Nita Strauss: The Biggest Lesson I've Learned From Working With Alice Cooper

Be humble, basically.

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Nita Strauss: The Biggest Lesson I've Learned From Working With Alice Cooper

Nita Strauss was recently asked about the top thing she learned from being the guitarist of shock rock legend Alice Cooper.

She told Guitar World: "From Alice specifically, it's about being grateful for what you have.

"I've seen him interact with a lot of people over the years I've been with the band, and he's always so gracious with everyone he meets. He always takes the time and is very welcoming and will listen to everyone's story about the fist time they heard 'Welcome to My Nightmare.'

"He's genuinely happy and grateful and takes all of his fans and the people he meets very dearly. For someone who's been in that position for as long as he has to stay so humble is very inspiring."

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In recent news, Nita unleashed an instrumental track titled "Pandemonium" a while back.

She said about the tune: "[Releasing an instrumental song is] something that's been on my bucket list. All of my heroes are instrumental guys, guys like Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker and Marty Friedman. I never thought I was the caliber of player to put out a song that was just guitar and music, but when Steve [Vai] asked me if I wanted to do a song [for the 'She Rocks' compilation], it was no question in my mind. I was going to jump at the chance."

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    Played golf with him last year. Completely and totally the coolest dude on the planet especially considering what a mega star he is at this point
    Steven, Isn't that our mom calling ?
    I didn't want you to die, but if that's the way that God has planned you... I'll put pennies on your e-eyes, aa-an-nnnd it will gooooo awaaaay... see?
    I can definitely hear some Jeff Loomis in there apart from the influences mentioned. Nice!