No Doubt Sell Only 680 Copies Of New Single

"Looking Hot" was a flop in the UK despite a performance on its biggest music show. Were sales affected when they pulled its "racially offensive" music video?

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No Doubt have been working to make a big comeback after being on hiatus since 2004, but it seems their new single "Looking Hot" has been a major flop after selling only 680 copies in the UK last week.

They would have needed to sell 1,232 copies of the album to break into the top 200, according to ADTV.

You might think there were a poor debut single from the band's new album, but in fact it's their second single after "Settle Down" which itself did better despite only reaching no. 85 in the chart. "Settle Down" performed better in the US, where it landed at no. 34.

The poor sales for "Looking Hot" could have been affected by their decision to pull the official video after complaints that it was racially offensive. The band were seen dressed as Native Americans fighting with cowboys. The band say they had consulted with Native American experts before filming, but decided to pull it anyway to avoid causing further offense.

But despite the lack of official video, the band had promoted the song with a UK performance on "X Factor" which remains the most polar music program in the UK. They opted to perform live with no backing track, and while their integrity was maintained, it may not have sounded as slick as the mainstream pop audience were used to.

However many they sold, their stats say that 28,000 fans have scrobbled 117,000 listens of the single, which suggests they're hearing it on legal streaming services or from illegal file sharing sites.

Is it the end for No Doubt? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    I bet it has something to do with the song being shit.
    The poor sales for "Looking Hot" could have been affected by their decision to pull the official video after complaints that it was racially offensive. The band were seen dressed as Native Americans fighting with cowboys. Um....Run to the Hills anyone?
    That's a good point. However, one might argue that 'Run to the Hills' was 30 years ago and it was a totally different landscape, as far as the level of political correctness that we have to deal with today.
    Yeah I was thinking that same thing. I just though it was interesting to point out. But yeah, we do live in a hyperactive politically correct time.
    1980's was the decade of conservatism. Political correctness was way more of a big deal back then. People weren't offended by Run to the Hills because they were too busy telling Iron Maiden fans that Iron Maiden are satanists. The irony is that there was no controversy partially because Iron Maiden was already surrounded by controversy for a song that came right before it on the album.
    right on. ex theres a south park episode that shows muhammad and nobody cares but NOW if they wanna show it its a big deal
    Keep in mind Maiden was telling a story that went along with the video (the story being related to native americans and told from 2 perspectives), plus Maiden used clips from old movies instead of themselves dressing as cowboys and indians...
    This x 10000
    I have no idea what you're talking about, but I'm not entirely sure you do, either.
    Yeah, what gives you the slightest idea that having a song torrented would affect it's sales?
    Why would anybody torrent this song? It's been available for free listening to anyone with internet access, and clearly this song doesn't have much of a fan base... so I don't think it's fair to say that piracy affected sales on this one. It's more likely that this one was negatively affected by allowing fans to listen free. Nobody wants to pay for what you can get for free, especially when you already know you don't like it. I've yet to hear someone who honestly likes this song.
    I didn't think much of the tune, but Gwen is definitely still looking hot. That said, this article (and the other one) reminds me of how much I hate how we're divided into "races". I've always thought that "breed" would be a better fit. On Star Trek, everyone on Earth was part of the human race, and they went out and encountered new "races" of beings. If a dog, cat, or horse has a different fur/hide color, it's a different "breed" because exactly that -- breeding -- resulted in the difference. Why can't we use the same term? I know it's semantics, but it bugs the F,U cK out of me. Sorry for the rant (a little). This thread was getting a bit boring, so I went off topic. Sue me. } : - ) >
    "You might think there were a poor debut single from the band's new album" I can't wait for the day that just one Ultimate Guitar article will make perfect, fluent sense.
    I'm still not entirely sure what they meant! Maybe I've just had a long day... but UG, that's Doubt-ful
    That's a brutal irony considering fluent isn't a noun.
    You're right, it isn't. Nobody said it was though. I'd say THAT is a brutal irony, but I'm not entirely sure if it's irony or not. So I'll refrain from making myself look silly. You should try that.
    Nero Galon
    "polar music program in the UK" REALLY!?
    REALLLLLYYYYY? Go hang out with the guy above who said "this" and both of you sit in a corner.
    Josh Reubenking
    You seem to care enough to point it out, moron.
    I like No Doubt but I didn't really like Looking Hot. The amount sold surprised me though, thought it would have sold more.
    This shit is bananas... b..a..n..a..n..a.s. How could someone as talent as gwen stefani not sell music. I totally blame the consumers for not recognizing her geniousness.
    link no1
    "They would have needed to sell 1,232 copies of the album to break into the top 200" It astonishes me that the number to break the top 200 is so low.
    i dont usually weigh in on these things , but its possible their time has come and gone. Sure they were very revelent in the 90's , but it is 2012. Havent listened so i dont know. That being said freedom of speech and press , they are one of the most racially diversified groups out there. You have black , female , gay , straight they only need a hermaphrodite!
    The song is utter shit so it's not a big surprise. Nothing stands out in it with the melody or anything..
    if people thought that was offensive wait til they realize there's a drinking called Naggers and Indians. And yes, I'm aware it's spelled with an I, I just didnt want to be censored
    kill it
    When this band became the Gwen Stefani show it was over. Please go away again and don't come back.
    That must feel really bad. Well, pretty bad. To be in a loved band and have only a handful of people give a shit...I'd be dissappointed! Then again, their new music is what's dissappointing...
    If one is certain that their career as a unit is over, you could say he doubt.
    It's just a rubbish song by Gwen Stefani's side project. That is what No Doubt have become. She's gotten used to pouting and having close ups on her T'n'A doing rap. Also in the "pulled" video for this effort. Now she has joined a real band again they have to make real music and they look like they've just got nothing in the locker these days.
    "close ups on her T'n'A" The thing is, though, that she's never really had much in the T department. However, she's hot enough for me to overlook that.
    "They would have needed to sell 1,232 copies of the album to break into the top 200, according to ADTV. " wut! I should sell my cd for one buck in town, I'm pretty sure I could hit 1000 copies in a month or so
    you should still sell them for one buck tho. If I could sell my bands EP and make $1,000 in a month I'd sure as hell do it.
    And you would be actually earning more money than a band who sells the same amount of copies, but with a record company contract.
    I remember when No Doubt was still mostly a REAL band vs. a corporate pop rock mechanism.
    I haven't liked either of the new singles which is disappointing because I actually liked No Doubt's earlier work.
    I just gave it a listen, and the reason it did poorly is probably because it SUCKS! I used to like them but now it's all synthetic techno and auto tuning. Boourns!!
    it probably did terrible, because the first time ive even heard of a new album, new single, or reunion was here on u.g months later
    Technically you could be right with "polar music program"... it polarizes opinion. But it probably did badly because it's a crap song. Completely different.