Nine Inch Nails Release Tour Documentary

The band reveals details behind their huge comeback in 2013.

Ultimate Guitar

Nine Inch Nails have released a tour documentary video, telling the story of the lead-up to the band's first show since Trent Reznor reactivated the project.

As AntiMusic notes, in February he announced NIN were coming back with new album Hesitation Marks. But the road from recording to performing was a bumpy one and in part one of the chronicle, below, there's plenty of thrills and spills as Reznor and his band gear up for their appearance at Fuji Rocks in Japan earlier this year.

The mainman explains what he wants to achieve with the live show: "My goal is that it's almost a film where it starts off one way and, not only musically but visually, evolves into something that keeps your attention makes it feel like a journey from one place to another."

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    Just 10 years ago, Nine Inch Nails (Nine Inch Nails) debut album "Pretty Hate Machine" sleepy at that Time the music business give appropriate to roll the stone electric shocks, still above the world so intense stimulation, although is leading the vanguard of the electronic music agitation, the soul of the Nine Inch Nails - Trent given his (sichuan treynor) to reconnect turneth the edge of the circuit for the mainstream market, to win the Time Time magazine as "one of America's most influential figures," Spin sent him is a famous music magazine "contemporary music's most critical important artist". Won The grammy for sure nine inch nail in century inheritance, for individuals and injections of growth hormone, music again five-year milestone album [The Fragile Fragile , music publication of authority - The Alternative Press (Alternative) will this pair of CD album without hesitation column names as "The most anticipated in recent 10 years album", after 2 years of fiction recording, exciting, colorful heart The music of The ripples, once again back to The soup with a rigorous exquisite craftsmanship. Since The 94 album "The Downward Spiral" launched five years, sichuan has always refused to make music tide a mamma, published in The October 99 album [The Fragile Fragile break established pattern of music, full music structure, exquisite exquisite melody woven into incongruous noisy space, and without warning into a symphony of string in The world, and then cut into another realm, extract a different melody. Sichuan, one hand control sound back to The harmony of seismic waves and lead singer voice, In order to capture The song to The mood and atmosphere, pervaded The feel of The context of The movie making as film footage of The hearing after induction, noise and tonal pop "The Day The World Went Away" (light In August 99 by radio on demand rate of stroke In The first week of The Billboard pop singles chart 17), and The fierce force modern rolled The stone list of TOP 10 singles "We 'r e In This Together" is a typical sense of rhythm twists and turns.
    matteo cubano
    Saw them at Lolla, people who don't like Nails would've still loved it. It wasn't just a concert, it was a show. One of the best live shows I've ever seen, a spectacle.