Nirvana Performs With Joan Jett and Lorde at Rock Hall Induction, Footage Surfaces

An interesting detail - Courtney Love huggs Dave Grohl. St. Vincent and Kim Gordon also featured in the performance.

Ultimate Guitar

Nirvana was officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night (April 10) in Cleveland as surviving members took the stage for a four-track set.

Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear were joined by a female all-star team of vocalists, featuring Joan Jett, Lorde, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth and St. Vincent.

Each of the singers performed one song with the band - Jett kicked off the show with "Smells Like Teen Spirit," followed by Gordon and "Aneurysm." Clark was up next to deliver "Lithium," and Lorde wrapped it all up with "All Apologies."

The band was inducted by Michael Stipe of R.E.M. Courtney Love accepted the award and held a speech, saying how she wishes Kurt Cobain was present to feel the vibe. In an interesting segment, Love can be seen hugging Grohl and Novoselic, possibly hinting at an end of a lengthy feud. Check out the clips below for a piece of atmosphere.

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    Courtney Love and Dave Grohl are no longer fighting... in related news, Ultimate Guitar has announced that they have run out of stories to report.
    Shit, especially now that Kiss is finally inducted too.. I guess there will just be a million Dave Mustaine articles.
    "In an interesting segment, Love can be seen hugging Grohl and Novoselic, possibly hinting at an end of a lengthy feud." I like it if the feud between Courtney and Dave has finally finished.
    I always thought of it as less of a feud and more of a series of unprovoked Grohl-disses from Courtney.
    I think Courtney certainly did more than either Dave or Krist to keep the feud going, but the guys did their share as well.
    I think she said something along the lines of the hatched being fully buried during her speech!
    Really hope Gordon's version of Aneurysm is floating around somewhere, would really love to hear it. Nonetheless, Joan Jett, Lorde and Clark were all awesome.
    It's supposed to be broadcast on HBO at the end of the month, whatever that means. I imagine it would be most of the set. should be easy to find soon.
    I like Annie Clark version the best. Lorde did fine, she took her own turn on things, but I liked it
    Wasn't big on Lorde, though like her music and voice, it sorta grows on you. And, take this how you may, guys, but Joan Jett blows. She made SLTS's lyrics sound much cornier than they should, similar to her own songs. Bottom line is I'm really happy for Dave, Krist, Chad, Pat, and of course Kurt.
    I love seeing Dave thrashin' out Nirvana songs behind a kit! Awesome!
    I'd love to see a quality clip of Kim Gordon performing with Nirvana "Aneurysm".
    some Nirvana fans would probably kill me for saying this... I'd give my left nut and $5000 bucks to see/hear Courtney Love perform with these guys and do a nirvana tune.
    Annie Clark did the best out of all the ones i watched but wheres the video for Aneurysm?
    I wish I could mute the vocals. It does feel really good to hear Dave revisiting those drum parts. Shivers down the spine.
    They should've told Courtney they wanted her to sing on a song and then started playing Foo Fighters' I'll Stick Around.
    This sucks man, not that I have a problem with any of these performances. I think its good for the surviving members to celebrate their hard work. But as I'm watching these I can't help but feel so sad that Kurt isn't up there singing his songs. Tear jerking really...
    That bass-sound from SLTS is still freaking awesome... Kirst still got it
    By the way, I was there... and it was awesome. And they also played a full set list at a Brooklyn bar after the show last night. I really hope they do more of this.
    I like that they're not trying to replace Kurt with a sound-a-like, but I would've loved to see Dave on vocals and Chad on drums for In Bloom
    I wish i could say, that I played with Nirvana at the age of 17, Lorde did a good job!
    Funny how you guys trash all the women that performed with Nirvana. Do you think you could have done a better job. They all did a great job and brought their own uniqueness to the songs. I hate it when aho's run their mouths behind their computers. Clearly the people in attendance would disagree with most of you. Did you not hear the applause. At least all these women had the balls to honor Kurt and Nirvana instead of bitch like a bunch of wimps on a message board.
    Well, I doubt anyone here was invited to perform with them.
    I'm so damn tired of the same old bullshit response of "you're not allowed to dislike something unless you can personally do it better". Fuck that. I'm not a gourmet chef, but I have every right to bitch about a poorly cooked steak at a restaurant. I'm not a professional, platinum-selling, touring musician either, but I have every right to be disappointed with a sub-par performance. People who use that bullshit response to criticism are just fanboys who can't think of a proper defense (which happens a lot when criticisms are completely justified).
    I have no complaints, but yeah, I personally could have done a couple of those songs better.
    So smart of the Nirvana crew to not pick a male singer for these songs. Yes, Wes Scantly of Puddle of Mudd ~OR~ Shaun Morgan of Seether could have sang these songs and make it resemblant of Kurt Cobain's voice, but then you end up doing too much comparing of the two males singers. These female singers truly rocked and were able to stay true to the Nirvana theme. I loved it and can't wait for the HBO clips to surface.
    I think Wes Scanty's voice is dead. I saw a puddle of mudd concert a while back and he sounded terrible.. All that screaming is hell on your throat over time
    Modern mainstream culture is such a circle jerk, Lorde? Come on guys, come on
    She was actually one of the better singers of the four. Kim Gordon on the other hand, despite all the "street cred" was unbearable!
    Kurt's family chose to have her up there playing with them.
    I don't see why I got a downvote. They actually DID have Lorde come in and sing. And Dave and Krist wanted her up there too. They chose all of the people who went up there and performed with them.
    Interesting. I like the Joan Jett and Kim Gordon inclusion, but I'm wondering how Lorde and St. Vincent got picked... Not that they or their performances are bad or anything, but as of now Lorde is a one-hit-wonder, and St. Vincent is a newer artist that has nothing to do with Nirvana. Would've been cool if they found two more artists that had a Nirvana connection back in the day to do it instead. Like, what has Lorde done in her career as an electronica pop artist that merits this?
    She turned pop on its head. Wrote lyrics with substance and then got consistent number ones. She has more than one hit song and hasn't had the chance to back up her first album yet to prove or disprove anyones opinions. So shes not necessarily "connected" to nirvana. But if Nirvana was an influence on her growing up, is there any reason she shouldn't be allowed to sing it?
    i heard she actually has a metal and rock background. maybe shes a big fan and was given the chance to sing with them,
    Joan Jett seemed so unenthusiastic.. the rest sounded pretty good though.
    Can someone explain who the hell St. Vincent is and why shes playing with Nirvana? Also was a bit confused as to why Lorde was playing with em. But it's her singing it wasn't bad. Though I am glad to see that Joan and Kim were up there with em. Considering Nirvana and Sonic Youth were both pretty close and Dave, Krist, and Kurt were fans of Joan. Would have liked to've seen Buzz or Black Francis up there though. Since Buzz and Kurt were friends for about as long as he and Krist were. And Kurt was an unbelievably huge fan of Pixies.
    Sorry… Annie Clark is the only one that sounded decent… the other two were flat out embarrassing.
    I have to agree. After reading the comments I see that my opinion isn't popular. Kim Gordon sounded bad. That Lorde girl--whom I have never heard of--sounded ridiculous. Was she trying to sound British? maybe she is?IDK Maybe I am spoiled. Having been around the Seattle scene before the "Grunge" explosion, I guess I took great talent like Nirvana for granted in the late 80s-- well before most people knew who they were. Those were great times!