Nightvision Bassist Dead: Dean Hocking Dies In Car Accident

Nightvision bassist Dean Hocking died in a tragic car accident on December 27.

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Nightvision bassist Dean Hocking died in a tragic car accident on December 27.

Hocking, 23, and an unnamed 37-yrear-old man were driving at 2:50AM in Sleaford, a town in the North Kesteven district of Lincolnshire, England, when a 27-year-old woman apparently hit their vehicle. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

The woman has been arrested on suspicion of causing death by careless driving, and is helping the authorities in their enquiry.

Nightvision is a British four-piece metal band who formed in 2003 and released their second album, "Consequence Of Sin" in 2011. The band also includes Hocking's brother Daryl, on drums.

"There is nothing we can say that hasn't been said already other than to confirm the devastating and crushing loss of our incredible bass player Dean Hocking - tragically taken from us as a passenger in a road accident during the early hours," the band wrote on their Facebook page.

"Needless to say he was an incredible bass player - one of the best - and an incredible bloke. We obviously need the time to get this round our heads but in the meantime ... wherever you are ... get a drink and raise it high as a toast to a fine, young, talented guy gone too soon. Turn it up to 11 and rumble the heavens our brother. We love you dude and we are gonna miss you like you'll never know."

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    RIP Dean. I was only ever acquainted with Nightvision (our bands were based out of the same town, and we played alongside many of the same bands, but we never played together.) But what I do know is that Dean was a great bassist and an even better person. Again, RIP Dean.
    I thought the title said "Nightwish Bassist Dead" and then I had a mini heart attack. Anyway, RIP.