Noel Gallagher: 'I Don't Write Songs for the Guardian or Observer Readers'

Oasis star wants "everyone to like his music."

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Noel Gallagher has summed up is career in music by simply saying that he "writes music for the average man" and "not NME readers," Gigwise reports.

The former Oasis guitarist turned High Flying Birds solo star was talking to the Mail On Sunday's Event magazine when he spoke about being an ordinary man with an extraordinary talent.

"'I once said that I wrote songs 'for the man who buys the Daily Mail and 20 Bensons [cigarettes] every day," he said. "I'd consider myself to be just an average man in the street who's been blessed with a talent to write songs."

He continued: "I don't write songs for the Observer or the Guardian, or for the NME or Mojo. I'm not bothered about pushing the envelope. I wanted everyone to like Oasis, not just some people in Oxford, a few people in Hull and a couple of people in Glasgow."

Fans awaiting a new album were delighted with rumours that he had been working with former Britpop rival Damon Albarn - but during an appearance on talkSPORT Radio last week Gallagher said it was the first he'd heard of it.

"I read that Alex James had said that - it's news to me," he told listeners.

But he did confirm a new High Flying Birds album was under way, but said he's reluctant to get back on the road. "I've got tons of songs left over from the last one," he said. "I'm writing, putting stuff together. Yeah, I'll definitely make another one, that's for sure. I don't wanna go back out on the road though - that's the thing."

Discussing his reluctance Gallagher remarked that he'd only actually finished his last 15-month tour last year.

"I only stopped touring last year. I wouldn't want to go and see me once every two years - I've got no stage presence, there's nothing going on."

But he conceded that he'd have to hit the road again eventually saying, "I got into it though ... yeah, I'll have to go on the road again."

But anyone hoping the 20th anniversary of "Definitely Maybe" next year might see a reunion will be disappointed as the song writer said, "No, it definitely won't happen."

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    Ah, reverse elitism Didn't like 1 out of every 12 people in the UK own at least one Oasis album? Doesn't he find it annoying when the music that spoke to him as a young lad (Smiths, Stone Roses...) is labeled "indie-intellectual" or whatever? This may be an odd comparison but anyone remember when Sarah Palin referred to small towns as the "real America"? If you fail to see how a significant part of your audience could find such comments condescending you really oughta do some research on who actually makes up your fan base I don't think he means to diss his upper class fans or whatever he meant by it but when you declare that "this music wasn't written for you" you're just assuming that people with a higher education who don't smoke 20 cigs a day don't mind these types of comments. 'Cos when some novelist goes "I don't write my books for people who read tabloids" you can bet your ass the Sun is going to harass that "smug piece of scum" for years to come
    "No, it definitely won't happen." Meanwhile, in next week's article....
    ... Liam Gallagher hints at reunion (lets see if we can make a story line) Week after that .....
    Noel Gallagher SLAMS hopes of a reunion. "F** king Liam is a f**king pile'o shite. The only f**king way a f**king reunion is if were f**king offered some f**king massive amount of money, and even f**king then, i doubt it'll f**king happen!"
    I find his honesty refreshing. Too many artists have a "I write only for ME!" attitude, or "not everyone can understand our music." Gallagher is being honest. He wanted to be a rock star, he wanted to write songs that appealed to the masses. And, as he has been reminding us for the past 20 years, he succeeded.