Noel Gallagher: 'New Bowie Album Proves Reunions Are Sh-t'

The former Oasis man loves that Bowie is paving his own path again, unlike other comeback artists who just milk cash cows from their back catalogues.

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At first glance it might look like Noel Gallagher is making fin of his British music contemporary, but in fact he has high praise for David Bowie's comeback.

The former Oasis guitarist and co-singer said Bowie's comeback "blew his mind" and proves older artists don't need to rely on their back catalogues to make a comeback.

"It's great to hear his voice singing something new," Gallagher told NME. "The more you hear 'Where Are We Now?' the better it gets. The video's mad like his f--king cat directed it."

Gallagher adds that older bands should give up on reissuing old albums and riding it out with tours:

"What it proved to me is that [other] reunions are f--king sh-te. If you had turned on the news and it had said, 'David Bowie is to do a f--king series of concerts next year,' everyone would have gone, 'Oh great, can't wait, that's it, let's talk about something else.' But we're still talking about that song. New music and records rule, but reunions for gigs are sh-t, you know."

It sounds like Noel makes a great point - Bowie might not be to everyone's tastes, but he's paving his own path like a true artist, decades after starting out on his career.

What's your view on reunions? Which artists have pulled off a blinding return to glory, and who's just been milking the cash cow? Share your view in the comments.

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    Nice misleading headline. And no, not all reunions are bad.
    For the first time in a very long time, possibly ever, I have to agree with Noel. Also, I love this part "The video's mad like his f--king cat directed it."
    God, this was probably the worst headline ever. To save people some time, the article says that Noel enjoyed Bowie's reunion a lot, but he really does not dig the idea of reunions just for the sake of touring. And I kind of agree with him in everything here.
    I was expecting him to rail on Bowie, and instead it was a complement. I'm confused...
    Well... I would rather this from Noel than Liam... At least one of them knows what talent is and what they are talking about.
    I actually think that's a really good point, for once Noel's got it right. Although what Braykah said is also true.
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    What a nonce, David Bowie is awesome!
    Tell me that the Black Sabbath reunion in 1997 wasn't ****ing awesome and I'll call you a liar.
    Iggy Pop's point again. A real band or artist should make new records with new music all the time.
    Wow, i actually agree with one of Noel Gallaghers crazy statements . Though i dont hate reunions, i just find it boring and dissapointing if a band reunitites just to play a couple of shows, i defineately prefer new music. But thats probably mainly because im personally more into bands because of their output and not their shows. I dont really go to that many live shows, except for smaller local bands. Not that i dont enjoy it, but thats just the way it goes. I do listen to a lot of new albums though, and i love when old favourite bands release new stuff.
    I can understand your point about only doing a couple shows during a reunion, and that it is disappointing; but, I think sometimes a band might not have any idea how ticket sales will be. They might invest the cash for a show or two just to see if it is financially a good idea to schedule more shows.