Noel Gallagher Slam Rolling Stones

Noel Gallagher has hit out at The Rolling Stones saying that the rockers shouldn't be taken seriously.

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Noel Gallagher has hit out at The Rolling Stones saying that the rockers shouldn't be taken seriously, reports GIGWise. The mono-browed Oasis lynchpin has ridiculed the aging rockers for what he believes are unfounded claims that each album is better than the last.

Gallagher hints that The Stones are past it and will never produce tracks up there with their heyday.

He told Maxim: "The Stones said that every time they put out an album they think it's their best and they can't understand why people don't take the new records as seriously as the old ones.

"Well, you're old age pensioners. By all means make records and go on tour, because if people want to see you, fine, but don't expect to be taken seriously. Your best work is behind you."

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    cause noels producing such high quality records nowdays aswell...
    You know, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger used to do the exact same thing Noel is doint...
    i feel hes a dumb ass yes they dont make great albums but with over i think 300 songs in there cataloug they dont really have to make great high end albums any more people like them there icons of there time
    noel is a dumb ass. He s always criticizing other musicians as if he were the greastest rock star ever. He is such a fag and he'll never be as good as the stones
    noel does like the stones - theyve covered street fighting man and even that song was used as the basis for lyla
    All he is saying is that they are past their prime. It isn't a big deal anyways. I am sure Mick and Keith are so pissed right now, haha.
    Noel is a great musician and he still is. I agree the rolling stones aren't as good as they used to be, and they shouldn't be complaining about people not liking theyre stuff as much. Maybe it just isn't as good. Although there are som rite wallys hu think that nowadays no1 makes good music.
    I am a die-hard Stones and Oasis fan. I own all of the albums of both bands and many, many bootlegs....and I have to say that I agree with Noel. They're a great group and their tours are top notch...but the new material they put out just doesn't compare with the past. It either sounds too country, pop, or R&B to really sound like the Stones of the past. Jagger wants to stay current and relevant, Richards, Wood, and Watts all know that they'll always be relevant and it's a constant struggle. Jagger needs to realize that it doesn't matter if they sound "current"...Stones fans don't want "current"...they just want the Stones!
    really? noels never slammed someone before.... No eriously , noels a dick. Hes jsut trying to make publicity out of a band that is washed up and sucks.
    derekwm2001 wrote: ...Stones fans don't want "current"...they just want the Stones!
    its funny how oasis r the same except their hey day was much shorter
    wing nut
    oasis must have a single out soon.thats the only time something gets said by these manc t**ts.I do have a question about the stones?how wide would keefs face be if it was rolled out
    does Noel honestly think that his thoughts will even register on Mick and Keith's radar?
    who hasn't this dick tried ridicule?? i mean seriously dude **** off no 1 likes you stop trying to gain publicty by smashing one of the best bands of all time and put some more energy into making original records and stop copying the beatles.
    What a F**ing idiot. If Oasis are still around in 40 years time, maybe just maybe then will Gallagher be in a position to criticise the Stones. Although I would agree that they've seen better days, at least the Stones made some damn good music before they got old. Time's running out for you Noel.....
    Oh wow Noel is bitching again... Guess he has to get in the news somehow..Cos he aint gonna get in news with his latest stuff thats for sure .. Stones rock .. first and last... get well soon Keef
    Noel Gallagher is one of the uks best songwriters to date and i agree with what he's saying, the stones are p*sh now and noel gallagher has always been a better singer than f***ing mick jagger anyway. the reason why so many people dont like him is because hes outspoken but so he should be - hes one of the greatest f***ing rock n roll guitarists of our time!
    hardly , because Oasis are well better than shitty Stones anyway and Mick Jagger cant even sing.
    Scourge441 wrote: Noel Gallagher wishes he were a Stone.
    hardly, because Oasis have written well better songs than the shitty Rolling stones anyway and Mick Jagger can't even sing he has such an awful voice, i would honestly say that Primal Scream are well better than the Rolling Stones even though they actually are copying the Rolling Stones' type of music
    Well I have to agree with Noel Gallagher Rolling Stones' last hit single was "Miss You" they just don't make good music anymore
    FS Guitar
    seriously UG, when sre you gonna learn that we just don't give a flying **** about what those douchebags in oasis think about every little occurance in the rock world. oh and noel, look who's taling buddy, i don't remember hearing anything "wonder"-ful from you recently either.
    what a knob noel needs to shut up the only two good records he made were his first ones definetly mabye and whats the story morning glory and the rest were definetly not as good his songwriting went haywire from then on
    Black Star
    He has a point though. The Stones probably won't ever produce tracks as good as their old ones.
    Stagger Lee
    Lol. The good old gallagher brothers... Wonder who they're gonna rant about next.
    I like the stones but i don't take them seriously. How can you with Mick Jagger dancing about like a clown probably breaking his hips.
    I dont think it matters how old you are! if they enjoy doing it and people watch them then why not!?
    Yeah in reality Noel feels the same way because people like their old stuff. Still I'm a big fan of oasis even though now their not as big as they were in the 90s.
    Whoever said that the only good work Oasis put out was their first two albums has obviously failed to hear any of their later work. Just because it isn't as radio-friendly doesn't mean it isn't as good. BTW, Noel is a Stones fan, and even credits them with inspiring a few of his songs.
    his part true but look at don't believe the truth from oasis last year. i think it wasn't just as good as thier previous ones
    99% of the time, when Oasis slam someone, it is because they really like them - except for Blur - but they are huge fans of the Stones. They've also slammed the Arctic Monkeys recently, yet, give them an opening tour slot and say they are huge fans. Noel's purpose seemed to work - he was in the papers again and people are talking about them.
    He is kind of right...but age doesn't matter to true music fans, just the mainstream pop loving audience.
    pfft. Neither gallagher brothers can hold a candle to the stones. i agree with MjX_05, that was distinctly Liam-ish.
    I can clearly see Noel saying it... after all, he did once wish that Blur would get AIDS and die...So I put nothing past him. Don't Believe the Truth was not a Noel-album...the rest of the band had input... Keep the Dream Alive is a great tune.
    wow i don't even know who he is...i guess that kinda proves he should keep his mouth shut (if i could be so ignorant)
    I can't stand Noel Gallager. It's not that I particularly like the Rolling Stones, or that I particularly dislike Oasis musically, but he insults people to try and make it seem like he's better than them, which he clearly isn't . The Gallagers are England's biggest embarrassment...