Now Gene Simmons Claims To Have Slept With 5000 Women

artist: Gene Simmons date: 12/22/2010 category: music news
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Now Gene Simmons Claims To Have Slept With 5000 Women
Kiss bassist Gene Simmons claims he's shared his "family jewels" with about 5,000 women through the years. In a new interview with WCOL_FM Columbus, Ohio's Woody & The Wake-Up Call show, Gene says he took "Polaroid photos of the ladies who graced the bed in my room" during his 37 years of touring with Kiss. Gene then said he had "right under 5,000" Polaroid snapshots of his conquests - with each woman holding the key to the hotel room where Dr. Love made his house call. Listen to the interview here. Gene's been making these claims for years, but who knows if this is fact or Gene just building his own myth. We can't imagine he'll ever be able to show anyone this material if it exists - so your guess is as good as anyone's as to whether or not Gene's telling the truth on this one.
Kiss Calling Dr. Love
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