Nikki Sixx Denies Sebastian Bach Was Asked to Join Motley Crue: 'It's Absolutely Not True'

Bach responds, saying he received an official offer and even rehearsed with the band.

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Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx responded to Sebastian Bach's recent claims that he was once asked to replace singer Vince Neil and join the Crue ranks back in the day.

As Sixx said during the latest edition of his "Sixx Sense" radio show, he is 100 percent positive that Bach was never asked such thing or even remotely close to joining the band.

"I read something online. It's not true, and I wanna talk about it a little bit," the bassist kicked off. "Sebastian Bach, who was the lead singer from Skid Row - and I still think he should still be in Skid Row, and I've talked to all of them about that many times; they just can't along - he says that Motley Crue wanted him to replace Vince Neil."

Nikki then went straight to the point, "And I'm just gonna say right now that is absolutely not true."

After explaining that he was very close with Skid Row guitarist Dave "the Snake" Sabo at the time, the bassist explained that such a proposition is definitely something he would remember.

"I don't know where Sebastian got this. I think maybe Sebastian wanted to be in Motley Crue and just forgot to tell us that he wanted to be in Motley Crue when we were looking for a singer. Which I don't think we would have taken him anyway, just because of our friends from Skid Row."

Sixx also ruled out the possibility of alcohol being involved in the whole story, seeing that everyone apart from Neil was sober at the time, which was interestingly enough one of the key reasons behind the rift with the singer. "Sebastian Bach was never part of this master plan, that's for sure," he concluded. "So I want people to know that."

Bach instantly responded with a lengthy Facebook post, saying that Nikki needs to have his memory refreshed.

"Well, it's not every day you wake up to one of your childhood heroes calling you a liar," he said. "Either that, or Nikki Sixx's memory needs some serious 'refreshing.'"

After a rant about his surprise of the importance Twitter has for music websites, Bach stressed that "it's not every day that your hero asks you to join his band."

"This was not just a simple offer to 'join a band,'" he said. "I rehearsed with the band. I spoke to their management on the phone days later about Nikki's offer. It was a big deal involving record companies, management companies, and all sorts of business dealings.

"Maybe Nikki doesn't remember that day. But I find it hard to believe that I would spend a day rehearsing with the band, at their official rehearsal hall, do the set with them, in front of their whole road crew, and Nikki doesn't remember this?"

Check out Bach's full post here.

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    I would've loved to hear that, I like Vince's voice, especially in his prime. Still it would've been interesting with Bach.
    ok first off this would have been back in the 90s so what's the point now??? Secondly we all remember how messed these guys were in the late 80s early 90s so its not far off to think these guys don't remember a damn thing. either way if they did jam there would be some recording or correspondence regarding this somewhere wouldn't you think??
    Not that this is really important or all that interesting... but if Bach actually rehearsed with the band I'm confused as to why Nikki would deny this story. I love me some Bach but both he and Nikki need to shut up and get humble.
    Baz posted a video interview with Nikki, confirming the rehearsals, on his FB page. I think Bach is upset because Nikki denied it, not because his ego demands attention.
    Conflict and drama, exactly what gives a musician attention before something is released to increase sales (see Queensryche). You have to wonder if some of these are staged conflicts orgranized by PR people behind closed doors... It's getting as bad as old WWF story lines.
    Nikki is most likely right here, I don't know much about Sebastian Bach, but if hes friends with Axl then well.....
    Nikki could be right, but I think I remember reading an interview with them talking about jamming with different singers after Neil and the band parted ways, Bach being included. Then again, maybe my mind needs 'refreshing.'