Nine Inch Nails To Return With King Crimson Singer

Trent Reznor wants to reinvent the NIN lineup for a comeback tour this summer, recruiting King Crimson singer Adrian Belew on guitar and Eric Avery of Jane's Addiction among others. What other surprises might he be planning?

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Trent Reznor has confirmed that Nine Inch Nails will return this summer with an new lineup.

Reznor put the band on hold in 2009 so he could focus on scoring movie soundtracks like "The Social Network". Since taking a hiatus, he's also booted up a new musical project with his wife and Atticus Ross, How To Destroy Angels.

Now Trent has the itch to return and reinvent what NIN is all about.

"I was working with Adrian Belew [of King Crimson] on some musical ideas, which led to some discussion on performing, which led to some beard-scratching, which (many steps later) led to the decision to re-think the idea of what Nine Inch Nails could be, and the idea of playing a show," said Reznor (via Pitchfork). "Calls were made to some friends, lots of new ideas were discussed, and a show was booked - which led to another, which somehow led to a lot of shows."

He says the band is "reinventing itself from scratch" and will introduce several new members: Eric Avery of Jane's Addiction, Adrian Belew of King Crimson and Josh Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv. Two former NIN collaborators will return to the fold, namely Alessandro Cortini and Ilan Rubin.

Meanwhile, Reznor will release the debut How To Destroy Angels album "Welcome Oblivion" on March 5.

Can you imagine what a reinvented NIN would look like? Share your predictions in the comments.

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    Belew is a beast on a guitar and came up with some crazy ideas with King Crimson. Now pair that with Trent Reznor? This is going to be epic.
    I've been saving up for this since he went on this hiatus and it's looking like I won't be disappointed. I cannot wait to see what a reinvented NIN looks like.
    It's pretty much the height of stupidity for a guitar-oriented website to describe Adrian Belew as "King Crimson singer".
    You beat me to it. As a Crimso fan since 1974, IMHO Belew's singing is at the bottom of the barrel which includes Greg Lake, Gordon Haskell, Boz, John Wetton (hmmm bizarre, all bass players). I've always thought Belew tries a bit too hard to make his singing 'weird' or 'out there' and comes off like a poor substitute for David Byrne of the Talking Heads. Now, as a guitar player I give Ade 4 stars...incredibly imaginative, an amazing soloist, and who else could keep up with Robert Fripp in 25/4 while singing??? OK, maybe he deserves more props as a singer after all, but I hope his contribution to NIN is primarily as a guitarist.
    He kinda was the "King Crimson singer"...
    He was also the guitarist. His roles as both vocalist and guitarist are arguably equally important. The Discipline era's sound just wouldn't have been the same without the interplay between Fripp and Belew's guitars, and Belew's guitar sounds. More importantly, I expect Belew will be brought into NIN more as a guitarist than a vocalist, so the fact that he was a guitarist for KC is arguably more important to this article than the fact that he was the singer.
    Exactly. referring to Belew as merely "King Crimson singer" is like calling David Gilmour "Pink Floyd singer".
    I get your point. It would be akin to labeling Dave Mustaine as Megadeth's singer. While it may be technically true, I don't think that's what people think of first when the names Mustaine or Belew come up.
    Awesome! People don't seem to realise that this isn't actually a new pairing, but it's still exciting. Belew was on The Downward Spiral, the Fragile and Ghosts I-IV... but I don't think in as much of a capacity as he seems to be now.
    Wow, I never knew that. I got into NIN before I knew who KC was.
    As did I, funnily enough It was only while getting super into the Krim that I found out that Ade had already worked with NIN... but I think that's as a guest musician rather than as full time member. I certainly don't think he went on tour with them.
    I was going to post this same thought re: Belew collabs with NIN in the past.
    Omg this will be so awesome. Hopefully Belew will tour with him.
    If he doesn't, then the entire world will be disappointed. Even people who haven't heard of Nine Inch Nails or King Crimson.
    Eric Avery.. nice. Can't wait to see what he brings to the table.
    that was my favorite part of this news.... i mean im stoked NIN is back. But to hear avery was gonna be part of it blew my mind!!!
    Dave Grohl on Drums pls, With Teeth was awesome
    news to grohl fanboy - we don't need to have grohl involved with every music project in the world
    Grohl fanboyism aside... With Teeth was ****ing amazingly great... and so was Dave's drumming.
    Hyacinth House
    With Teeth was awesome, I'm not even a grohl fan boy, but With Teeth has some amazing drumming on it just give credit where credits due
    Mr Brownst0ne
    although his inclusion does usually make things better by a factor of 37000.
    If you call loud and overbearing drumming better.....
    To be fair, that is more of the studio engineer's mixing than Dave...
    false, good drummers sound good and can control their own dynamics. thats why bonham was so sick.
    This won't be the last bit of news. At NAMM, I asked Tony Levin if Adrian was even going to show up this year, and he said he didn't know. Then Belew announced last-minute that he was flying in to do a press demo for Digitech on Saturday morning. When I asked Adrian why things had been so hush-hush, he said it was because he was starting with Reznor on this the following Monday. Then he told me to keep it a secret until it was officially announced. He told me other secrets, too (he can bench 50 lbs).
    Belew's already played with NIN, he recorded a few guitar parts on the Downward Spiral, Fragile, and Ghosts I-IV albums. Still, it's exciting to think of what a full NIN album with his playing on it could sound like.
    Holy Shit! Eric Avery! That is awesome! Twiggy brought something different and Eric will definitely add a new flavor... His Help Wanted album was sooo.underrated. I look forward to this... Every NIN tour is different and special as much as his line ups... Robin Fink and Freese were excellent... But Belew and Avery should really change it up... In a great way.
    Wasn't Adrian's guitar playing all over Ghosts I-IV? No idea what you guys are fighting about. If anything, I'm more offended they left out his contributions to Frank Zappa's band.
    Stop asking for other drummers, have you heard Rubin play, the man is easily one of the best drummers alive today. Also, NIN are back, **** yes! With Belew! Fuck yes!
    Crap. I got scared for a moment, thinking the King Crimson guy would actually be the new NIN vocalist.
    I adore Adrian Belew and King Crimson. Never had any interest in Nine inch nails. If Belew is involved though then I'll check this out.