No Doubt Sell Only 680 Copies Of New Single

artist: No Doubt date: 11/12/2012 category: music news
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No Doubt Sell Only 680 Copies Of New Single
No Doubt have been working to make a big comeback after being on hiatus since 2004, but it seems their new single "Looking Hot" has been a major flop after selling only 680 copies in the UK last week. They would have needed to sell 1,232 copies of the album to break into the top 200, according to ADTV. You might think there were a poor debut single from the band's new album, but in fact it's their second single after "Settle Down" which itself did better despite only reaching no. 85 in the chart. "Settle Down" performed better in the US, where it landed at no. 34. The poor sales for "Looking Hot" could have been affected by their decision to pull the official video after complaints that it was racially offensive. The band were seen dressed as Native Americans fighting with cowboys. The band say they had consulted with Native American experts before filming, but decided to pull it anyway to avoid causing further offense. But despite the lack of official video, the band had promoted the song with a UK performance on "X Factor" which remains the most polar music program in the UK. They opted to perform live with no backing track, and while their integrity was maintained, it may not have sounded as slick as the mainstream pop audience were used to. However many they sold, their stats say that 28,000 fans have scrobbled 117,000 listens of the single, which suggests they're hearing it on legal streaming services or from illegal file sharing sites. Is it the end for No Doubt? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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