Noel Gallagher's Green-Fanged Spider Closes Festival Site

artist: Noel Gallagher date: 09/04/2012 category: general music news

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Noel Gallagher's Green-Fanged Spider Closes Festival Site
Noel Gallagher accidentally caused a health emergency at the Jersey Live Festival in the UK last weekend when a deadly green-fanged spider was found in one of his guitar cases. Crew members were unloading his equipment when they noticed the spider, prompting a quarantine of the backstage area while a specialist safely disposed of the critter. A spokesperson for Jersey Live said: "Staff immediately set about catching the spider and an area backstage had to be quarantined for nearly 20 minutes. Noel had not arrived at the gig and so was blissfully unaware of the panic the spider caused." The spider is alive and well, and will be rehoused in the near future, according to NME. Meanwhile, Noel will release his first solo live DVD "INternational Magic Live At The O2" on October 15. It's based on footage of his massive London show in February and includes bonus footage of his performance at the NME Awards where he won their "Godlike Genius" award. You can catch Noel Gallagher and the High Flying Birds live as part of the iTunes Festival on September 12. Have you ever come across a deadly animal? How did you react? Tell us your tales in the comments.
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