Noel Gallagher: No Oasis Anniversary Show

Noel Gallagher insists Oasis won't reunite for their 20th anniversary.

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Noel, who caused the band's end when he left Oasis in 2009, has dismissed claims that the band would be reforming to celebrate the milestone in 2014. He claims the only reason that the band would reunite would be if either himself or his brother, Liam, ran out of money.

He said: "It would take Liam or myself to be very skint and I know that is not going to happen. The last time I saw Liam he didn't say much. The day will pass and people will realise the anniversary just has not happened."

Noel has admitted to have had virtually no contact with his brother and former bandmate, who stayed with the remaining members of Oasis to form Beady Eye. The only time they had spoken since their messy split was for the sake of their mother.

"Me and Liam have not spoken. I'm busy. We did text each other last Christmas because our mam made us. We are not a Christmas family. I hate Christmas. I am not a people person, Christmas and people wearing hats, nah."

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    He's just upset that Manchester City failed in the Champions League, he'll change his mind next week.
    I love all these hate comments, if you listen to his interviews he's a funny guy but I know most of the hate posters just live in a hole and get their information from 1 persons opinion that sparks it all, it's the miserable tw@s who call Noel a miserable guy : P
    This is like a repeating article on this website. I swear every week there's a new article about how Oasis will never reunite. I get it. It's a shame, but I get it.
    I hate Christmas. I am not a people person, Christmas and people wearing hats, nah.
    Someone show him the game Team Fortress 2.
    (Can't reply, replying to Skaden). You have to admit, though. He is coming across like a real a**hole. There was the whole fight between him and Liam, he says he isn't a people person AND not a Christmas person. If he wasn't so dislikable then more people would like him (well, duh)
    He's actually the likeable one. It's Liam who is usually the hateful one.
    If you ask me, he isn't as miserable or anything as he comes across. He does think highly of himself and he does seem to find it difficult to see the difference between opinion and fact when it comes to discussing music but the guys got talent, you can't deny it. I'm not even an Oasis fan but Don't Look Back In Anger is the first ever song I picked up on my own and sang along to when it was on the radio...
    I never thought I'd say this, but I think i would pay both brothers if it meant they didn't reunite.
    Noel doesn't need Liam, Noel is great on his own. Beady Eye is terrible, it proves Liam is nothing without Noel writing all his songs for him. Love Oasis, but Noel doesn't need Oasis to reunite, Liam does.
    I honestly would'nt have known you're not a people person Noel if you hadn't admitted it. I mean, not after all the insults and criticisms you've dished out to everyone over the past 20 years(!)