Nirvana Mural Unveiled in Kurt Cobain's Hometown

Beats the ugly statue, that's for sure.

Ultimate Guitar

A new mural honoring grunge icons Nirvana was recently presented in Kurt Cobain's hometown of Aberdeen, Washington.

Created by local artist Erik Sandgren, the piece is set for dedication and celebration on September 20, Seattle Pi reports.

As the artist noted, the 68-foot-long mural is meant to illustrate what influenced Nirvana, as well as the group's influence on popular culture.

"The mural really had to be about Nirvana as a group - about the miracle of their music as a confluence of many people, strands and influences," Sandgren stated.

Most would agree that the mural serves Nirvana better justice than the controversial crying Kurt statue unveiled back in February. You can check out the mural here.

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    They did it again! First the humongous sculpture and now a terrible mural.. Why?
    Yeah . I have to say. This is great and everything. But his hometown is defiantly using him as a tourist attraction
    Yeah, this won't be defaced as quickly as someone with the same mindset as Kurt can make their way to Aberdeen.
    Even Dave Grohl alley here in Warren, Ohio got vandalized not too long ago and it actually looks good
    Am I missing something here? I'm from Shithole Aberdeen and the statue of kurt has been here for YEARS. A long time now. It was also already on the news back in like '98 or '99. What gives???
    На Русских сайтах эту новость почему-то не найдешь
    Smiling Alien
    Большая редкость увидеть тут коммент на русском
    I wish people would have translated before down voting you. I'm actually surprised that I do not see more Russians on this site. Isn't UG based out of Russia?