Nirvana To Tour With McCartney?

After their second live performance there are hints of a full-scale tour, with Krist Novoselic citing David Lee Roth as another candidate for frontman.

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After their second live performance, this time on Saturday Night Live, fans are asking: Will Nirvana and Paul McCartney go on full-scale tour?

There's no official announcement, but HenneMusic reports that if you ask bassist Krist Novoselic, the answer is: "Absolutely."

The surviving members of Nirvana unexpectedly reformed with Paul McCartney and Nirvana's touring guitarist Pat Smear for a 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy benefit concert last week. They opted to write a brand new song, "Cut Me Some Slack", rather than perform any Nirvana or Beatles tracks.

Novoselic would even tour with other classic-era artists, citing the Van Halen frontman as one potential example. "I love David Lee Roth. I would tour with David Lee Roth because I think he's great," Krist said.

"It wouldn't be some oldies review; if we put a band together and we were making music and we felt good about it and there was that passion and that spark I'd do it in a second."

Krist realises some Nirvana fans were disappointed to see the band reunite without late singer Kurt Cobain. To those fans, Krist says: "Who asked you?"

But every band needs a name, and Krist adds that there was fan idea that he liked. "The best was when they called it 'Sirvana' (Sir Paul + Nirvana). I thought that was really good."

Watch the band perform "Cut Me Some Slack" on Saturday Night Live:

What do you think of the potential for a tour with the remaining Nirvana members? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    I'm so happy that nirvana is back. Sorry Kurt but one dude doesn't make a band. See John Frusciante, Eric Averly, Mike Dunston, Jeremy Curtis.....
    You have a chili peppers icon and you don't like JF????? The Empyrean is a MILLION times better than I'm With You.
    the one and only man who would be capable to front "Nirvana" is "Weird Al" Yankovic
    Stop calling them Nirvana for the love of god. Neither Paul McCartney nor David Lee Roth will ever be in Nirvana. Dude, seriously. This is a totally different thing from nirvana.
    Carl Hungus
    I am all for them doing their own thing. Totally cool. But Nirvana would have never come about without Kurt Cobain. He was the PRIMARY songwriter. Nuff said.
    Dude. John Frusciante was the only interesting thing in RHCP. Ok, Flea's cool too, but every solo album by John is a million times more interesting than any Chili Peppers album. And The Empyrean is quite possibly one of the best albums ever recorded. Of course these are only opinions, but now you've heard mine.
    I also disagree. In a 3 piece band, 1 piece is very essential. There's only 4 instruments coming from the band and Kurt was responsible for 2 of them (voice included). It'd be like Rush without Geddy Lee.
    I agree. I immediately thought of Layne Staley and how Alice in Chains is still performing and writing. They're still going pretty strong, despite Layne, the old frontman, not being there.
    I agree. And let's be realistic; they're not going to be able to find a true "replacement" for Kurt, just like Cantrell & Co. can't replace Layne. Fans are going to have to accept that and just enjoy what music they will create. But I definately understand how people feel, some legacies need to be left alone. Which is why they should make new music of their own.
    i always find myself coming back to alice in chains but i also realize that just simply not every band is the same and if they can find a way to make it work then go ahead. people also dont realize that theyre not playing nirvana songs or beatles songs, so its not really even a nirvana reunion its the guys from nirvana and mccartney
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    They wrote touring guitarist Pat Smear in the article.. I don't see how much more clearer they could be.
    Why does UG not realise that Pat was a member of Nirvana, not just a guy who played on tour...
    Hold on... Kurt WAS Nirvana, just like Dave IS Foo Fighters, credit to Grohl for getting past the 'Grunge Ringo' Nickname to be an influential musician in his own right. Therefore, this isn't Nirvana, its the surviving members reforming and treading the boards again. Good luck to em.
    Definitely excited to see the guys and Paul if they do tour. Although Nirvana (I know this isn't Nirvana) will be remembered for Kurt lets remember that Dave is a Rock Genius. Nirvana, Foo, Probot, TCV, Queens of the Stone Age... I mean this guy is like the Golden Goose. He makes it happen and it shines. Kurt may be "Nirvana" but Dave is by far the more talented individual. He'll be in the Hall of Fame at least twice.
    I think it's great that this group of musicians are playing together but I hope they stay away from the Nirvana name... They're known by their own names well enough anyway.
    A tour will never happen...but if these guys really enjoy making music together (and it seems they do) and the songs flow when their together, a one off album would be a gift to everyone!!!
    frehley freak
    F*cking dumb, they DID NOT ask "Are you touring with Paul?"; they asked "Would you like to tour with Paul?" Unfortunately this BullSH*T column was another product of Ultimate-Guitar.
    I'd love the idea of a tour or (hopefully) an album. Cut Me Some Slack is fantastic, let's see what else they can do.
    If it's a different band name, i don't see the problem? Audioslave were Rage without Zack. Three members of one huge band, the singer of another huge band. As someone previously said, they have in no way likened their current presence to Nirvana, they haven't played any songs or called it a reunion. I really dig the whole side and vibe, and am really pleased to see Paul kicking some arse for the first time in a while. Call it something different and what's the problem?? People have done it before. It ain't a Nirvana reunion and the only people saying it is are sensationalist tabloids/websites *ahem...UG...*
    Sir Paul likened their existence to Nirvana when he said at the 12/12/12 benefit concert: "I suddenly realised I was in the middle of a Nirvana Reunion "
    Well, he's old and mental
    Some guys get together and play some songs does it really matter what they call it? Like the songs or don't like the songs but it's not a massive deal.
    Well if u asked me, if they have to tour together, perhaps the three (Krist, Dave, Pat) and Michael Stipe would be a good combination... Kurt's favorite band was REM...
    I'm okay with it, but I don't really like the idea of Paul singing Nirvana songs... I mean, his voice and Kurt's voice are apples and oranges. But if touring means "non-Nirvana" covers/new songs, then I might even go to a concert.
    I wouldn't count on anything happening. Besides obviously Paul couldn't pull off nirvana songs, maybe dumb or all apologies and i wouldn't mind seeing them cover those types of songs. But in essence kurt was nirvana and i think dave respects that and would do anything substantial under that name
    To be fair, Krist isn't exactly the busiest out of the 4. He could end up being Sirvana's version of Steven Adler, always trying to get the others together for a reunion. No diss to Krist though.
    Kurt was half of Nirvana (guitar and vox)so there is none without him. I don't think Dave n Krist would ever brand another band Nirvana
    My mind is still blown about those guys teaming up with Paul McCartney. That's like a dream come true.
    To me, the fact that a former Beatles member finds it fine to jam, record, perform, and maybe even tour with the former members of Nirvana is great news. Why would Kurt's memories be tarnished or affected? Every one knows how important Kurt was and the impact he had. Enough time also has passed, and every one know there cant be another Nirvana. No one can upstage Kurt. This is more like a morph between the members of Nirvana and Sir Paul McCartney. Stop being weirded out by the past. It's new music. Let it be. One more song from these guys is better than no song at all. If it doesn't sound good, don't listen to it. If it sounds good, we are all the more lucky.
    I'd undoubtedly try to get tickets to the nearest show, but David Lee Roth would be rough to sit through.
    Krist realises some Nirvana fans were disappointed to see the band reunite without late singer Kurt Cobain. To those fans, Krist says: "Who asked you?" Who asked us? We're only the people who lined your pockets throughout the years by buying Nirvana's cds and paying to see their gigs while they were around. In all honesty, they should mostly reunite and tour without Kurt just to piss Courtney off
    you bought the cds because he was making good music all these years so he has a right to be pissed if you dont have faith in him
    Plus, this isn't "Sublime with Rome" syndrome, here. If they tour, it's going to be an entirely new thing. They aren't going to call it "Nirvana with Paul" and play Kurt's tunes.
    Yeah, who asked us? It doesn't matter what we think. It's their band, their music, they have the right to do whatever the hell they want with it. If my bands lead singer were to die and i decided to tour with someone else you know what i would say to people who were unhappy about it? Who asked you?
    Course they can do what they want with their band. But you can't expect people who can't picture it working without Kurt to not want to voice their opinion and Krist really should have a better response for them than along the lines of he doesn't care what they think. They're still fans of his band regardless, no need to disregard them just cause their opinion is different to his on touring without Kurt
    Every person has a right to express their opinion, but a band or artist owes their fans nothing creatively. They can be incredibly grateful for the support and money they have given them in their musical journey, but creatively you have absolutely no stakes in a band's output. If you don't like it you won't buy their stuff. Simple as.
    I don't even understand what you mean by saying "they can do what they want with their band." I mean it's not like this is Nirvana. It's just the three guys from Nirvana, they are not calling the band Nirvana. Just like Velvet Revolver isn't Guns N' Roses, it's Velvet Revolver. And why would Krist need to have any other response than the one he truly feels like saying? When a band starts licking their fans asses and giving them the sweet and nice answers they want to hear, do you know what that's called? That's called selling out. Is that what you want from the surviving members of Nirvana? To sell out and, instead of expressing true feelings (also known as creating art), to play just what gives them the biggest dollars? Oh well.
    THIS WAS NOT A FUCKING NIRVANA REUNION. They don't call it Nirvana and didn't play a Nirvana song. Stop using this misleading bullshit headline to get views. Just because those three get together does not mean it's Nirvana, All 3 played on the last foo's album shall we go and rename the Foo Fighters to Nirvana now?
    *radio voice* and here's the new Nirvana record! "I Should Have Known" here on UG Radio, the Ultimate Radio Station for your Guitar needs!
    I pictured that sitting on Songs for the Deaf as one of the radio bits somehow, DJ ignorance and all. hahaha
    That my friend is a fantastic point.
    Thank you, I'ts a shame I had to result to cursing to get it across but this is like the 4th time in a week now and I've commented near the same every single time. Not only is it completely misleading, it's also getting the people involved undeserved hate. Things like the Courtney Love rant probably wouldn't have happened if so called "news" sources didn't keep misleading everyone into thinking that their aim is to reform Nirvana. Most Nirvana fans opposition to the idea of them playing together likely wouldn't have happened either. It's just 4 musicians who wanted to play together and raise some money for people in need while they do it.
    Courtney Love is brainless gutter swine. If she could work enough energy to rub her two brain cells together and produce a COHERENT tweet or comment from time to time perhaps i'd take her a bit more seriously. I get it she was Kurt's girl but clearly she hasn't the intelligent to produce anything that is intelligible... It is painful to see people going to far to make the musicians look bad. It was for a great cause and if they did decide to tour i doubt it would be under the Nirvana name. All parties involved have too much respect for Kurt to do so because that band was really his brain child so to hijack it for profit like that... not something characteristic of any of those guys, especially not Dave.
    Gutter Swine would be a good band/album name. Also thanks for making this point for us all Kinths. Sincerely, Me - Merry Christmas!
    yeah when did the members themselves start calling it a nirvana reunion? Isnt that just media speculation for the most part?
    I can promise you the David Lee Roth comment was a typical sarcastic Krist remark that no one got, just like the old days..
    Hey guys, I don't like Paul being there either, but just so you know, Dave has said thousands of times Nirvana's gone, he'd never replace him because you couldn't. So they wouldn't play Nirvana songs out of respect, Dave wouldn't let them. So that does make at least me feel a lot better about the whole thing.
    Please don't! Kurt's dead... And he was too big a part of Nirvana to replace..
    thats why they made a new song..dave grohl and paul are amazing song writers as well as krist so there is plenty of talent to write new songs.
    They're not replacing him because they're not billing themselves as Nirvana. They're a different thing entirely. Don't listen to UG's bullshit headlines.
    If Sirvana toured, can they still play Nirvana songs? Can Courtney interfere?
    I must say, Im totally digging this. Cool song and cool to see them performing together. But yes, this is NOT Nirvana, just the members of the band reuniting for a side project.
    True awesomeness would come through such a tour. Their performance was great. If Paul doesn't come along and they have to bring Lee Roth would be sad though.
    Who cares who they play with? If you don't like what they do, don't buy it. Dave got to play with Page and JpJ. Now he is getting to play with Sir Paul. That's pretty cool. How many of you would turn down the chance?
    Let's be real here, there's no way Krist was serious talking about David Lee Roth
    Nero Galon
    I agree it shouldn't really be treated as a reunion. And I can't really see Paul singing any of Kurt's stuff. But I think people just need to cut them some slack.
    I will more the gleefully accept this under two conditions: 1. They don't refer to themselves as Nirvana: It's like the Smashing pumpkins on this one - even though Billy calls it "The smashing pumpkins", all it is today is just "Billy & co.". The smashing pumpkins will first REALLY exist again, when D'arcy Wretzky, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlain are back together, and Nirvana will only ever exist again if Kurt comes back, revealing he lived on a remote island for over 18 years... 2. UG, STOP CALLING IT A NIRVANA REUNION! As previously pointed out, it is not Nirvana! So stop calling it that, so you can get traffic! If these terms are fulfilled, then I can easily say my opinion about this project... AWWWWW YEEEEEAAAAAH!
    I liked seeing it as a kind of special thing on the 12/12/12 Benefit and SNL, but I'm not digging the idea of touring it if they just call it Nirvana. But from what Krist said, it sounds like they might not, so who knows?