Nirvana's Original $600 Sub Pop Contract Revealed

See the original one-page document between Nirvana and Sub Pop which offered them only $600 as their first payment to start recording.

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Sub Pop have posted a piece of music history with an image of the original Nirvana record contract.

The 25-year-old document shows how the band were offered just a $600 advance in exchange for a commitment to record three albums with the label. "Six hundred bucks well spent - not that we had it at the time," add the label next to the image on the Sub Pop blog.

Nirvana eventually only released one album with Sub Pop, with the album "Bleach" being snapped up by Geffen records which would go on to release their seminal "Nevermind" in 1991.

The contract dated between 1989 and 1991 lists four Nirvana members - Kurt Cobain, Jason Everman, Chad Channing and Krist Novoselic. Of course, Dave Grohl would go on to sit behind the drum kit in 1990.

Meanwhile, "In Utero" is being released as a special 20th anniversary package in September with over 70 tracks including b-sides and live material.

See the original Nirvana and Sub Pop contract here:

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    If only public Internet were around when Nirvana recorded Bleach so they could've made 8691 dollars and had a great budget for a good recording of the album.
    Thought this was in the journals released ages ago...?
    Jacques Nel
    It's not in the copy of the journals that I have. But could have been released somewhere else. It's impossible to keep track of everything being released by people trying to milk the Nirvana name.