Nikki Sixx Officially Announces The End Of Motley Crue

artist: Mötley Crüe date: 03/13/2013 category: music news
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Nikki Sixx Officially Announces The End Of Motley Crue
After hinting at a farewell Motley Crue tour in the near future, the group's bassist Nikki Sixx recently went on to discuss further details regarding the whole situation. Although a final tour will definitely be a reality soon, the band will keep themselves quite busy before leaving the music scene. "I wanna finish our movie [adaptation of Motley Crue's New York Times bestselling collaborative autobiography 'The Dirt: Confessions Of The World's Most Notorious Rock Band'] and put out a new album. We'll be back in Australia and, ah, that'll be it. I can honorably say, 'We did it our way and we're never coming back,'" Sixx tells So there will be a new album, a movie with a soundtrack and a farewell tour. That sound like a lot of work and we can clearly see the band wants to go out in style. But according to the bassist, there won't be as much as a slight chance for Motley Crue to ever come back, which is not easy for him to take. "It's important that when you do a farewell tour that people understand that when you put a bullet in the back of the horse's head, and it goes down, it's not a plastic bullet it's a f--ing shotgun blast. You know, blow its f--ing brains out, it's never coming back. It has to [be that way]. It's the only way I can look at myself in the mirror and do a farewell tour. That's it. So when we take our final bow, it's IT. I will cry. I cry thinking about it." Sixx went on to stress the importance of Motley Crue in his life, saying that he has a greater bond with the band than with his own family. "I love this band. I f--ing spent my life doing this band. I've been doing this band longer than I've been doing anything else. And I've been in this band longer than I've known any woman, longer than I've known my children - only my family, and I have a closer relationship with my band than I have with my family, and a rockier relationship with my band than I've had with anybody in my family as well." "So it's very emotional and I just think it's important that we finish what we started and then, you know, it will be whatever it will be. It could be beautiful. It could be a beautiful ending! When you go and see a great movie - I'll leave you with this: when you go and see a great f--ing movie and it ends and you go, 'F--!' like, you walk out and you go, 'That was amazing! That blew my mind!' It's not like, 'That blew my mind and, um, maybe there'll be a sequel to it'." As far as the new record goes, the band has released a new single "Sex" in July 2012, with both Sixx and guitarist Mick Mars supposedly having "a ton of riffs" at their disposal. However, no further details have yet been revealed. So this really seems like the end of Motley Crue. Do you think they are making a right decision here? And how do you see the entire situation? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.
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