse as AC/DC
    But AC/DC lasted the test of time. With Nickelback, we can't wait for time to end.
    Nickelback has been going strong for pretty much 20 years now, whether we like it or not.  Comparison with ACDC stands.
    Length doesn't mean anything when people won't remember your music after at least 30 years.
    I'm not a fan of Nickelback, but I've been hearing variations of this argument for the past 10 years - It's time to stop moving the goalposts.
     "And he got tired of sitting behind a mask - he wanted people to know what he looks like - so he started Stone Sour."  Except Stone Sour was around way before he had anything to do with Slipknot
    Stone Sour was around, but going nowhere, or he'd have stuck with them instead of going to Slipknot.
     "I can't think of another band that's as diverse as we are. I can't." Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Coheed and Cambria, Dream Theater, Queens of the Stone Age. That's just off the top of my head.
    Downvote for calling out a7x reference...
    I mean Second Heartbeat, Sidewinder, Save Me, God Damn, and Nightmare are practically the same fucking song.
    Could you please explain how the fuck they are the same?
    Dude... Sarcasm, you know ?
    Well it is not that clear and I've got to be sure that his brain is functioning well.
    Someone tell him that Stone sour existed long before he joined Slipknot. I don't think anyone in the history of music has started their day thinking "gee I'd really like to become nickleback someday". Chad might find the true meaning of diversity through Opeth. I don't think there's a band out there who has gone from being extremely heavy to impressively melodic like they have.
    I'd give Devin Townsend a slight edge over Opeth since it seems like they're sticking to the 70s Prog vibe for a few albums now.
    Opeth would be my pick too, I mean they're so diverse they're fans constantly complain they're too diverse.
    Nickelback are now they're own Cliche, hence they are a gimmick.
    "They sound like Nickelback Lite." That's a pretty serious accusation, since Nickelback sounds like "formulaic FM pop-rock lite".
    Oh boy. He knows that a common accusation of Nickelback's music is all their songs sound the same, which maybe isn't 100% true as they've made a lot of music, but all the mainstream pop ballads they've churned out during their tenure have sounded very, VERY similar. (How You Remind Me of Someday anyone?) There are many, many bands that are more diverse than Nickelback. These are facts. Chad has no reason to give his music that high of a compliment. Anyone who knows Nickelback knows that they've made a career out of churning out similar sounding songs after How You Remind Me blew up. They stuck to a formula for every single they wrote that made them relevant for much more longer than they deserved to be. So no, Chad, I have no idea how you can possibly make that claim that "there's no one more deserve than you."
    "I can't think of another band that's as diverse as we are. I can't.  Faith No More. You're welcome Chilly Willy Chad
    Slipknot is the type of band you listen to when you're 13 and pregnant. 
    Or after you've a) yelled out at your parents "cuz i'm not a little kid anymore so stop treating me like one" and then b) stomped up the stairs to your room that still has glow in the dark stars on the ceiling.
    So perfect, made me laugh out loud for real. And it's SO PERFECT. Thank You
    Well Corey Taylor has said some stupid shit, so can't really blame him.
    Nickelback lite: The ridiculous premise that any band can sound more generic than said band.
    Fuck nickelback and fuck chad. The fact they think they're better than everybody else makes them sellout bitches. I seriously have no respect for this band and their music is just as bland as every country artist these days. Absolutely disgusting band.
    This is just a PR stunt. They are announcing a co-headlining winter tour soon.
    Thrice, AFI, Gorillaz, Coheed and Cambria, the White Stripes, TV On the Radio, Foxy Shazam to name just a few more recent bands that are far more diverse than Nickelback...
    This probably the only time I really want to know what Corey Taylor thinks about this.
    Good for Chad.  Corey's ego needs to be checked and it might as well come from the guy from Nickelback.  
    Last time Nickelback came to play in Portugal was in a festival and they were on right before Slipknot. Two songs into the show and Chad fuckin Kroeger gets stoned in the head by the fans and leaves, promising to never come back. Here it is for your amusement:
    Throwing rocks? What are they, cavemen in Portugal? Boo and heckle all ya want, but come on, throwing shit at the band (or anyone for that matter) just isn't cool.
    You should also state, that they were, along with slipknot, the least heavy band on that festival.
    Nickelback is probably the worst band to ever get as big as they have, they couldn't write a decent song to save their lives. They are a miracle.
    Look, maybe he shouldn't be the guy to say what he's saying, but he's absolutely right. Slipknot is overrated shit, and Stone Sour is the guy from a shitty band trying to make generic post grunge music. Nickleback light​ is right.
    But Nickleback's gimmick is re-write the same song over and over and over again. And take control of other bands and make them sound like Nickleback ( Theory of a Deadman )
    It boggles my mind how he could be THIS arrogant!? I mean does he not have any musical integrity or some kind of intuition of how his music sound all the same and is pretty much made from the same formula? Corey is gonna have field day handing Chad his own ass for have such huge ego!
    Him and Chester must sit there complementing each other's "music"
    I don't see it as arrogant.
    "I can't think of another band that's as diverse as we are. I can't." Is he not suck his own dick? Is he not licking his own ass? am I wrong? Cuz he sure as hell wasn't saying nice things about Stone Sour or Slipknot two bands who have far better musical quality than his..
    Considering stone sour we're formed in 1992, 3 years BEFORE nickelback and slioknot. Way to go Chad.
    Slipknot are absolutely gimmicky, however their music is pretty good for what it is. I've always had a hard time enjoying Stone Sour though, they're definitely worse than Nickelback IMO. But Nickelback aren't great either, and are about as diverse as AC/DC, as someone pointed out in the comments here. Half their new album is forgettable ballads, and the rest is almost promising hard rock (title track is great though).
    So, we definitely go for another list of the most diverse bands here - I'm just surpised nobody mentioned Paradise Lost yet. A full circle from doom/gothic metal, through dark electro-rock and back to heavier stuff with style is pretty damn impressive, if you ask me.. but there may be a different definition of diversity for bands such Nickelback, the range of meaning is actually really wide.  
    Yeah, masks are reserved for gimmicky guitarists with no talent...    *cough cough*
     "I can't think of another band that's as diverse as we are. I can't." - Incubus - Arcane Roots - Candiria - Fair To Midland - Deftones - Karnivool - Plini - Skyharbor - Intervals - Periphery - Soundgarden - SOAD - TesseracT off the top of my head...
     "And he got tired of sitting behind a mask - he wanted people to know what he looks like - so he started Stone Sour." ..... Corey founded Stone Sour 5 years before joining Slipknot.... Sooooo.... Chad should check his facts...
    Kroeger, an idiot: "Name a band more diverse than Nickelback" Me, and intellectual: Rush, Opeth, Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson and basically every progressive rock band ever.  I'd really like to know how he views them as "diverse". They're Hall and Oates for dudes who drink Bud Light.
    "And intellectual"?
    lol, I can admit when I fail at memeing  
    Despite my mistyping, the point still stands. Diverse isn't actually an adjective that seems to fit Nickelback. FWIW, "diverse" isn't an adjective that fits with the "active rock" radio format as a whole, with some exceptions. 
    Corey just needs to stick with Slipknot. Stone Sour is terrible. I mean their song Absolute Zero, Corey's little yell sounds like a piss poor attempt copy of Layne Staley's yell.
    I agree, stone sour are awful, but I personally believe Corey isn't a great song writer. Most of the stuff came from joey, Paul and clown so stone sour are dead in the water
     "And he got tired of sitting behind a mask - he wanted people to know what he looks like - so he started Stone Sour."  Who else died reading that? Completely ignored the fact that not only did Stone Sour form before Slipknot, but Corey didn't even join Slipknot until 1997; FIVE YEARS after Stone Sour. Fuck off Chad 😂
    How many people, who aren't well-read fans of Corey Taylor's work, actually know that, though? It kind of goes to show how much of an impact Stone Sour has had, musically.
    I'm just putting this out there, but here is a basic synapses of both bands. Slipknot is a very decent band, and I consider myself a fan. Their self titled debut was pretty good, not a creative breakthrough. Iowa was very good. It is dark and heavy, not creative genius, but is a good listen. Vol. 3 is, imho, their best album. Not as heavy, but creative and diverse. However, after that, I honestly have been impressed by 5 songs since vol 3, and feel like they are losing their creativity. I would still see them live, but not really digging their new stuff. Nickel back, however can be good if they are doing pop ballads. Songs like burn it to the ground and flat on the floor I really like, but they basically made their first two albums like this, and snuck these types in too the rest of them. I definitely don't hate them, but I really can't see how Chad thinks they are so diverse
    Jesus H Fucking Christ people! The most diverse band is OBVIOUSLY Pain of Salvation! In all seriousness though, what exactly would be the qualifiers?  Genres?  Most genres in one song/album?  Or most genres over a career?  All of these qualifiers scream Incubus to me.  Show us how you're more diverse than Incubus, Kroeger.  I dare ya!   fuckwit
    Diverse? I think nickelback are horrible. Don't have a problem if anyone likes them but everything I've ever heard from them over the last 15 years has sounded exactly the same
    Oh shit- Chaz "the diversity" Kruger vs Corey "the press' kid" Taylor August 26th before Mcgregor v Mayweather