No Actual New Songs Written For Either Tool Or APC, Says Maynard

After dismissing chances for a 2013 Tool release, frontman goes even further saying there are "no actual songs" written yet.

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There seems to be lot of confusion going on among the Tool ranks these days. After frontman Maynard James Keenan dismissing any chances for a new release this year for both Tool and A Perfect Circle, drummer Danny Carey gave fans some hope back saying we might be in for a new album in 2013 after all.

And now, Maynard takes his version of the story even a step further. In a recent Spin interview, the vocalist said that there are "no actual songs" written. Although he has been "jamming" with Tool and A Perfect Circle, neither band is close to having actual full songs ready.

"Basically right now it's a lot of ideas. Jamming. There's no actual songs for either project. It's still kind of noodles in a big basket... Lots of noodles, just no dishes", the singer said.

As far as his work with Puscifer goes, the band will be releasing their new EP called "Donkey Punch The Night" on February 19 via Puscifer Entertainment. Apart from two new songs, the release will feature covers of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and Accept's "Balls To The Wall".

According to Keenan, covering these classic tracks was "inspirational" and has made him respect the original artists much more.

"From a production standpoint, it's wonderful exercise of recording the layers to really see what went into making it. I have a lot more respect for the original artists. I enjoyed seeing how they approached their signature vocal arrangement. It was very inspirational."

The latest Tool album, "10.000 Days", was released back in April 2006. On the other hand, we haven't seen a new A Perfect Circle album for almost nine years now.

So what exactly is going on here? Do you think we'll ever get to hear new material from either of the bands? And how do you like the new Puscifer EP? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    *Throws table*
    James Hetfield: "Why did you throw me?"
    i call bullshit maynard is more likely to pull everyone's leg than danny who said they've got tracks already
    i think they will tell us the record came out yesterday and we all missed it already
    I am waiting on Adam for a story to contradict this one.
    I think it would be hilarious is Adam says "We've got a a full double concept album, coming out next week!"
    I'm waiting for one of them to announce their collaboration with Dubstep artists for this upcoming album and their move to a more mainstream sound.
    Diony x
    Confusion will be my epitaph
    As I crawl a cracked and broken path
    Dr Funkenstein
    If he makes it, we can all sit back and laugh
    guy is in three bands... two great and one that sucks. guess which puts an album out every year?
    Even better, they've probably released album after album since 2006 under another name and nobody has even noticed. WE KNOW WHAT YOU'RE UP TO MAYNARD JUST STAHP!
    Remember when they created a whole false title and setlist for what would become Lateralus? I would take anything Maynard says with a grain of salt and a healthy dose of cynicism, since there's always a chance he's screwing with us.
    Puscifer is awesome. I'm excited for this EP. Anybody who says Puscifer isn't good hasn't given them a proper listen.
    Agreed. Some older stuff was decent but Conditions of my Parole was pretty f***** great.
    I think the C is For... EP is my favorite, but partially because I got to see em live when they toured behind it.
    Maynard writes the lyrics after the music is complete, supposedly locking himself in a room in one case for a week and just writing. Not sure how true that it but wouldn't surprise me
    Yeah, Maynard doesn't come into the writing process until the end so there's still a good chance it could come out this year. Danny has already said they're almost done with a 20 minute song.
    It seems to me that everyone in Tool is dedicated to putting out a new Tool record except Maynard. It's really a shame. I love Tool and have eaten up everything they've released but Maynard does have a certain holier than thou aspect to him that I could live without. He says, "Who am I to judge and strike you down?" and then is seemingly one of the most judgmental musicians you hear about. He just seems to think he's better than everyone, and when he's singing for Tool or APC, there's a good chance that he is. So stop dragging your feet and give us something timeless like you're prone to do when not basking in the self-indulgence that is Puscifer!
    Let him dick around, it's not a new iPhone we're waiting for it's a Tool album, it'll come out when he's ready. How do you think they have had so many "perfect" albums, when he's ready to write he will write
    Maybe MJK will read your post and realize he's been doing everything for all the wrong reasons, then come to his senses to put out the album YOU'VE been waiting for.
    Well damn. No need for unpleasantness. I was just pointing it out that it seems to me that the band itself is ready to make the album, and then followed it up with my own opinion on Maynard's attitude which I am entitled to do. I don't pretend to know the man, but I doubt I'm the only one who's ever called his attitude into question. Would he give a damn as to my thoughts? Hell no, and I wouldn't expect him to. Should you care? Probably not. I just posted my opinion as I'm also not the first to do. Cool down man. It's the internet.
    I just wanted to say that my band is not releasing an album this year either. If anyone wants to ask questions about the album we're not releasing I'll be happy to do an interview.
    Shut up Maynard. We ain't falling for your bamboozling run-amuck hoodwinking shenanigans.
    I find it hard to believe that they havn't written a single song in 7 years.
    He means a single full song. They probably have a bunch of ideas floating around but nothing finalized.
    I like how we are given permission to comment at the end of almost all of these articles.
    Also, I'm willing to bet this is the last Tool album. I can't see them waiting another 5-6 years to release a record and still being interested. They'll be old as balls. Enjoy the wait, my fellow companions.
    I hate it... but it makes sense that Tool waits so long between albums. They're immensely more complex than most contemporaries -- it's not like they're blink 182 up there, putting 3 power chords together, whining some awful vocal lines and calling it a record. Every Tool album seems to build on the last. At least they're not doing what Rush did after 2112 and just saying, "you know what, f* it, we're going for radio singles now." (yes, that's oversimplifying and not at all fair to Rush-- just trying to make a point). At least we can never accuse MJK of selling out. Puts him in pretty rare territory. All that being said, make a f*ing record already.
    It's bull. Danny was just interviewed this week by an NZ radio station saying they've got 6-7 songs in the works and are working hard on it for a 2013 release. The end.
    I'm gonna go ahead and predict a new Tool album being released within the next month.
    actually... u CAN accuse him of selling out. "i sold my soul to make a record"
    i'm starting to care less and less about when new stuff is coming out the more articles I read on here talking about it. i'm ready for new music, but i'm also patient. they will make something incredible, no doubt, all in good time tho. being a fan for some many years now, they deserve MORE than my patience, so really, its the LEAST I (we) as fans can do
    I find it funny that everyone's assuming this album will be out fairly soon. Even if Maynard is joking, that doesn't really mean the new album will come out this year.
    By reading someone's comment that he practices brazilian jiu-jitsu, I ended up going on wikipedia and reading about all the ranks that you can achieve..and the highest (red) can be earned at the "youngest" age of 67..holy sh**!!
    Dammit Maynard, it's been seven years and you're still only jamming stuff? Maybe you should try and put a few of those thousands of riffs you must have com up with by now together so it eventually will become a song. And don't come saying that they wouldn't fit together. It's not like you've put two riffs of the same key and time signature in the same song any ways.
    Hmmm... Whether it be one story or another (yes album, no album, scooter accident), they are in the press an awful lot lately. Just sayin...
    In the New Zealand Herald theres a brief snippet from Justin talking about the new album, or possibly some other project. Not sure when the full interview is being released: TimeOut talked to guitarist Adam Jones and bass player Justin Chancellor last week; they refused to divulge much about the new album or say when it would be out. Were currently involved in the biggest project of our lives, is all Chancellor would reveal. And thats about it for now. No doubt there will be some more seems as though Fasterlouder are the only Australian media outlet to put out an interview, but I expect there will be more. This album could be their best, good art takes time, be patient.
    I think they're screwing with us. All this at once... I doubt Danny would say they've written things and Maynard would contradict it and it all be legit. I think they know there's a lot of anticipation and they're having fun. I love this band, haha
    'Would You Use Stock Riffs By Adam Jones? Adam Jones - plan to release an album of guitar riffs for people to build their own songs.'
    What he probably means is they have "songs" but they aren't album ready yet. Final touches need to be made. I bet they record really fast, they just take butt ****s of forever writing the songs.
    I still can't shake the feeling that Maynard is laughing his ass off all the way to the bank every time he releases a Puscifer record.
    Dude just release one new song, from apc or tool. That is all im asking. If you don't i may have to burn down your vineyard, so you don't have so much stuff to do giving you the ability to sit down and write some music. Lol jk i wont burn anything at all, you're great.....
    screech n' moan
    I know someone's gonna take this in a negative way towards Maynard, and I don't mean it like that at all, but really, at this point, I'd prefer an instrumental Tool album rather than those guys having to wait on Maynard to decide he wants to make music with them again. I remember hearing about a short interview with Adam Jones n' Justin Chancellor roughly 3 years ago where they said they were starting to write music for the new album, and I've been anticipating since then...
    Hey man! How dare you!?!? Maynard James Keenan is GOOODDDD maaannnn. He's like....the best everything maaannn...haha jk