Nine Inch Nails Release Tour Documentary

artist: Nine Inch Nails date: 09/04/2013 category: music news
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Nine Inch Nails Release Tour Documentary
Nine Inch Nails have released a tour documentary video, telling the story of the lead-up to the band's first show since Trent Reznor reactivated the project.

As AntiMusic notes, in February he announced NIN were coming back with new album Hesitation Marks. But the road from recording to performing was a bumpy one and in part one of the chronicle, below, there's plenty of thrills and spills as Reznor and his band gear up for their appearance at Fuji Rocks in Japan earlier this year.

The mainman explains what he wants to achieve with the live show: "My goal is that it's almost a film where it starts off one way and, not only musically but visually, evolves into something that keeps your attention makes it feel like a journey from one place to another."

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