Nirvana Fans Asking For Reunion Tour

Fans have been banding together to ask Nirvana's surviving members to play either a one-off show or a full-scale tour in memory of the late Kurt Cobain.

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It's been almost 18 years since the death of singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain effectively put Nirvana to an end. But now, fans on Facebook have been banding together to ask its surviving members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl to play either a one-off show or a full-scale tour in memory of their late singer/guitarist.

While the reunion has not yet been officially confirmed, the Facebook page claims that there have been rumors of a Nirvana reunion with a new singer/guitarist have been floating around for a while, and that a NCA a Russian concert agency booking at least two reunion shows for them in Russia, one in Moscow and one in St. Petersburg. In order to make the reunion happen, NCA asks fans to vote for the Nirvana reunion shows by clicking "+1" and if either or both shows get 10,000 votes, they might consider booking them.

The fans are suggesting Wes Scantlin (Puddle Of Mudd), Brett Scallions (Fuel) and Ryan McCombs (Soil and Drowning Pool) as possible replacements for Cobain as well as musicians who has "a singing voice that sounds like Kurt or someone who plays left handed like him". They want a Nirvana reunion so they can "save grunge once again" and note that they are the only band of the Big 4 (featuring Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden) not active and that they deserve to do it with "someone who can be as good as Kurt Cobain".

Not only are the fans suggesting a reunion shows, but they are also suggesting the band to record a brand new studio album and film the shows on a live DVD. Nirvana released their last album "In Utero" in September 1993, just about seven months before Cobain killed himself in his Seattle home. The follow-up to their 1991 multi-platinum record "Nevermind" entered the Billboard 200 chart at number one and spawned the singles "Heart-Shaped Box" and "All Apologies". The has been certified five times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, and has sold over four million copies in the United States alone.

After Cobain's death, a number of posthumous releases have been issued from the band, which once resulted in a legal conflict between Cobain's widow, Courtney Love, and the surviving members of the band over the release of the song "You Know You're Right", which he wrote for a possible follow-up to "In Utero" and would appear on their 2002 self-titled greatest hits compilation.

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    Elvis Presley should do a comeback tour aswell.
    Cheeseman Jay
    Hang on. I've just looked at the Facebook page. 3 people like it? Hardly the global campaign it's made out to be.
    Cheeseman Jay
    Not the biggest fan of Nirvana, but there's no point in doing this. Kurt WAS Nirvana. They should just respect his memory and leave the band's legacy as it is.
    Completely stupid idea. Kurt Cobain was a soul of Nirvana...
    no doubt, tis' the work of pre-adolescent fans who do not understand the band or its dynamics. Such fans can only be acquired by sodomizing the memory of this great band with miley cyrus covers of slts and guitar hero
    It would be like Queen doing a whole tour without Freddie Mercury it just wouldn't work and should never happen... Oh Yeah
    You just need to look at what has become of Thin Lizzy to know this is pointless.
    Pat Smear lead guitar Krist bass Jason Everman ryhthm guitar Dave Drums But singer? Theres really no one. They are my favorite band, but seeing someone else up there singing his songs would just devastate me more than anything...
    Cakemuncher123 wrote: Put Dave on vocals and guitar and shove Taylor Hawkins on drums.
    Put David on Vocals, guitar and drums all at the same time. He can do it!
    "save grunge once again"?? You can't save what is already dead. Enjoy the music, but leave it alone. That time has past, and half-ass attempts to get it back will be embarrassing failures.
    Other than the great potential for Courtney love to seek attention from this, Dave and Krist don't seem willing to do anything like this for good goddamn reason. It would be more likely (and nice) if Krist could join the Foo Fighters for an instrumental acoustic jam of About a Girl.
    Wait, it's April 1st? It must be. Because that is the only time UG posts joke stories.
    I doubt this tour will happen, but if it does, i want Shaun Morgan from Seether for the job
    I don't think Dave would agree to this. He knows what the legacy of the band means. Right now, the band and its members are looked upon as great but if they tour with another singer/guitarist, it'll be a whole Queen situation(I love Queen). In my opinion, this isn't such a great idea...especially the one about recording a new album what the dick
    I love Nirvana, but they shouldn't get back together with a new singer. Seriously? That guy from Puddle of Mudd as their new singer?
    Maybe in the afterlife. But seriously, Dave would never leave the Foos for a 2/3 Nirvana reunion tour. This would be just like Axl and the G'n'R.
    Iliekgitaz wrote: CobaltRain wrote: I doubt this tour will happen, but if it does, i want Shaun Morgan from Seether for the job I couldn't find the page UG mentioned but I found a facebook page with 88 likes that wanted Shaun to front them.
    Thats 84 more than the page in this article has :/
    IF this happened they should do what queen did with live versions of bohemian rhapsody and what the three Beatles were going to do (before George died) - have the main parts from the master of the track. It's the only way of making it close enough to kurt. Plus, a new album would be ridiculous, like people are saying, kurt was nirvana, a new songwriter would mean a completely different band.
    If anything does happen, which I hope doesn't, it should at least be Dave - Vocals/Guitar Pat - Guitar Krist - Bass Taylor - Drums
    Look at the facebook page. 15 likes. How the **** did UG even find this? It is not worth reporting on. There's a group called "Free Ian Huntley" too, should the BBC be doing a feature on that? While I think about it, why don't websites just feature photographs of literal shit and save me the trouble of using metaphors to describe them?
    Basti95 wrote: It was bad enough when they did it with Alice in Chains (yes, i'm a Layne Staley fanboy) but reuniting Nirvana without the original voice and guitar - not to mention heart and soul - of the band is just stupid.
    I'm a Layne Staley fanboy too and watching Jerry and the gang crank out those incredible songs once again was one of the best things that've happened to me in recent years. You're entitled to your opinion but frankly I found the whining and online petitioning by some people extremely pathetic. I can picture why an "incomplete" band reunion might seem like the most important thing in the world when you're a 13yo kid who sits in his room listening to his favorite record all day with the curtains closed... but I'm pretty sure most Alice fans are a little older than that nowadays Same thing with these guys: if Dave and Krist decide to have some fun and team up for a few cameos, shows or whatever with Dave or some other singer they think worthy of the honor that's entirely up to them. They were in Nirvana, we weren't. "Fans" don't get to veto that, rock journalists don't get to veto that, Courtney Love doesn't get to veto that
    AND i bet courtney love would flare up over this saying they didnt get permisson and the money goes to her
    Wilbo Baggins
    I would like a reunion, but to replace Kurt would be like trying to replace Dimebag Darrell (Pantera), it cannot be done, but a close friend to only fill in would be great.
    just no. would be nice to see Dave and Krist performing together, but I think the greatest thing on Nirvana was Kurt Cobain.
    how bout they tour WITHOUT a singer/guitarist that way they dont have some "sound alike" trying to copy Kurt's singing
    "Reunion" has the point of getting all the band members together...HOW THE FUCK CAN NIRVANA DO THIS? this idea is stupid as ****!
    what about pat on guitar and dave singing...i mean he doesnt sound exactly like KC but he sounds good anyway. listen to their live when he takes backing vocals
    Something cool too would be to have a Nirvana tribute concert, with bands like the Meat Puppets, Dinosaur Jr, Soundgarden, ect. playing Nirvana songs..
    I love Nirvana, and as much as I'd like to see it happen, there's no way in HELL that it's going to. Dave and Krist would not do it. If I could share my opinion though, Shaun Morgan would be the best vocalist for the job, if it were to happen.
    xwf wrote: Wait, it's April 1st? It must be. Because that is the only time UG posts joke stories.
    I'm fairly sure this is a hoax/joke, especially the bit about recording a new album
    wait?!? Is this a lost "April Fools Day" article? Jesus, why even report on this shit. Listen, UG, I understand that a lot of your readers are Nirvana fans but c'mon now!
    Shaun Morgan's the only person who should do it. Their Nirvana covers sound exactly like the original.
    famous cow man
    what they should do is have a series of guest performers from the 90s to sing the songs so it wouldnt seem as much of a permanent thing, that way it would be more like a tribute rather than a reunion.
    GrungeHippie26 wrote: Pat Smear lead guitar Krist bass Jason Everman ryhthm guitar Dave Drums But singer? Theres really no one. They are my favorite band, but seeing someone else up there singing his songs would just devastate me more than anything...
    They should just get grunge guest singers, Weiland, Cornell would be good and friends of Grohl and Krist who they think would be appropriate. Wouldn't be that bad. Everyone knows Nirvana was kurt's creation, no-one can take that away from him... no matter how hard Courtney Love tries.
    Even just outraged at the suggestion of a new album...I'm normally not one to shoot suggestions down in flames but thats like taking Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins. It really can't be done under Nirvana legacy, as Cobain WAS (with some acceptions to other songs, due to the co-writing of Grohl and Novoselic) the prime and soul writer of Nirvana. All attempts of this album could potentially be fitting musically and as a tribute but would act as a stain on an otherwise traditional legacy. On a side note very simular to the circumstances regaurding Alice In Chains, However DeVull does do it justice and Cantrell is still the lead and otherwise fantatsic composer
    Bad idea. Dave Grohl is off doing big stuff now, Krist Novoselic is a small time city politician, and Kurt is dead.
    You know, I could deal with Krist or Dave playing some Nirvana covers live with their own bands or so, maybe joining each other on stage for a cover or so... But to call it a reunion of Nirvana would be foolish. An album, a whole tour, a "reunion concert" or so is all bullshit. Play some songs with your own group, call it a tribute to Nirvana and downscale the whole thing, anything else just will look like a bad attempt at earning a lot of money. Oh yeah, and besides, the ONLY person i could see singing Nirvanas songs live for a reunion concert would be Dave Grohl. I'm aware he's the drummer, but I have a hard time seeing anybody take the frontman job when they really haven't got anything to do with the band.
    You hear that? That's the sound of the barrel being scraped... Thanks for this important information UG, it has really enriched my life.
    Hmmm, maybe grohl on vocals and guitar, chad channing on drums.... but no new album, kurt WAS nirvana, i'd be hesitant about seeing the lineup i just recommended.
    even if only half of the article is true ... why should they do reunion shows in russia?!