Nine Inch Nails Reveal 'Tension' Concert Album, Confirm Spring Release

Last month's full 90-minute HD show available inside.

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Bringing you a part of the atmosphere from their latest "Tension" tour, Nine Inch Nails have unveiled a full 90-minute HD performance filmed last month in LA. The concert clip comes as an announcement of a Blu-Ray/DVD and digital release tentatively scheduled for spring of 2014. Rumored to be coming on April 8, the album will feature "tons of extra content," 5.1 surround sound and more. As for the show itself, the performance took place at LA's Staples Center on November 8. Full setlist is also available, make sure to check it out below. The latest NIN studio effort, "Hesitation Marks," saw its release on September 3 via Columbia Records. As the band's eighth studio record, the album landed at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart with 107,000 units shipped in the US within the first week. "Tension" track listing: 01. Copy of A 02. March of the Pigs 03. Piggy 04. All Time Low 05. Disappointed 06. Came Back Haunted 07. Sanctified 08. In Two 09. The Big Come Down 10. The Hand That Feeds 11. Head Like a Hole 12. Even Deeper 13. While I'm Still Here 14. Hurt

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    They cut out quite a few songs from the list. Wish they didn't cut out Find My Way, and Various Methods of Escape. The complete set list of that show is as follows: 1 - Copy of A 2 - 1,000,000 3 - Terrible Lie 4 - March of the Pigs 5 - Piggy 6 - All Time Low 7 - Disappointed 8 - Came Back Haunted 9 - Find My Way 10 - Various Methods of Escape 11 - The Frail 12 - The Wretched 13 - Sanctified 14 - In Two 15 - The Big Come Down 16 - Survivalism 17 - Running 18 - A Warm Place 19 - Somewhat Damaged 20 - Wish 21 - The Hand that Feeds 22 - Head Like a Hole -Encore- 23 - Satellite 24 - Even Deeper 25 - In this Twilight 26 - While I'm Still Here 27 - Hurt
    The lack of Closer is... actually kinda nice. Love the song, but I'm glad it isn't always being played. Now what I would LOVE to see is "All That Could Have Been" in there.
    matteo cubano
    i'd like to see more from the fragile. including the fragile.
    Other shows were fairly Fragile-heavy. I was at the San Antonio show and there they played Into The Void, The Frail/The Wretched, Somewhat Damaged, and Even Deeper. On a just as awesome note, that was also the live debut of All The Love In The World from With Teeth.
    I love how they share their talent with their fans for free. I always love them for that.
    They played 28 songs on that gig, i think that the 14 tracks are only the preview from vevo, the official release may have more songs. hopefully
    Almost every era of NIN had a dvd release of the tour. I was sad that the Year Zero tour didn't get a dvd release...don't know why. Can't wait for this one!
    I know! There was supposed to be a TV show for HBO that they were developing around the concept of the album. Bummer that all the projects surrounding that album ended up getting abandoned.
    only 14 song.... is it a joke ?
    Thrice Capades
    90 minutes of NIN is like 24 hours of any other band. But I hear ya, they played 31 songs when I saw the Wave Goodbye tour.
    The actual physical release on BD/DVD is going to have more songs on it.
    I hope so, they skipped a few super awesome ones like Survivalism or 1,000,000. Trust me, I'm surprised I didn't have a seizure at the show I went to lol
    It's a sample of the live Blu-Ray that's coming out. It's only 90 minutes of the show. The actual Spring release will have the full concert.
    you know-i was super stoked they were going to play this song on the tension tour. and maybe it is just me, but i hated it. instead of these dark background atmospheric noises, and badass bass line it sounded like a happy version of this song. i dug hesitation marks, but i do not dig the "hesitation marks" version of this sanctified. the bass line is played in some other happier sounding key. it just really took away from this song and what it means to me personally.
    I agree with you. They completely ruined it. They actually ruined most of the show with those shit backup singers. I guess I'm just stuck in the past with them. The whole show over-all is just way to happy for what I expect from them. Which is weird because for the most part, Hesitation Marks felt pretty dark and felt like classic NIN. Oh well, it's cool that they released it for free and even better for those who enjoy it.
    I thought the backup singers were a nice addition to the stage show, and I loved the new version of sanctified
    I saw the show in Calgary. I've always enjoyed NIN, and I appreciate that Reznor's trying some new things, but backup singers and a saxophone just seemed so odd. And the disco version of sanctified. Or maybe I'm getting old. Reptile, Even Deeper were well done and was glad to have seen them.
    I am just so looking forward to see more behind the scenes footage of how they come up with sets like this. Hope there is tons of inspiring stuff like this on the BD/DVD set.