No More Aerosmith Albums?

artist: Aerosmith date: 12/07/2012 category: music news
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No More Aerosmith Albums?
Joe Perry thinks "Music From Another Dimension" could be Aerosmith's last ever album. He was certain the current release would eventually be made, despite Steven Tyler almost quitting in 2009 and the uproar over joining the American Idol panel, but now the future feels more uncertain. "We knew we had another record in us, despite what many said. I make no bones about it: I don't know if we're going to make another record," he told Noisecreep. Observers might speculate that the uncertainty is related to disappointing sales of their new album and lingering disagreements within the band. But on the latter point, Perry says it's part of what makes them tick. "Our disagreements make us dynamic," he said. "If we all thought the same way, nothing good would happen. "After we argue we don't take it home. We'll argue things to death, deal with it, figure it out and move on. We had a meeting yesterday over a video. It got really heated but then we went down to look at Steven's motorcycle. All was fine; it was like, 'What are you doing tonight?'" Is it time for Aerosmith to hang up their guitars? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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