Noel Gallagher Considering Oasis Movie: 'It's Very Strange, But Tempting'

Guitarist wants Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender to play himself, jokingly names film "20 Years a Geezer."

Ultimate Guitar

Former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher hinted that an interesting endeavor could happen in the near future - an actual Oasis movie.

As Noel explained at Bafta, making a film about the band has some sort of irresistible charm for him. "People have seriously approached me about that," he said (via Alternative Nation). "It's something that's very strange but very tempting."

"If it means I get to come here and watch Brad Pitt eat a bit of salmon then I'll make a film a year if I can," the guitarist added, along with a remark that he'd like Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender from "12 Years a Slave" to play himself. He even came up with a movie title related to that idea - "20 Years a Geezer."

In recent Oasis news, Gallagher brothers have reportedly ended their feud and are opening an indie rock-themed restaurant. More info here.

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    They could use Gerry Anderson puppets from the Thunderbirds to act the parts - they have the crazy eyebrows you need
    Jacques Nel
    They should make it a crappy British comedy with lots of 'bollocks', 'smashing', 'sodding', 'telly', 'wanker', 'bloody' etc talk.
    Or they could do a good British comedy and get Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg to make it.
    Or Chris Morris and Armando Ianucci. The true Kings of British comedy, not some (admittedly brilliant) pretenders.
    Don't know why people had downvoted you, they must be too young to know who Chris Morris is!
    I'm pretty sure there would be a lot of 'focking' YA GOT US KICKED OFF THE FOCKING FERRY LIAM
    "But that's... that's rock and roll lad..." "Bollocks! That's focking bullshit! Bollocks! That's focking bullshit! *inarticulate yelling*"
    They are taking him way to seriously
    oh of course, the poor victim... it's always "the other people's fault", Liam, the band, the management, the media, the fans, Pretty Green, etc.
    The reporting of Oasis and/or the Gallagher bros. on this website is WAY overdone. They haven't been relevant in many, many years and every article is as uninteresting as the one previous to it. Oasis articles on UG are like junk mail, you just skip right over it.
    If these articles don't interest you, why click them? Okay you don't like him, we get it... That doesn't mean that everyone in the world dislikes him. Can I ask you though, have you ever put your set in stone judgments aside and heard his most recent album? because it's bloody brilliant!
    Yeah It's like when you receive those "Hey I need your help on africa" spams asking for your bank account so you can receive for free 3% of 14 millions from someone you don't know... you can always skip but there are some fun stuff you can read/miss right...
    you should blame the media darling Noel... he even joined the illuminati for this, and didn't deny it... He also had admitted his plan with the media...
    What a coincidence this is like Pringles Ridges.
    *tips fedora*
    Where's the bellend guy?
    They will only sell tickets in the UK....nobody else cares about Oasis anymore.....
    Oasis is not really my cup of tea but your assumption is wrong, you'd be surprised by the huge fanbase these guys have worldwide. Personally I think they're ok, there are other British bands I enjoy more, but Oasis is alright.
    tsk tsk... now because Liam has the Longest Cocktail Party film, Noel obviously talked about an Oasis film, and that idea was Liam’s, some years ago. Classic Noel copying Liam and everybody. Who cares about Brad Pitt... can you imagine OASIS (Liam or Noel) in the 90s or 2000s, saying “ooohh there’s Brad Pitt”... Noel became a fag
    Although Noel is just trolling the living shit out of that interviewer, I like the idea of an Oasis movie. I'd just sit back and enjoy the incessant usage of "bellend", "knobhead", "tosser", "bollocks", etc etc.