No More Motley Crue Albums

Vince Neil says they won't release another full-length album again - but there will probably be a new EP next year.

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Motley Crue will never release a full-length album again, according to singer Vince Neil.

He says they may continue to release singles or EPs as with their single "Sex" in 2012, but 2008 album "Saints Of Los Angeles" will probably be their last full-length release.

"[There will be] no new album. What I'm hearing is that maybe two, three or four more songs might come out, to go with that song we released last year," he told Music News Nashville. "It will be something like an EP, not an album. Our schedule seems to have a lot of touring. If something did come out in the form of an EP, it would probably be in the beginning of 2014."

Neil adds that it's not because they're finding new songs hard to write. "If it gets hard it gets shuffled away and something else comes up, or it becomes something you can go back to and use other parts to make it work better. Most of the hit songs have been easy to write, though."

During the same interview, Neil talked about how he loves getting the opportunity to play guitar on stage.

"I wouldn't call myself a guitar player, but it's fun to do," he said. "I love it when I have a chance to play a song live and also play guitar on the song. It's something different, and it's a different look for fans watching the show."

Is it time to accept that 80s hair metal has gone on long enough, or do bands like Motley Crue still have some years in them yet? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    I can't wait to hear what nikki sixx ahs to say tonight on teh radio.
    Way Cool JR.
    I think these guys have it in them for at-least one more great album. The only album that I haven't liked of theirs was "Generation Swine" , everything else has been kick ass. Haters can hate but I love Motley Crue, the dudes just know how to rock. Also 80s Hair metal can never go on long enough. The 80s fricken rocked
    Implying they made great albums before? Few good singles, but their album's were atrocious as a whole. And honestly, 80s music makes me want to vomit.
    a drummer
    Not the biggest fan, but saying Shout at the Devil, or Too Fast For Love were atrocious albums as a whole is just plain ignorant
    If you hate 80's music then maybe you should leave this news page. 80's MUSIC FOREVER \m/
    Girls Girls Girls, and Dr Feelgood were great albums for their time as well. You just had to be there for the 80's to appreciate it. Sad for you.
    These guys are my favorite band, I've seen them live twice, and I pray to God that Vince is once again being a liar.
    Im actually kinda glad. Vince Neill singning has done downhill and to close their career with Saint of Los Angeles isn't bad at all.
    Mick Mars and Nikki are the main songwriters. If Nikki is writing, but Mick isn't, then you have your answer why no more Motley Crue songs. Mick is in his 60's, lucky he even tours at that age and his health.
    I personally think touring is what's keeping Mick alive - even in recent interviews he talks about how much he loves to be on the road 24/7. Vince on the other hand has been talking about retirement for awhile. ... also there has been talk about a possible Mick Mars solo album
    don't believe him. he sounds like a rapper that "retires" and then comes back and sells lots of albums. PR stunt.
    exactly. I just saw a facebook post from Nikki today saying that he has been writing his ass off with new Crue stuff for the new album. VINCE IS A LIER!
    I don't know man, I saw them a few summers ago with Poison, and the Crue sounded like shit. Sure, they had a lot of cool stage stuff going on, but they sounded horrible. I'd rather see them hang it up and let Poison go back to headlining, because they still sound fantastic.
    Saw them recently with Leppard and Steel Panther, and yeah they did bring all the pyrotechnics, but remove the show and they were awful. VInce Neil has never been able to sing, and just gets worse the older he gets.
    If you notice, their music is all production/no substance too.
    I will revise this to say they do have some cool riffs/songs (Shout at the Devil, Looks That Kill, Home Sweet Home). But, a lot of their hits are not very good songs packaged in high-gloss production and videos with fast cars, attractive women, and rotating drum risers. I'm not saying I have a real problem with that, just pointing it out.
    You don't put out full Motley Crue albums now, they're all a couple new songs and all the hits
    Do Re Mi
    Alright, who are all the old dads swaying the votes for these comments? If Motley Crue wasn't already washed up years ago, surely whatever was left died with Vince Neil's real face.
    WTF! No new album!? ... I would accept this from GnR but not motley crue... I'm not a huge fan of there music but I am a huge fan of there legacy... And that legacy does not end with "Saints" especially given the advancements in music making technology... I think they could make some kick-@$$ music in today's world. Am I the only one?
    "Motley Crue will never release a full-length album again, according to singer Vince Neil." OH MY GOD!!! NO!!! Wait, who gives a flying ****?
    Saints of Los Angeles wasn't great, but I'm still a little bummed. Nikki said a few months ago that he was writing his ass of, even said a bit about a possible album. I thought he convinced the band that they were good for a few more records, but I guess that isn't happening.
    Oh darn... Well, I guess we'll all just have to listen to Steel Panther now. The REAL 80's band...
    I think they should do one more album with John Corabi that album was one of the best albums by Crue
    I hear Vince Neil has a hard time singing on stage. He gets winded easily.
    Um when vince plays guitar onstage you cant even hear it... ive noticed this both times ive seen the crue
    But Motley Crue is the best band ever. Why god Why!? Fuck Motley Crue
    Great news. I saw them with Kiss here in Pittsburgh last September and they were ass.
    At least we know their new singles are going to be kick ass. Plus Motley Crue live is the best show out there
    Man, I saw these guys in Oakland, CA in 2005 for the Red, White, & Crue tour. My uncle and a couple of friends went too. It was insane. We got flashed some decent boobies by some pretty hot chicks like 4 times just to get a drink BEFORE the show (no beer cause I wasn't 21 yet) hahaha. Amazing live band, and amazing pyro when they opened up with Shout At The Devil. Good Times. A shame there won't be no new full length album.
    I've got nothing against Motley, but I haven't been interested in anything they've done since their classic stuff, but even then I only really like a few songs. Like most other 80's bands out there, they need to stop. I love Van Halen, poison, Ratt, and Dokken as much as everyone else who grew up on that stuff, but enough is enough. As sad as it makes me... the only thing hair metal that is relevant these days is Steel Panther. Unless they are doing it ironically like they do, it's just kind of sad to see 50 year old men in spandex/leather and bandannas trying to sing and move around like they did when they were in their 20's.... It just doesn't work.
    Unfortunately if we leave it up to the younger generations the only thing we will have to listen to is Beiber & Coldplay.....
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    Maybe it's a swerve, and the Crue are about to release a concept album: "The Twelve Steps".
    I'd rather they'd make more albums than tour, seen them 4 or 5 times over recent years and they get worse each time! Vince's voice is shot and he relies far too heavily on taped baking vocals, and Mick increasingly relies solely on feedback for a solo spot and gets sloppier and more statuesque each year due to his ankylosing spondylitis. Its genuinely sad to watch.
    I saw them in Boston in '07 opening for Aerosmith. Tommy Lee kept calling us Waltham.