Nikki Sixx Wants to Work With Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins

date: 04/15/2013 category: music news
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Nikki Sixx Wants to Work With Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins
Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx is currently "exploring uncharted territory" while working on the new Sixx: A. M. release with singer James Michael. And it would seem that the band is in need of a new drummer, with Sixx himself already having an idea of who he would like to hire. Bassist's drummer of choice turns out to be Foo Fighters' very own Taylor Hawkins. In a recent tweet via his official account, Sixx gave Hawkins somewhat of an invitation, calling him one of his favorite drummers. "I really would love Taylor Hawkins to play drums on some new Sixx: A. M. tunes. One of my favorite drummers. What about you?" Since the Foo Fighters are supposedly busy working on a new album, we're not sure whether the drummer could spare some time to join Sixx in the studio, but it definitely sounds like an interesting idea. As far as Motley Crue goes, the group is planning to go out in style with a new album, a farewell tour and even a movie. According to Sixx, the band feels like they shouldn't "beat a dead horse" and end their career while still on top of the game. "Motley Crue has been the core of our life. It's been the reason we have anything at all. The four of us made Motley Crue, and the four of us want to leave it in a way that we feel proud, and not be one of these bands, where we're sitting around going, 'Why are those guys doing that? There's two versions of that band? Why are they doing it? The lead singer is dead. Why are they touring?' We don't ever want to be like that," the bassist tells MSN. "Through the years we talked about when we're absentee, let's call it. Leave it where everyone's like, 'That was an awesome experience.' We can always forever feel proud about that. We're not there yet. We're going up to Canada. We're doing shows. We're writing music. We're getting everything in line for the movie. We're cool. Don't freak out yet."
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