No More Aerosmith Albums?

Joe Perry says Aerosmith might not make another record, after disappointing sales of "Music From Another Dimension". Is it time for these rock legends to hang up their guitars?

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Joe Perry thinks "Music From Another Dimension" could be Aerosmith's last ever album.

He was certain the current release would eventually be made, despite Steven Tyler almost quitting in 2009 and the uproar over joining the American Idol panel, but now the future feels more uncertain.

"We knew we had another record in us, despite what many said. I make no bones about it: I don't know if we're going to make another record," he told Noisecreep.

Observers might speculate that the uncertainty is related to disappointing sales of their new album and lingering disagreements within the band. But on the latter point, Perry says it's part of what makes them tick.

"Our disagreements make us dynamic," he said. "If we all thought the same way, nothing good would happen.

"After we argue we don't take it home. We'll argue things to death, deal with it, figure it out and move on. We had a meeting yesterday over a video. It got really heated but then we went down to look at Steven's motorcycle. All was fine; it was like, 'What are you doing tonight?'"

Is it time for Aerosmith to hang up their guitars? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Maybe no more albums that'll be fine but they gotta carry on playing live in
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    Every time WholeLottaIzzy leaves a comment, I forgot what the article was about.
    Sorry what? It's like MiB, I look at that avatar and I forg-- Sorry what? It's like MiB, I look at that avatar and I forg-- Heh... Breasteses
    If they only make albums to generate record sales, I would say they should've stopped a long time ago
    Get ready for a couple years of UG news articles that speculate that they will record again..
    Way Cool JR.
    They have put out so much kick ass music over the decades. It will be a sad day (for me) when they hang it up for good. I have been a fan for several decades and will always be a fan. Such a great band.
    Just saw Aerosmith live a week ago and it was AMAZING!!! Keep on doing what Aerosmith does....cause its f*&kin GREAT!
    Agreed, I sawe them four nights ago and they still put on a great, long show. They can still write great songs in their classic style (Oh Yeah, Lover Alot), but are watered down with their attempts for ballad style radio hits.
    I have given it some thought and it seems to me that Steven Tyler is trying to line himself up so when he's 70+ years old he will still have a career and be able to draw a crowd with his voice and not so much the onstage spectacle. Plus the ballads are what can win Aerosmith a Grammy nowadays
    I saw them on the 27th, and I was really surprised, they barely played any ballads! Not even "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing"
    I was at the same show! check out this vid from my seat...
    Oh, you were at the Toronto gig too?
    Yeah man! 20th row floor seat! Amazing show, check out my youtube page (from youtube vid link above) and check out the videos I posted from the show. Epic show man, I'm still on a high from it!!!!
    They might not have the knack for good albums anymore, but they do kick ass live. They should do a small venue tour, get back to the basics of it all. It'd sell out extremely fast, but man it'd be something to see!
    You know guys, there is absolutely no evidence that they got pissed off over album sales. That all stemmed from a rumor from "a source." And I'll bet half of you will cry 20 years from now if A7X is rumored to break up.
    They haven't put out a truly amazing album in a long time, but I still don't like the idea of never hearing a new Aerosmith record again
    You know, if Tyler's the problem, he needs to go. In a recent issue of Guitar World Joe said he thought they would go back into the studio after the next tour or two, but Tyler said this one might be the last one. Yeah, Aerosmith wouldn't sound the same I guess, but he's gotten so bigheaded and obsessed with "Brand Tyler" that he's lost sight of what he's got being in Aerosmith.
    If they have good music in 'em, they should go 'til they can't. Just like anybody.
    Amen! I think the new album has a lot of great material, but I think Tyler is too obsessed with getting "Grammy material" or "top of the pop charts" that we get really boring, cheesy, pop ballads strewn throughout the albums that spoil the theme they set with the rockers.
    *Sigh*. Sales are bad enough for anybody now, but big sales for rock albums are totally dead - especially classic rock style bands like Aerosmith. Even modern rock bands (I think of Linkin Park and Evanesence) who could sell at least 10 million albums a few years ago barely scrape past gold sales in the US now...tragic =(
    I've always been a big Aerosmith nut. They were my #1 band when I was younger but I've since moved on from that thought process. Although Just Push Play and Honkin on Bobo were disasters I'm pretty happy with this album. I think they could have cut some filler but for where they are, where they have been, and their age they put together a decent record which helps cement their place in rock. It's almost like JPP was Rocky V and this is their Balboa, a proper send off.
    their last album didn't only have disappointing sales, it was also a disappointing record. maybe there's a connection.
    If your not making new records, it's almost like your band broke up. You're not making anything new for your fans. Sure, their old stuff is classic, but new just shows the audience that they still have music left in them.
    anvil is god
    I'm chill with this, they should have called it quits a long time ago. Quit while you're ahead, they say.
    You guys know that there's this really incredible thing called having free will where if you don't like a band, you can just not listen to them just like if you don't like cheese, you can just not eat cheese , or if you don't like being gay, you can just not be gay . It's really great to not live in a communist country! Aerosmith are a classic act and I think they should do whatever the **** they want to until they croak. They've earned it. And this is coming from someone who thinks Aerosmith is overrated, but I respect them 110% for their contributions to music and history, and I think they're entitled to make as much music as they please until they want to stop without people complaining, because again, you can just listen to something else .
    aerosmith havent "kept it real" since permanent vacation
    Aerosmith haven't kept it real since Toys in the Attic. Listen to their first 4 albums, then listen to the rest. No comparison
    Could it also have something to do with the fact that Tyler is 64, and they're probably gonna be too old to keep playing soon?
    the sales and the label will make that decision for them. when there's no money to be made--see ya later
    It's kind of weird that everyone bit my head off when I made a Column that said eventually bands would need to break up. But when you were given your own opinions you say that a band should break up every time you are asked.
    Mr. Stripe
    Why would you stop making records because the last one didn't sell? Music should be about passion too, not just the cash.
    see the problem with most people they like the fake music keep it real aerosmith dont give up
    Since music is defined as "The art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion", I don't see how one could ever define any music as "fake". Whether you like or dislike it is another matter, but don't be that GUY who goes around calling certain music "fake".
    I haven't heard the new album so I can't really judge. But if you are judging their material against the mindless regurgitated crap that comes out now and gets air time then what is the point in making an album if you are trying to compare it by sales. There is talent and made up fabricated talent. What we have in today's music industry is fabricated and generic formulated crap. Where would most of the stars be without AUTOTUNE? Give me Aerosmith any day. The problem w\ Aerosmith is they keep trying to update to their genre, That's not their bag. Play from the heart.
    Actually, I thought what Aerosmith was best at was evolving with the times. At least I thought that way until I heard everything released after Nine Lives. The track "Beautiful" on the new album is a great example of how they're good at evolving. "We all Fall Down," however, is a disastrous sell-out attempt at that.
    Meh, I only care for Aerosmith in the early 90's and prior. For me, they were done way before the new record FINALLY came out.