Nirvana's Novoselic Opens Up: What It Feels Like to Lose Someone Close to Suicide

"Mourning the loss of a loved one who took their own life can be confusing."

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Nirvana's Novoselic Opens Up: What It Feels Like to Lose Someone Close to Suicide

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic talked about losing Kurt Cobain, saying on "I'm Listening" suicide prevention broadcast (via Alternative Nation):

"In 1994, we lost Kurt Cobain to suicide.

"Many people are suicide loss survivors, these are the families, friends, and even bandmates who have lost someone to suicide.

"Mourning the loss of a loved one who took their own life can be confusing. There is pain, anger, guilt, a jumble of emotions that one deals with when surviving a loss of suicide.

"I don't want anyone to go through this.

"Here are the risk factors that could leave a loved one to suicide: experts tell us depression, substance abuse, and any family history of suicide are some of the factors that can lead one to take their own life.

"We need to pay attention to all risk factors, and here’s one I want to point to, being exposed to other suicidal behavior, such that of family members, peers, or celebrities.

"For lack of a better term, this could be referred to as a copycat situation.

"It's hard enough to lose great musicians through suicide, that fans could also think about ending their own lives is just too much. If you are feeling bad and losing hope, please don't forget that every musician is a music fan themselves.

"Everyone, we are all in this together. You are not alone, and I'm listening. There are people that can help you. There is a lot of great music out there to discover as either a fan, a musician, or both.

"There is a lot to live for, the tragedy of a suicide loss survivor is all of the love for the person who took their own life is still there. That love was always there and it shows that suicide is really a waste.

"Don't do it, there is hope. This hope reveals itself and is as simple as every time you turn up the music."

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    True words. Remember, hope can be found everywhere.
    I thought he was killed by that psycho Courtney Love...
    She most certainly had everything to do with Kurt's murder and it seems like everyone is to scared to admit it. I'd do everything to give my child the justice they deserve.
    Too scared? As in there was evidence showing this, but authorities are afraid to arrest her? As in people that loved him know, but are too scared to bring it to the attention of authorities? You're reaching...
    Its easier for weaklings to believe the official story. Just like Oswald killed JFK, 9/11 was not an inside job, etc. Cobain was assassinated and unfortunately that made it easier for a lot of his peers to top themselves later on, after a false precedent of "suicide" had been set by Cobain. 
    That love was always there and it shows that suicide is really a waste.
    He hit the nail on the head there. I lost my best friend in May and I still get overwhelmed by the feeling of somehow reasoning with him not to have done it (which is obviously impossible) because of how big a waste of life it is. Things would've gotten better.
    I did not read any thing about him opening up about kurt it's sad everyone still be leaves  kurt killed his self but miss love only loves herself and we all knew it would end like 
    I don't know, it's easy to say. There are two things what people say and it's either  a) you are fucking selfish blablablabla or  b) there is always hope but hope is nothing in a world when you run out of money and end up on street for example. Or when you become ill that there's nothing left to do. There's not much what's going to happen after that.  Especially when being an adult there is always a breaking point after which there is no return or no reason to be here but that's always a personal decision and should be actually understood and respected. But of course, a teenager going away is probably something which could still be prevented. Some people are very empathic and suffer/experience from history of bad things. These things stick with you no matter what you do. They seem to soak up everything what is happening outside them.  Then, some people are not probably that sensitive and can be considered lucky in this sense and it's very easy for them to say and judge matters in simple way "you just need to be strong" or "yeah, don't be selfish, I had some bad things once".  Because everything in this world is subjective. This is not to be confused with being a cry-baby attention seeker on any level but with deeper understanding of emotions and shit like that. What lacks in Western world especially is that people do not understand how to deal with death, unlike in some Buddhist countries for example. They freak out when someone dies and do not try to even understand. Death is as natural as birth.
    Good for you Krist. These are truly words to live by through hope. Just think of all the people who are going to and still are missing Cobain, Cornell, Staley, Buckley, Weiland, and Bennington. I realize Buckley didn't OD or commit suicide but still that life is through music. Don't waste your life through suicide. People are always there for you. 
    I lost a good friend to suicide last year. I still think about him a lot but the fact that he's no longer here hasn't really sunk in