Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' Named Greatest Song of All Time By NME

Journalists name their favorites in new list, Top 5 tracks inside.

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Nirvana's classic "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was officially named the greatest song of all time by NME magazine.

The magazine's past and present journalists worked together to compile a massive Top 500 list soon to be made available online in full.

"Lauded as 'a shock to the system' by NME's reviewer at the time, when it was released as a single it reached Number Seven in the UK charts. Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain quickly grew tired of the track," the article reads, pointing at Kurt's 1993 statement: "I can see it's a good record from a commercial point of view but it's too slick for my tastes."

Back in October 2013, NME dubbed the Smiths' "The Queen Is Dead" the greatest album of all time. Full list of greatest songs is already available in the magazine's digital edition, check out the Top 5 below and share your thoughts in the comments.

NME's Top 5 Greatest Songs of All Time

5. "Last Nite," The Strokes
4. "How Soon Is Now?," The Smiths
3. "I Feel Love," Donna Summer2. "Love Will Tear Us Apart," Joy Division1. "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana

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    Hmmmm, don't quite agree with this list at all...
    Same here. Love the song and Nirvana, but I still find this list pretty much terrible.
    Better than Bohemian Rhapsody??
    I've heard worse songs... but I find it hard to find anyone really likes Bohemian rhapsody
    Are you simple Smigzy?
    With a name like Smigzy he must be simple. I'll admit I dont care for B. Rhapsody, but I certainly do not have a hard time finding people who enjoy it. Very big song.
    I didn't agree with Pringles Ridges being discontinued, but f*ck I have to live with it.
    Accidental Downvote. FFFFF
    I didn't agree with Pringles Ridges being discontinued, but f*ck I have to live with it.
    But really. The raters should've definitely changed that to being Tonight by Ozzy Osbourne , Nutshell by Alice in Chains, and Soul Stripper by Ac/dc for the top 3.
    The song that almost killed metal named 'best song ever' smh
    It almost killed glam metal (thank god)
    Way Cool JR.
    At least Glam metal was around a lot longer than Nirvana. (thank god)
    Way Cool JR.
    Just to clear things up. I'm certainly not happy that Kurt killed himself. I was truly and honestly upset about the news when it first came out. I'm sure he was a great guy, I just couldn't stand his bands music. It's certainly not the way I would like to see a band end it's career.
    hey buddy....not to be rude....but AIC and Soundgarden are back at the top, and not to mention, Pearl Jam never went anywhere, not to mention a slew of bands that could be called grunge. The only thing killed off was the word.
    Saw Pearl Jam less than a month ago, can confirm that they're as good live today as they have ever been. It's hard to believe they're as old as they are with how active they are on stage. (Especially Eddie. Fuck!)
    Glam metal rules!
    No. Motley Crue released a couple good albums in the 80's. Shout and Dr Feelgood. The rest of the glam metal genre in the 80's was spent copying, essentially, the Crue. Before you start bitching about Guns N Roses, they were glam for something like two shows, and none of that "Every Rose" type shit is on any of their albums. Before you say Bowie, Kiss, or pretty much anything else that came before Motley Crue, that's glam rock. Without it, there would not be glam metal. The only exception that comes to mind is Twisted Sister's Under The Blade, which has it's moments, and is generally quite good. But then they went radio friendly, and then they started to become not so good.
    It almost killed thrash metal too. (thank god its alive)
    yeah it really almost killed thrash metal. That whole killed metal statement is old. Metallica was around, Slayer was still doing it's thing. The thrash metal bands that vanished during this time period vanished of their own accord, and many of the best out their formed during this time period. Not to mention a little band named Pantera really started to gain noteriety while Nirvana was still around. But hey, lets continue the stupid statement that Nirvana killed metal, because it's the cool thing to do, when they did the exact opposite by keeping rock floating around, and buying metal time to form some new bands to reload.
    Death Metal also started to get popular around this time too, the second wave of Black Metal was kicking off around this time as well. Besides, Metal has always been on the fringes of society, it was and always will be it's own thing.
    Nirvana tried to kill the metal But they failed as they were smite to the ground
    Last I checked, Kurt Cobain liked Metallica, and only refused to tour with them because he didn't care for GnR and their values. If I remember he showed up at one of their shows. He hated bad music, not metal in general, and there was a lot of bad music out at the time.
    Because metal is the greatest thing that ever happened to music? And it almost killed it because of how good it was.
    Considering Grunge is a hybrid of 70's Heavy Metal and 80's Hardcore Punk. How could something that is essentially half-metal kill metal? Granted the "metalness" of each grunge band varies, some are unmistakably metal even if they chose not to use the term since it had a stigma in 91, others only have a distorted guitar in common with metal. Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Tad and The Melvins definitely fit most of the criteria of a metal band, unless you are a Br00t4lz elitist. Nirvana and Mudhoney are is more punk bands with a metal edge. Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots are more Hard Rock.
    With that kind of attitude, maybe it should have. Not really, but get over it, and remember, what it put the bullet it was glam metal.
    If anything it bred a new gen of Metal in that many of us who thought it was crap, which it was, were even more hellbent on making/promoting real Metal.
    If you want to call that over produced garbage that was popular in the 80s "metal", sure. I'm glad they killed it.
    Way Cool JR.
    Glam/Hair Metal was fun, uplifting and energetic and produced some of the world best guitarists. And brought some cool new advancements to guitars, gear and techniques. So it was a really great period for music and metal IMO.
    People still read NME?
    I don't even know what it is.
    A British magazine with a narrow scope of musicality. Even though I love most of those songs, the very concept of the list is ridiculously arbitrary.
    So then the British version of Rolling Stone?
    Pretty much, they sometimes cover some good stuff, but most of it is either them banging on about The Smiths or repping really shit Indie bands that wish they were The Smiths.