Nikki Sixx Discusses Motley Crue Farewell Tour Plans

Bassist talks final tour in new interview.

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Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has been speaking to Rolling Stone about the band's farewell tour plans. Sixx notes that he wants the band's farewell shows to be a celebration of their musical past: "Someone said to me the other day, 'Won't you be sad?' I go, 'No, I'd be sad if we were playing half-full theaters and only two band members were in the band.' That would be sad," explained Sixx. "Sad is not taking your final bow in Los Angeles all together as four brothers. I talked to a friend the other day and they were talking about a friend of theirs who passed away. And after the funeral, they had this huge party and everybody was celebrating, drinking and telling stories about this guy and how fun he was and how much joy he gave everybody in life. That's how I feel about Motley Crue. When that day comes, that's what I want: one big f--king huge party to celebrate what we've done, all the good, all the bad, all the in-between. There it is, one big party, one final bow. It's gonna be f--king rad, but we're not there yet. Right now, we got three shows left in Vegas and then we're gonna start looking forward to when we tour next." The bassist also noted that the band, while committed to the idea of retiring, isn’t actively planning when that retirement will take place: "We don't know right now. We said as brothers and a band, that's something we plan on doing sometime in the future, but we're not there yet, so we don't have any idea when. We’re not sitting down right now planning on that."

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    Misleading title, misleading description. Journalistic integrity stripped down to teasing wordplay, only at ultimate-guitar dot com
    Should they have an official farewell show or tour, they would also include Corabi and Maloney to play a few tunes from the albums Tommy and Vince didn't appear on. How much cooler was the Stones tour this year for having Mick Taylor play a few songs?
    Corabi definitely. But I have a suspicion Vince would throw a hissy fit for whatever reason
    When it comes to music there aren't many good things to celebrate.
    I dont really get this. Sure motley has made bad albums but they still have many classic albums with amazing songs. Ofc its a taste thing.
    I congratulate you for having the endurance to stand Vince Neil's voice, one of the most annoying voice tones in the history of rock
    I'd rather listen to Neil than say...John Mayer???...Dave Mathews??? Jason Mraz....shall I continue.....
    Girls, Girls, Girls, Shout At The Devil, Looks That Kill and Dr. Feelgood are the only songs worth listening imo.
    Your utter lack of Kickstart My Heart is disturbing on so many levels.
    I wish they'd just shut up and do it if they're really THAT passionate about going out on top.
    I like Motley Crue as much as the next guy...but realistically...aren't they kind of already washing out? I believe that train has sailed.
    MC has been talking about their farewell tour since forever. Give it up already, the band or the farewell talk.
    This happens every time a band says they're having a farewell tour then like 5 years later they get back together again and play like a two year tour. I know this is off topic but Nickie Sixx was way better in Motley Crue than in his solo career and Sixx AM. Back to the farewell then back together again thing, Motley Crue will probably do that.
    I'm proud of them for having the integrity to stop now. So many bands from that era are in a never-ending cycle of the casino circuit with only one or two of the original members, and it's frankly kind of embarrassing.
    Why the **** did i just have to read that.....i am also planning on 2039...but is that also worthy of wasting everybody's time...NO!!!!!