No Doubt Sue Activision

artist: No Doubt date: 05/30/2012 category: music news
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No Doubt Sue Activision
No Doubt will see their case against "Guitar Hero" developers Activision go to court this year. The band began legal proceedings in 2009 when they found that their virtual characters in "Band Hero" would sing songs by other artists and as different genders - something the band say Activision misled them about. Although Activision had permission to use the band's likenesses, Billboard reports that the band didn't know players could unlock game modes where singer Gwen Stefani could perform in a male voice. In turn, they felt the band had been turned "into a virtual karaoke circus act." Activision representative Jeffery McFarland says they have a video recording of the band being told about the game's unlockable features, and looks forward to presenting it during the trial. Meanwhile, No Doubt are putting the finishing touches to their forthcoming album with producer Spike Stent. A studio video from early May previewed one catchy new rock track "Push & Shove", which you can hear in the player below:
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