Noel Gallagher Proclaims The 'Death Of Rock Stardom'

Gallagher has claimed that the idea of rock stardom is "dying out" because musicians don't make enough money to fund the lifestyle anymore.

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While Oasis might have professed to the joys of being a "Rock n Roll Star" on the first track of their debut album, the band's one time guitarist/songwriter Noel Gallagher has claimed that the idea of rock stardom is "dying out" because musicians don't make enough money to fund the lifestyle anymore. According to NME, the "Wonderwall" writer offered the following comments in an interview with the Sunday Express:

"Rock stardom will die because nobody will make enough money anymore to be rock stars. Everybody will be jobbing musicians. It's unbelievable. The music industry has changed beyond all recognition. The music business we signed into does not exist anymore."

He elaborated by explaining the changes since in the industry since his band was signed back in the mid-90's:

"What is fascinating about that is that there was a way of making money and selling records that got happened upon in the sixties and it worked for 30-odd years, then all of a sudden, in under a decade, it's gone, never to return.

"It used to be about the A&R man going to see gigs, demos and people going into record labels saying, 'Give us a chance'.. It's not like that anymore."

Noel Gallagher, who had roadied for fellow Manchester act Inspiral Carpets before his success with Oasis, recently claimed that he'd probably still be hauling gear for other bands if his own act hadn't taken off:

"I would have been out there now, probably in an ill-fitting black T-shirt with a tattoo and some scruffy Converse trainers. Because that is what they all wear But I was maybe the best-dressed roadie in the history of music. I used to wear white jeans and never got them dirty. I was too quick for the dirt."

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    Let me redirect you to the article about Chad Kroeger buying avril a 350,000 dollar engagement ring... I think theres a few rock bands (mainstream or not) that are doing well for themselves.
    I don't miss it at all. I care about bands, songs, the lifestyle of a band member could not concern me less.
    I wasn't going to, but I think I might just apply to be a writer at UG afterall. I mean, I could buy NME and the Daily Mirror and spin 3 stories out of them. That appears to be the approach today...
    **** that, I wanna make as much money as I can while doing the thing I love the most. So when I get frustrated about writing music, all I have to do is take a ride in my 300K Lamborghini to the strip club, and get a mouth hug from a dirty stripper, then go back home and dive into an infinity then I can go back and write music relaxed. Fuck you guys who think "Oh **** all the money, drugs, fancy sports cars and all that" Because you know you wanna be that guy. Don't lie, I know I do.
    Anyone who claims otherwise has probably never been offered money to do something they love. They'd probably do it in a heartbeat. Most people who claim otherwise are full of shit. Not all, but most.
    i don't understand why everybody is bashing noel. even if you don't like his music, he makes some good points. if dave grohl would have said the same thing everybody would agree...
    You're talking to a website full of people who just parrot the same shit over and over again. Not thinkers.
    The death of rockstardom is a GOOD thing. It should be about the music... not how many houses or cars or cool clothes you have.
    I ABSOLUTELY agree with you. Being able to write, record, and perform music for a living should be a privilege, and rewarding unto itself. Good riddance to the days of writing one hit album, then coasting the rest of your career in a pile of drugs, sportscars, and entitlement. Maybe this is the jolt rock music needs to climb out of the depths of shit its been in for over 10 years.
    Completely agree. Apparently you're getting downvotes because people think it's better to have label manufactured pop stars making sh*t music for millions of dollars than actual musicians making real music. Oh well, people are morons.
    I doubt there are many people who think that, but you're forgetting one thing; just because the one hit wonder rock stars are gone, doesn't mean the pop stars and country stars will be. Soon rock will be just as Indy as punk is, and all you're going to hear on the radio is shitty pop and country... oh wait that's already happening
    and to think, with it dying out we wont get twats like the Gallaghers winging in the public limelight. Imo one of the things that makes Death Metal so great is that they write and perform for the love of the music, theres no ambition for women and money in death metal lolololo
    Death Metal is hardly music, let's face it. Music by name... not so much by nature.
    metal in general is, and i know you wont like this but, the closest thing to classical music. and if thats not music idk what is. to anyone not believing this, look it up. if Beethoven, Boch, or Wagner were alive today, especially Wagner, they would be metal heads. just because the guitars are distorted and vocalists heavy and often very coarse does not affect its technicality. the definition of music is not "what the majority wants to listen to".
    In some sense you have a good point, in that there are many aspects of metal that are more similiar to classical music than other modern genres. However, and this is my main complaint with metal, is that Beetoven, Bach, Wagner, etc.. were never %100 full blast, aggresion in your face, all the time. A 50 min symphony might feature only 3 or 4 "heavy" moments, while the rest bears no resemblence to metal. Most metal heads will use as proof against this that any given album may have a few acoustic intros that provide variation, but I'm sorry, this is no where approaching that of classical music. Now if Beethoven were alive today, and started releasing 3 min singles? Yeah there might be a few songs that sound like Mastodon
    its not so much the heaviness but the theory behind it. i thought i was gunna say something else but im too high to remember...y did this come up on a noel galager article?? idk.. well, see ya i guess..
    I would agree with you there. It is a good thing because now in 20 years we'll have less used up one hit wonder rock stars complaining.
    Am I the only one who thinks Oasis songs are repetitive and boring. Nothing more than British pop songs with catchy hooks and decent/sup-par lyrics that disguise themselves as rock music.
    British pop? Oasis and Blur created Britpop genre and it's a sub-genre of alternative rock.
    I'm, pretty sure the point of the article wasn't to give people a chance to slam Noel Gallagher who HAS been pretty successful in his music career, merits of his actual music aside.
    You and those 8 people that liked your comment can go suck it. Oasis were great and so is Noel's solo album.
    The 8 people who disliked your comment can go suck it too. I agree with you.
    Surely it is a good thing that rock stardom is dying out, now there is more of a prevalence of musicians such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Devin Townsend who are famous for being great musicians instead of acting like a celebrity. People making music for music not for money.
    Who the **** are those people. I'd look them up but the name Godspeed You! makes me cringe.
    It looks like you need to expand your musical taste if you have heard of neither GY!BE or Devin Townsend they are not exactly niche/unknown, probably two of the most innovative projects going at the moment Here is two songs to get you started... Devin Townsend - Bastard:
    GY!BE - Dead Flag Blues: &feature=iv&src_vid=V9Ty3YnWN80&v=XVekJTmtwqM
    What, you mean the era of stupid excesses funded by labels that usually lead to either dying or going broke are gone? Good fcking riddance. When Master P can have a multi-billion dollar mansion housing a golden tank, you're damned right something needs to change about the music industry.
    This lifestyle is apparently alive and well in rap music, however...
    I think many people seem to think making money from making rock music is a bad thing, and I can't get my head around it. It's far from a bad thing and "going mainstream" and making music "for the radio" isn't a bad thing either; if OUR music is getting airplay, why should we dislike it?
    If the main qualification for being a roadie is being a dick, then yeah, Noel would still be a roadie.
    Awch, I wish I did but I just don't like anything the Gallagher brothers have ever done. Including this, mocking roadies? Is there no low for this guy.
    Mocking roadies? Huh? Are you talking about the last paragraph? Doesn't come across as mocking roadies to me....its not exactly a flattering comment but not mocking.
    Does this dude just go around asking to be interviewed? Also, if your a roadie and at the end of the day, you are wearing clean white pants,,,,your getting fired!
    Again - and I said it above somewhere - wasnt the bit about white jeans meant to be a joke? I know its difficult to detect irony when you're reading an article and all, but I thought it was pretty obvious?
    Most of them now don't make as much money as other 'rock stars' did before because frankly their music just now isn't as good..
    Of course, he's right about the concept of rockstardom as he knows it dying. But I totally disagree with that being a bad thing. Yeah, it sucks that musicians aren't making millions anymore, but with the rising indie scene (the real indie scene, not the stuff genre-tagged as "indie" despite the bands starting on a major label) is going to thrive with creativity since musicians are being given more control over what they do. I'll take that over following what record labels say any day.
    I agree with Noel, for the most part. It's a shame. I wanna be a rockstar; it's my biggest dream. One, because of how Noel said the music industry has change. Two, because for all I know I'm just another random guitarist who will probably never make it big. Ha ha
    "But I was maybe the best-dressed roadie in the history of music. I used to wear white jeans and never got them dirty. I was too quick for the dirt." Still up your own arse then lad?
    "I used to wear white jeans and never got them dirty. I was too quick for the dirt ." Y'know, before I started reading this, I said to myself, "we're still listening to the shit that comes out of Noel Gallagher's mouth?" But I didn't, in my wildest dreams think he could take his stupidity to new heights. That was, until I read that sentence.
    This coming from the guy who claimed Oasis was the best band ever.... really, I never listened to him anyway.
    This guy sounds like a pompous, bitter, out of touch, former brit rock star.....oh wait
    Musicians can make money easily these days. Pirating is a minor issue. All bands have to do is tour , look how much U2 made. If people who pirated your songs liked it then they will come and pay to see you.
    Why do people still care what he says? he is right up there with courtney love and axel rose when it comes to how little people value his opinion.
    It's a good thing that the guy who killed it is willing to admit it.
    Like for any profession, the more people there are that do the job, the more competitive it is. And it's harder to be successful. I think there might be too many people trying to do the same thing nowadays. And of coure pirating also has something to do with the lack of musicians' income
    I completely agree, but at the same time it appears musicians now make a LOT more money than the older generations. That might just be because there is more money now, but it doesnt change the fact that they do actually get it!
    Well i'm not going to pretend to know how much these musicians are getting paid, so you could very probably be right. But what i've heard from interviews with musicians, is that they cannot make good money from bringing out albums. Nowadays, the vast majority of income comes from touring. Touring is of course a lot of hard work. 30 years ago, good bands did not have to tour as much, and still get a wealthy income. Long story short, bands nowadays have to put in more effort. Not sure if this is a bad thing or not...
    I guess the next best alternative is to bicker with your younger brother for publicity. While Oasis did the whole rock star thing as Alan McGee found them and turned em' into superstars, it seems that all of their publicity since 1997 revolved around their antics, specifically Liam's.
    Am I the only one who hates Noel Gallagher and thinks he needs to shut the hell up? Gah, all this guy does is complain about music, and thinks his band is the best band of all time. You only had 2 hits on the radio, get over yourself.
    Are you thinking of Liam Gallagher? Noel seems to be the more laidback and humble one of the brothers..
    I meant to add that I'll probably never become a rockstar. Haha, my bad. I'm a bit tipsy. First day of college was today, and I'm celebratin
    Yeah, and I used to be able to make 50.00 an hour at my profession that I now make about half that. It's this world of illegal slave workers and technology, sucks. But you act like "artists" are the only ones getting screwed nowadays. Bite me.
    link no1
    Rock Stardom dying and nobody caring about Noel Gallagher any more are 2 very different things.
    Its not good in the sense that now record companies are absolutely eating up all the money in addition to 'owning' your songs its a bad time for the business me thinks