Nirvana Guitarist Work On Germs Film

artist: Nirvana date: 01/11/2007 category: general music news

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Nirvana Guitarist Work On Germs Film
Former Nirvana and Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Smear is to act as musical director of new film which tells the story of his former band and US punk legends The Germs. The Germs were a massive influence the likes of Green Day and the movie focuses on the life of singer Darby Crash. According to the film's Myspace page, the movie, to be called "What We Do Is Secret", will show "the birth of punk rock in Hollywood and the rise of hardcore". More specifically, the film "starts with Darby creating the concept of The Germs in 1975 and end with his death in 1980. Through this perspective, this movie will show the birth of punk rock in Hollywood and the rise of hardcore". "ER" star Shane West will play Crash and Rick Gonzales will play Smear, who played guitar in the band. LA natives The Bronx will play the city's punk legends Black Flag in the movie. The film is currently in the editing stage, and although no release date has been announced, it is believed it will premiere at 2007 Sundance Film Festival, which takes place between January 18 and 28 in Utah. Thanks for the info to
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